With So Much MSM Coverage, How is Donald Trump NOT the Establishment Candidate?

by Scott Creighton

When the establishment doesn’t want you to run for office, they don’t let you on the debate stage. In the case of Donald Trump, if he isn’t going to show up, they cancel the debate.

When the establishment doesn’t want you to run for office, they don’t let the MSM cover your campaign. Not a peep. Just ask Ralph Nader. Just ask Jill Stein. If you don’t know who she is, that’s my point.

(Just imagine a world in which Bernie Sanders loses the race for the nomination and then turns around and throws his support behind Jill’s candidacy. You have to imagine that world, because you’re not going to get it. One of these days very soon you will see Bernie on a stage standing next to Killary raising her hand with his while you throw-up on your coffee table)

In the case of Donald Trump, the MSM not only covers his campaign, but they cover everything else he does, morning til midnight, and they talk about him endlessly.

The New York Times did a study of Earned Vs. Paid advertising during the current primary season and what they found was pretty obvious: the MSM has been giving The Donald vastly more attention than any other candidate. And as we know, during an election cycle, attention from the MSM equals votes. I don’t care if it’s bad attention or not. As you know, even bad press is good press at a time like this because name recognition is the key to winning primaries and presidencies.

And The Donald himself laughed at his own supporters one day saying he could go out on 5th Ave. and shoot someone and they would STILL vote for him.

So bad press doesn’t matter. It still provides Trump with name recognition and votes and the people who run these networks understand that better than any of us. So why do they do it and doesn’t that make Donald Trump the establishment candidate if the establishment corporate press talks about nothing else?

When it comes to paid advertising, Bush, Kasich, Christie and Rubio have all outspent Donald Trump… and we see where they are.

graph 1

Now lets look at what the New York Times discovered about the “earned media attention” The Donald received:

graph 2

What does “earned media” mean?

Over at the New York Times they seem to suggest The Donald is just “better” at getting the press to talk about him and he does it via a number of ways, usually involving saying something outrageous that gives the bored media talking heads something to sound indignant about while they are trying to fill their 24 hour news cycles.

Well, that’s just ridiculous.

I’ve said all along that The Donald’s job was to deflect attention away from the “serious” candidates of the Republican Party (namely Jeb Bush) so Jeb (or whomever else) could skate to the nomination without suffering too much damage while also serving as a boogieman foil for the Hillary campaign as in “you had better vote for the lesser of two evils, or ELSE you get The Donald”

Keep in mind, none of that works without the MSM turning The Donald into Freddie Kruger which they do non-stop.

So the question is: is the attention they give him “earned” by Trump or was it part of the establishment plan all along? And frankly I think the answer is obvious.

I will put money right now on the fact that if you turn on Fox “News”, CNN and MSNBC , two or three of them are talking about Donald Trump. Nothing else. Not Greater Kurdistan. Not the shrinking economy. They’re talking about Donald Trump. And if they are talking to another candidate, they’re asking him or her about… Donald Trump.

Let’s put that into context.

Go back to the Summer of 2002, the Fall of 2002 and the Spring of 2003 and those same networks were doing the same thing, only back then, they were talking about weapons of mass destruction or Yellow Cake from Niger or Saddam harboring the 9/11 perpetrators. It was EVERYWHERE and ALWAYS on these networks… just like Donald Trump is now.

Go back to the Summer of 2008 when these same networks were constantly fear-mongering about the collapse of Wall Street and the doom and gloom scenario if congress didn’t vote to give the banksters a multi-trillion dollar TARP bailout (yes, it turned into a multi-trillion dollar bailout which continues to this day). They were all saying the same things, all the time. Just like they are doing now with Donald Trump.

And of course you have 9/11 when as the buildings were smoldering and still standing, these same damn “news” networks were already saying it was definitely bin Laden who attacked us when they NEVER had any substantial proof of that claim, even to this very day. But they all told the same story… just like… well, you get it.

That’s how the establishment works. When they have an agenda, they scatter it across both party’s media platforms endlessly. That way they achieve “bipartisan” consensus (Washington Consensus?) for whatever ESTABLISHMENT goal they have in mind.

And what do we see here? The Donald being “feared” by Democrats and Republicans alike while his numbers remain pretty consistent in the voting (thanks to electronic voting machine rigging perhaps?)

So my question is simple: if CNN, MSNBC and Fox “News” have ALL become the “All Trump All the Time” networks, how is he not the establishment candidate?

Now last night, in response to this New York Times article, Carly Fiorina was talking to the CIA’s Mockingbird, Anderson Cooper and she was saying the MSM had made Trump what he is. Anderson tried to negate her statement by saying the Fiorina campaign had to back out of a couple CNN interviews in the past as if the ONLY coverage they give Trump is “interviews”.  Carly, to her credit, didn’t let him get away with that obfuscation. She said occasionally they had prior commitments and couldn’t go on the air, but that hardly explains the VAST discrepancy in the “earned” media coverage CNN has been giving The Donald. Anderson promptly ended the interview right then while Carly looked at him with surprise.

Can’t let someone say the establishment media made the “anti-establishment” boogeyman, now can we?

Truth is, The Donald is the establishment candidate not because they want him to win… but because they want him to demolish the democratic process itself. That’s why they give him all the coverage. They want Republicans to be disgusted with the upcoming elections and when Bernie turns on his followers and puts his support behind Hillary, the same thing will happen with the Democrats (that’s why Hillary’s investigation is still ongoing)

I don’t think either Trump or Clinton will be the next president. Either they will usurp The Donald in a brokered convention installing a “responsible” candidate like Rubio or Bush to run in the general election (followed by the “riots” they are all talking about today) or these two will run against a third party insert like Mayor for Life, Billionaire Bloomberg for example, who will “win” the votes due to him not being either of these two super freaks.

My neighbor and I were just talking. He’s a Republican and says he will vote 3rd Party if the choices are The Donald and Killary. I’m sure he’s not alone.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong. The Donald could be the foil to get Killary “elected”. You never know.

But in the end, none of that really matters. When you look at it in terms of the history of the MSM getting together to take the same position on a subject and then run it into the ground like there is no tomorrow, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion other than the fact that Donald Trump is the establishment candidate.


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17 Responses

  1. I feel you hit the nail on the head when you say this whole election cycle is geared towards a controlled demolition of first the republican party, and then the office of the presidency. (paraphrasing)

    However, I have a strong feeling that Donald is actually playing for team Clinton. He, with great help from MSM as you point out, has successfully demolished the Republican party, pushing its discourse to the fringes of any ideology their base subscribe to. The staged “racist” incidents in his rallies, his stance on immigration, the intellectual level (or the lack thereof) that they have sunken into, etc.

    I feel his second mission is to ultimately lose to Hillary. Since a candidate with as many skeletons in her closet as the warmonger bilderberg slave Hillary had no chance of winning without the help of Sanders to pull the Democrats to the left, and the Donald who occupies the headlines with one outrageous comment after another, therefore shielding Hillary from the possible repercussions of emailgate and benghazi and god knows what else. If you have noticed, lately, the biggest Hillary pitch for votes has become “We can’t let Trump into the white house, so vote for Hillary!”

    And, exactly as you say, I could be wrong as wel. In any case, as far as the darkness of war that awaits around the election corner, the two candidates are absolutely interchangeable, and will have no effect whatsoever (except for style) on the direction this nation, as well as the entire world will be moving.

    When I argue this scenario, more often than not, I get asked why the donald would do such a thing (intentionally lose to Hillary). I think this is his ticket for permanent acceptance into the true elites, climbing his way from the gutter of billionaires to those who enjoy total protection, CFR and Bilderberg invitations, and many a deal that is usually reserved for the cream of the cream in the elite circles. I suspect many of his problems like the Trump University legal battle, or his frequent bankruptcy of various companies he holds to go away sometime after the elections.

    • It very well could be. I’ve been writing for years that they have figured out a new way to steal elections and that is to run a loser candidate against their chosen one.

      Clearly Gore did nothing in the end to support the Congressional Black Caucasus when they could have stopped George W. Bush from being made the president by congress.

      Horse Face Kerry didn’t generate much excitement from the dems in 2004.

      John “Hero” McCain did everything he could to lose the election and remember, he was trailing in the primaries before they rigged those to make him the Republican choice.

      And of course, Mitt Romney represented the very thing everyone was angry at at the time, the hedge funders and financial speculators. not to mention his religion.

      And now, The Donald.

      So yeah. It’s very possible they are running him as a foil to Killary. But again, I still wonder if they aren’t going to stick a Bush in or Bloomberg. Hillary’s done her bit for empire. She may want to go on another 4 years since Jeb flubbed out so badly… but I don’t know. She’s a wreck. Donald’s a train wreck. I just wonder if they don’t have a 3rd act to this roadshow waiting in the wings.

      • “I’ve been writing for years that they have figured out a new way to steal elections and that is to run a loser candidate against their chosen one.”

        Yes!!! And I have been reading what you write for years… :-}] Which has helped me greatly to see behind the smoke and mirrors of this staged production they call elections.

        I also thought your scenario in regards to Bloomberg was within the realm of possibilities since both Hillary and Donald felt so darn unelectable… That is until Bloomberg officially announced he does not want to. That said, there is nothing really to prevent him from ultimately running. We shall see.

        As for Jeb, I did find your arguments along those lines quite compelling a few months ago, at the beginning of the republican debate soap opera… But, now, I doubt that any amount of trickery, treachery and smoke and mirrors can save jeb from going straight into the dustbin of history. He simply does not have the character or personality to be even a pretend president.

        Got a few hypothetical questions for you…

        As far as the scenario you outline above is concerned… When do you feel this would need to happen for any chance of success? Right before Donald wins nomination? Right after? Any other time?

        For such a scheme to succeed, do you feel something big needs to be revealed about Hillary and Donald to bring them both down? Or, do you feel people would flock to someone like Bloomberg because neither Hill nor Don are liked much by the public? I assume bringing Trump down is child’s play with all the skeletons he must have in his closet (perhaps even literally ;-]

        • well, we all know they are still releasing new Clinton emails every month or so, so a “big reveal” could be very easy. She could also be indicted in a October Surprise kind of way. Trump’s “big reveal” could be his tax returns, which he still hasn’t released as of yet (being audited)

          Look, we already know the republicans are saying they wont back him and he’s got a lot more time to exhibit a lot more “crazy Trump character” for them to learn to hate. He’s only getting 45% or so of the republican vote, which means a majority is still out there and will be. Killary is only succeeding in “certain” groups and once the Bernites are cast out, where are they going to go?

          All of this means a third party candidate, after the breakup of the republican (and the dems?) party, could stand a chance as far as building the narrative of explaining why a Bloomberg or someone else rises from the ashes and “wins” the “election. and since they have the electronic voting machines, all they need is the narrative, right?

          Now of course, it could be Hillary has been talked into a four year deal. That’s always possible. So is getting someone like Cruz or Kasich in there with Jeb as a VP and someone whacking them, leaving Jeb to run the show. Happened with Reagan didn’t it?

          All of that is possible at this point. But it’s all predicated on the controlled demolition of the democratic process itself, especially if the plan is to bring in a third party candidate, and since we know that wont be Jill Stein, the sky’s the limit as far as who they pick. Could be the CEO of Goldman Sachs for all we know.

      • Maybe it gets bad enough we give Obama the nod for the trifecta? Hate to say it but shit, even I would go for Obama over those two. And he’s the worst president ever in my book (at least in a tie with dubya).

        • Her criminality is off the scale and his total lack of understanding of foreign affairs is remarkable for someone so intimately involved in foreign trade. For different reasons, they are both extremely under qualified for the position, yet here we are. It’s getting ridiculous to be honest with you. Earlier I wrote that maybe this is the way they seek to end the Great Experiment of democracy in this country by saying “look at what the people have chosen. They can’t be allowed to influence the political system anymore because they are just too ignorant” and guess what? I heard Chris Mathews talking about a topic along that line just last night. Of course, he was only talking about Trump, not Killary, since he’s her bitch. But there it was. The first installment of that idea that democracy is a failed experiment thanks to this presidential campaign.

  2. Glad you said it. And the motive is to usher in corporatism. With Trump we will likely trade in this slumping economy for a booming economy complete with fascist wars and maybe even the fall of Israel to kick off ww3. We aren’t as much suckers as we are greedy, the novus ordo is well aware of this, and will exploit this weakness by shredding the remnants of the Constitution as they whip us into a united frenzy against the rest of the world. Who better than a know it all bully like Trump? Hell he won’t even need Gitmo or torture if he has it his way and just kills all dissenters. Ironically, the newcomers (Mexicans ) will be the lucky ones if they are actually deported. Despite all this, it still beats the hell out of a single term of Hillary.

    • Huckabee is right….2016 looms as a revolution by the ballot and not the bullet. So Willyloman, get over it. We the people speak! Trump shines compared to FDR, IKE, LBJ, Willy CLINTON, BUSH 1, BUSH 2, and OBAMA, all of whom have sold out our once great USA, and the rest of the world knows this. Yes, the world knows all about the satanic criminality of the above elected U.S. Presidents, all of whom have been historic failures to the cause of liberty with the MSM covering their secret crimes. Finally in 2016 Average Joe will fight back and vote TRUMP. Bet elite money will finance a false vote count!!!

      • Trump shines? Yeah he shines. He shines from all that spray on tan and the bleaching of comb-over hair. Let me ask you a question: Donald keeps running around saying “keep billionaires out of politics and keep them from buying politicians” and you guys eat that up (remarkable how much like Bernie Sanders he sounds sometimes, isn’t it?) yet, he’s a billionaire you want to make into a politician. Do you see contradiction there or are you just so enamored with the wealthy that it doesn’t register to you?

  3. I think I’ve said it here before, but I really think the powers that be want to go with Hillary, in that Obama was so successful at providing fake left cover for war, police state and neo-fascist economics that they will want to keep that going with Hillary. A Trump or any Republican presidency would be enough to resurrect the anti-war pseudo left. Of course, I’m presupposing that tptb actually fear such a revival at this point. And we all know how perilous predictions can be.

    • I agree with you. While I think Scott makes a lot of really good points, I’m not sure why he thinks TPTB wouldn’t be content with Clinton.

      • I’m sure they would be satisfied with Hillary. I just don’t think it was her time originally. I think they spent all that money on Jeb and got Trump to stage this little act for a reason and unfortunately for them, Jeb just wasn’t cut out for it this time around. And maybe they underestimated the anti-Bush sentiment in the Republican party. I think Hillary was destined to run against Jeb and crumble in the end either due to the dislike the Dem. base has for her or the email scandal, leaving Jeb in the Oval Office. Now that things have changed, it looks like Killary COULD be the pick… but, the bloom is kinda off the left-cover rose, if you know what I mean… Obama has pretty much used that one up… so I just wonder aloud if they might find an answer in a third party candidate, someone who isn’t as tainted as Killary or as crazy and inept as Trump.

        But yeah, they could run with her for 4 years while drilling Jeb and getting him ready for 2020. It’s possible.

        • I think the original plan was Bush vs. Hilliary and that way they were fine with whoever won, even if they preferred Bush. With Bush out of the picture Hilliary is now Plan B. It’s possible that a third party candidate will be their answer but I’d be very surprised.

  4. Sadly, most people look at car wrecks even though they try to look away. This election is happening as voter apathy soars, and people who are awake to the ‘conspiracies’ opt out in big numbers too.
    The only people still participating in this theatrical freak show are angry, confused and or stupid. The big bosses know that they need freaky candidates, and Trump is a super freak. He is good for ratings and brings in the numbers, like a bearded lady at the circus. He also peddles hate like some Luciferian pitchman, and give the filthy piece of shit his due, he is good at it.

    Many ex Democrats (fed up with war loving wall street whores) may plug their noses and vote for Hitlery because they hate Trump. Either way, they will get another whore.

    Just how depraved is Trump, how much criminal blood money has oozed through his financial empire? His ties to the Clinton’s, to gangster/CIA man Ray Cohn and his debauched life history are mind blowing. Lots of info at this link, just another red pill moment.


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