Putin’s Withdrawal in Syria Weakens Hand of Government’s Negotiators: Threatens “even worse war than we have so far”

by Scott Creighton

How’s this for interesting?

Russian president, Vladamir Putin, has decided to pull his forces out of Syria this week while a number of interesting things have been taking place:

  1. New round of Syrian peace talks began yesterday
  2. Another terrorist bombing in Turkey by the Kurds
  3. U.S. House of Representatives call “ISIS™” actions in Syria and Iraq “genocide”
  4. U.S. backed “rebels” lob mortars at a news crew
  5. The Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government has declared Turkey’s operations against the PKK and other Kurdish terrorists to be “genocide”

“I think that the task that was assigned to the Ministry of Defense and the armed forces as a whole has achieved its goal, and so I order the defense minister to start tomorrow withdrawing the main part of our military factions from the Syrian Arab Republic,” President Putin said

1. “Damascus warned that any discussion about removing Mr Assad would be a “red line”. US Secretary of State John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault condemned the comment from Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem as divisive and provocative.” Straits Times

2. “The March 13 terrorist attack in Ankara openly questions which path the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) will now take. On the one hand the PKK has created an image of civil war in the southeast with its attempt to impose “autonomy” through trenches and barricades; on the other hand it has now terrorized the west of the country with suicide bombers.” Hurriyet

3. “The resolution was voted on ahead of a congressionally mandated March 17 deadline for Secretary of State John Kerry and the White House to make a decision on whether to make such a declaration. The measure is an effort to force the administration’s hand on the issue, as the administration has so far declined to take an official position.” Fox News

4. “We were in the streets of Daraa city talking to local people five years since the war began, and our work there was cut short when a mortar was fired from opposition territory, landing on a building very close to us,” journalist Lizzie Phelan told RT by phone shortly after the incident.

The crew had to cut short the interview and leave the area.” RT

5. “Forty-five members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were killed in Turkish Air Force airstrikes in northern Iraq on Monday, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement on Tuesday.” Sputnik

It is also reported by SANA that more journalists were targeted by “ISIS™” a few days later near al-Shaddadi.

According to the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, “There has been a significant turning point in the fight against terrorism,”

Does this seem like there has been a significant turning point reached in the fight against terrorism to you?

So what happened here?

It looks to me like the “Great Hero” of the anti-globalization movement, Vladamir Putin, has cut a regime change deal with ObamaGod of the Peace Prize and he is now siding with them against the people of Syria. I’m not sure there is any other way to see this move at this time.

US President Barack Obama (right) talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in June 2012.

US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have discussed Russia’s partial planned troop withdrawal from Syria, the White House says.

“They discussed President Putin’s announcement today of a partial withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria and next steps required to fully implement the cessation of hostilities,” the White House said in a statement on Monday.

The statement came only hours after Putin announced to withdraw “the main part” of his country’s military contingent deployed to Syria.” Press TV

Some have suggested this move is an attempt to garner legitimacy for the peace talks taking place right now between the legitimate government of Syria and Obama’s regime change seeking “opposition” groups that he and the CIA have been cultivating since this destabilization project began back in 2011.

I’m not sure that is the case.

We know that the Syrian government is not going to acquiesce to the removal of Assad as part of this process. They wont do that because they know that’s been the whole point of this regime change operation from the start. I mean, why fight for 5 years for your sovereignty and then just give it all up at the end after you’ve been winning all this time?

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem warned on Saturday the talks would fail if the foreign-backed opposition groups had “delusions that they will take power in Geneva that they failed to take in battle.”

We will not talk to anyone who talks about the position of the presidency … I advise them that if this is their thinking, they shouldn’t come to the talks,” Muallem told a televised news conference.” Press TV

That said, the UN leadership of these talks has a “Plan B” in the event that the parties aren’t able to reach a final agreement: turn it over to those guys in the picture above, Putin and Obama, to hash out an agreement FOR SYRIA. Or should I say, to IMPOSE an agreement ON SYRIA.

If during these talks, and in the next rounds, we will see no notice of any willingness to negotiate… we will bring the issue back to those who have influence, and that is the Russian Federation, the USA… and to the Security Council,” he told a news conference.” Straits Times

And we know where “those who have influence” stand on the matter of regime change:

“In his remarks, Obama said a recent “cessation of hostilities” has led to a “much-needed reduction in violence,” but added, “A political transition is required to end the violence in Syria.”

The White House cited Obama as saying, “Continuing offensive actions by Syrian regime forces risk undermining both the Cessation of Hostilities and the UN-led political process.”” Press TV

Of course Obama says there has to be a “political transition” to end the violence. That’s because it’s been his terrorist destabilization “moderate” contractors who have been perpetrating the violence since day one and they wont stop until they achieve President Obama’s goal of regime change.

It’s pretty obvious that’s what he’s saying.

So what message does Putin’s withdrawal of troops at this time send to the Syrian negotiators? I think that message is pretty obvious as well: you better cut a deal with the regime change Obamaites of the terrorist opposition or face even harsher attacks from the U.S. and….. ?

“The only Plan B available is return to war. To even worse war than we have so far,” he said.

Russia urged all opposition factions to be represented at the Syrian peace talks in Geneva aimed at ending the country’s five-year conflict. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also hinted that an agreement could be reached to coordinate air strikes between the Russian air force and the US-led coalition to retake key rebel towns

We are ready to coordinate our actions with the Americans, because Raqqa is in eastern Syria and there, mainly the US coalition is active.

At some stage the Americans even suggested to us – I don’t think I’m revealing a huge secret here – let’s divide up the labour: you, the Russian air force, concentrate on liberating Palmyra, and we the American coalition will concentrate on liberating Raqqa.” Straits Times

In Turkey the Russians and the Americans are moving forward with the regime change destabilization program in hopes that they can bust off a piece of that country and hand it over to our new “freedom fighters”, the Kurds.

And here we have Russia deliberately leaving the side of the legitimate Syrian government at this crucial moment, knowing full well they aren’t going to give in to the regime change Balkinization plan of President Peace Prize.

Not only are they leaving their side (while declaring “victory” for their citizens at home) but they are announcing plans to work WITH the NATO/US/Israeli regime change operation and “share the labor” attacking targets in Syria.

They make it very clear: “The only Plan B available is return to war. To even worse war than we have so far,”

Putin has certainly sold out the people of Syria. I wonder what he gets in return.

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13 Responses

  1. in return he gets nothing you not going to think that Kremlin Government independent player on world map ,after many of them have property , holdings and familys living in western countries

  2. Of course you may be right, but here is another hypothesis.

    Putin knows the western cabal is hungry for a manipulated WWIII. They need that to keep their version of reality alive and justify the NWO. It is also the only way to avoid a massive devaluation of the dollar and loss of economic hegemony.

    So perhaps Putin is playing the long game. Do just enough to thwart the NWO game plan while denying the propagandists the opening to assert he is acting with aggressive imperialistic intentions in the region. De escalating tensions for the moment to deny the NATO/western PTB opportunities for manipulated false flags.

    As a student of history and direct observer of the hidden power of the western media, I think Putin’s first objective is to win through the development of alternative economic trade associations. It’s a flanking move rather then a direct assault, yet these moves take time. Therefore he may be buying time and making sure he doesn’t provide the provocation the cabal is so desperately seeking.

    Two steps forwards and one step back while the real action is taking place elsewhere.

    • Not one extremist group from the plethora of US backed ‘rebels’ has withdrawn from Syria, not one.
      But the Russians are withdrawing, and as Scott says they are simply ‘declaring victory’. The Syrian civilians are going to pay the price.

      I believe all sorts of horrible things about the NWO and what they have done; war crimes and genocide all over the planet for decades. They are pigs. But that is no reason whatsoever to leap to the silly conclusion that they want WW3. That fear porn is peddled by VT and other bogus sites who want to scare the crap out of everyone.

      Perhaps Putin is playing the long game……..and he plays for team NWO? One of their greatest strengths is deception, right?

      Do you realize that Russia is in the G20 and trying to get back into the G8, right?
      Russia also sells billions of dollars worth of weapons and nuclear power to poor countries like India. Not exactly something to be proud of, unless you are competing with the UK, France or the US.

      Preaching patience is fine on blogs. Do you think the Syria people who have been terrorized for the several years are feeling patient? or maybe abandoned?
      The eagle and the bear have been destroying nations together while pretending to oppose each other since the 1950’s. The ruse always needed people to believe the conflict was real………..then we learned it was a pure fraud. Now we have corporate media hyping Putin as opposition bad guy, and bogus alternative media sites hyping Putin as the opposition good guy. Same Hegelian trip.

  3. […] Source: Putin’s Withdrawal in Syria Weakens Hand of Government’s Negotiators: Threatens “even worse wa… […]

  4. Willy- I’ve dragged my response to you at my blog over here

    Hey willyloman!

    The thing is I’m not sure just how dramatic this all is?
    Russia has left a whole lot of hardware
    behind ready to use

    Have you read the posts I did on the a2ad bubble?
    It’s a Russian presence without boots on the ground



    Additionaly Russia is very capable of missile hits from a distance.
    Plus there is information around that Russia has a substantial submarine fleet in the Med.

    Putin alluded to that with this comment

    “Our bases of operations — our naval base in Tartus and our air base at Hmeymim — will operate as usual. They should be protected from land, sea, and air”


    It’s too early to tell just yet what this all means-

    Also: I’m not a person who ever believed Russia was on the ground to the end- It just didn’t seem plausible or likely.
    Once bitten, I hope twice shy and Afghanistan was one big bite!

    • Like I said over at your place, the timing is hard to miss. Just as they are going into these discussions, headed by a UN rep who says if they don’t cut a deal they will leave it up to the U.S., Russia and NATO to figure it out and it could mean more bloodshed for the Syrian people… just at that moment, Putin pulls this surprise withdrawal, complete or not, and Lavrov says Russia will be “sharing the labor” of strikes inside Syria in the near future with D.C. dictating the targets…

      Kinda hard to miss the implications there, wouldn’t you say? I mean, I know there are many folks leaving comments on your site trying to do it, but how does one put a positive spin on that? Especially at a time when the Russians are opening up new relations with “Syrian Kurdistan” and the Russian press is hell-bent on demonizing Erdogan making ready for that last piece of the Greater Kurdistan puzzle?

      I don’t know, Penny. I guess it takes better educated eyes than mine to miss all of that happening right around the same time.

      And lets also not forget the context in which this all takes place. The “moderate” terrorists are still lobbing mortars at reporters trying to keep them out of certain areas and the PKK has openly declared a terrorist war against Turkey. “ISIS” is still there. The oil is still being stolen and transported to Iraqi Kurdistan. So what has Russia “won” that deserves a troop withdrawal?

      • Willy: You’ve expressed extremely valid concerns. And you could be correct- but like I said, I never saw Russia staying there till the end
        It just didn’t seem realistic to me- That’s about all I can say in that regard. Perhaps you expected more and I expected less?

        Mitch: I’ve written about Syria since March 2011 and had the honour of having a Syrian from Aleppo share thoughts for a while at my blog- Then he left. And that was it. That disappearance of that one person made the NATO backed terrorizing of Syria more real for me then any other nation I’d covered- I still wonder about him to this day 😦

        (And yes, I knew he was from Syria via my statcounter – he showed me images of his home, neighbourhood etc, and he was very honest about what was going on there as the destabilization expanded groups coming into the area- names and everything)

        • Quite sad about having a Syrian visit your site then disappear. There are moments when the shit gets very real for all of us. I spent the better part of a day several years back with John Boncore. Most people who were familiar with him didn’t buy the government line about his murder/accident. The one point he really tried to make to me was how fake it all is and to continually evaluate new information and to look at action not talk. I was a believer in Putin right up until he bailed on Libya. He is a made for TV role player like Trump, Trudeau, Harper or Obama, a pure servant of the system.

          Do you think that the Russian withdrawal will make the Syrian civilians afraid that the ISIS horror show will start up again in their towns?
          Your Syrian visitor has friends and family who are no doubt in harms way. I wonder if they would rather have vague comments from Putin about high tech subs and bombers or the stability that the real ‘boots on the ground’ soldiers could provide?

    • Speaking of Hmeinmim, a new Syrian opposition group has been formed with Russia leading the way.
      They have UN support and the Red Cross/Crescent involved too. I think we all understand that many fine people work for the Red Cross…………but at the top they are corporate scum and have been quite active in supporting various Arab Spring ‘uprisings’ and have been 100% on board with the dirty propaganda effort against Assad.


      Russia can use Subs or aircraft all over the world to bomb anything, and destroy it, same as the Americans.
      But if you want to actually protect a countries infrastructure and people (as in Syria?) you simply must have a presence on the ground.

      A year or two ago the US sponsored ISIS group was beheading children, executing families and laying waste to entire villages. You need soldiers to stop that, not aircraft or cruise missiles.

      The withdrawal is bad news for Syrian people, and the new opposition group with the UN and Red Cross involvement does not bode well for ‘negotiations’.

    • Nuclear subs and high tech jet fighters are really good for destroying stuff, and yes Russia can do that all over the world, just like the Americans can. But they will not protect the Syrian people at all.
      Who do we care about here, the Syrian people or Saint Putin?

      The Syrian people are being terrorized by mercenary scum who would go in and lay siege to a town or village. Murdering children, raping women and girls, pure terror. You do not stop that stuff with cruise missiles.
      I think Libya was a much bigger bite than Afghanistan.

      Great analysis Scott. Deeds over words.

  5. Though I will admit, it causes me concern for Syrians, who have been through enough

  6. It’s too early to tell. Right now I’m about where Julian at the top of this thread is. Putin could easily be being very smart and strategic, or on the other hand he could be partly playing ball and partly not. Could be any combination of interests as with the Turkish shoot-down.

    I think Penny makes a good point that now maybe there’s game-changing new tech like an a2ad capability, the justifiable installation of which may have only been made possible by the Rusiian intervention.

    As to “helping” the Americans attack ISIS in the east, that could well be typically brilliantly backhanded, or Scott may be right that Russia may like the idea of Greater Kurdistan for some reason.

    Russia may have a lot to gain by selectively playing ball with the NWO.

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