Neoliberal News of the Day: 3/13/2016

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Trump threatens Bernie Sanders by telling him in a Tweet that he will send his fascist,ultra-right-wing followers to his campaign events.

– Fascist Trump blames “communist” Sanders for Soros’ BLM Disrupters – “these other people by the way, some represented Bernie, our communist friend. Now really Bernie should tell his people…he should really get up and say to his people ‘stop, stop,'” The BLM astroturf group has been harassing the Sanders campaign on behalf of their sponsor, billionaire George Soros, for quite sometime now. I don’t find it that hard too believe that they deliberate took Sanders campaign posters in with them in order to frame the Sanders supporters for their disruptive actions. It’s clear that Hillary Clinton is winning because of the minority vote across the country and it’s also clear that BLM supports, if only tacitly, the campaign of Hillary Clinton. which officially backed Sanders in Jan of this year due to a landslide victory he posted among MoveOn members, has admitted to providing assistance to some of the protesters.  MoveOn has been supported by Soros in the past.

The destabilization designers even gave one of the “protesters” a communist flag to wave around in front of the cameras, just in case the right-wing fascist media outlets like Fox News and Prison Planet were having a hard time blaming this on the dreaded “leftists”

Palestinian siblings killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrike –  “A six-year-old Palestinian girl and her 10-year-old brother were killed in the Gaza Strip by fragments from a missile fired by an Israeli aircraft, medical officials said.”

Kerry meets with French, British, German and Italian foreign ministers ahead of Syrian peace talks to hammer out deal to break up Syria – “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with new French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and Europe’s top diplomats to discuss major international issues including the Syria peace talks.” Kerry has been a long-time advocate for direct attacks against the elected government in Syria. To think his meeting with these foreign leaders has anything to do with the success of a negotiated peace deal in Syria is naive at best.

UN report details the government we created in South Sudan (we created South Sudan) using rape as a tool of war against people who support rebels in the country – “These shocking revelations come from a U.N. report accusing the South Sudanese government of turning a blind eye to soldiers while they took on a “scorched earth policy” to commit human rights violations and violence against civilians, even allowing them to rape women in lieu of paying wages. ” The civil war in South Sudan has been going on for 2 years now, without any kind of attention from the MSM because we created the country and support them in their opposition to Sudan, who is aligned with the Chinese. The thug we put in place to rule the new country,  Salva Kiir Mayardit, still wears the black cowboy hat given to him by George W. Bush when he was selected to be out puppet over there.

Obama droned another 150 people to death, this time in Somalia, a country we have no business in – “Other than the higher-than-normal death toll, this mass killing is an incredibly common event under the presidency of the 2009 Nobel Peace laureate, who has so far bombed seven predominantly Muslim countries. As Nick Turse has reported in The Intercept, Obama has aggressively expanded the stealth drone program and secret war in Africa.”

US-backed Saudi coalition backing former dictator, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, move on Yemen’s third largest city – “The coalition has been trying for a year to roll back gains by the Houthi militia and restore Hadi, who is currently in Saudi Arabia. The war has killed more than 6,000 people and displaced millions.

The push for our new freedom fighters, the Kurds, to help them forge their own country from stolen pieces of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey is real. Very real.

2 Responses

  1. Your link to the sputnik news article shows continuing efforts to portray the Kurds as innocent oppressed people in deserving need of a new country……….all misdeeds against them by Turkey are reported in great detail. Sure looks like Russian media is selling the Russian people on a military conflict with Turkey. Turkey, the patsy being set up by NATO and the US to take the blame for all of their work in support of ISIS. Nice and tidy.

  2. And now on que………..the “Kurds’ do a nasty terrorist act in downtown Anakara. So Turkey will definitely go into Syria to kill Kurds and Russia will respond against Turkey.
    More chaos will help set up the unholy birth of Kurdistan enabled by the carving up of Syria.

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