Syria warns against any attempt to undermine its unity and territorial integrity (like creating Syrian Kurdistan)

from SANA News Agency

The Syrian government warned against any attempt to undermine Syria’s unity and territorial integrity under whatever names.

The warning was expressed by a Foreign and Expatriates Ministry source, speaking in a statement to SANA on Thursday.

The government “warns any party against attempting to undermine the territorial integrity of Syria and the unity of its people under whatever names,” the source said in the statement.

That, it added, includes those who gathered in al-Rmeilan city in Hasaka province.

“Raising the issue of a federation or that of federalization would affect the territorial integrity of Syria, which goes against the Constitution, the national concepts and international resolutions,” the source said.

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2 Responses

  1. the Greater Kurdistan plot is probably a CIA plot, to attack Syria/Assad in a different way

  2. Hey Willy
    Israel is crowing today- You have to see this stuff?!
    Syrian Kurds open to ties with Israel
    And in point of fact, according to this person has made behind the scenes contact already
    YOur shocked, right?! 😉
    Earlier Israel’s IDF was saying Turkey is a problem state “a problematic entity”
    Your my only outlet for this, so I gotta share.
    More validation for you and I, willy 🙂

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