Ted Cruz’s Small Government, Privatization Policies are EXACTLY the Same As Bill Clinton’s from 1995

by Scott Creighton

(an excerpt from an article I am writing)

(Last night at the republican debate) Ted Cruz talked about eliminating 5 entire departments of government, which if you know, neoliberal ideology is all about privatization and “small government”. In fact, “small government” was a big thing for Bill Clinton in the early years of his presidency. Ironic isn’t it? The great hate they pretend to have for the Clintons and their “socialist” policies yet each one of these “opposition” candidates adhere to the very same school of economics (Milton Friedman Chicago School of Economics) that the enemy does. Cute how that works, isn’t it?

We know big government does not have all the answers. We know there’s not a program for every problem. We have worked to give the American people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in Washington. And we have to give the American people one that lives within its means. The era of big government is over. Today our federal government is 200,000 employees smaller than it was the day I took office as President.” Bill Clinton, State of the Union Address, 1996

“The era of Big Government is over”. Who does that sound like these days? Cruz, Rubio, Trump and Kasich? Yeah. Each and every one of them. And yet there it is, coming from the mouth of the Great Satan himself, Bill Clinton, back in 1996. And Clinton wasn’t talking behind closed doors at a Goldman Sachs pep-rally, he said that in the State of the Union speech.

In fact, let’s line up some Ted Cruz statements from last night alongside something Bill Clinton said back in 1995:

CRUZ 2016: Here’s my philosophy. The less government, the more freedom. The fewer bureaucrats, the more prosperity. And there are bureaucrats in…

CRUZ 2016: I will let Donald speak for himself. But I will say, there’s a reason, in my campaign I’ve laid out a very, very specific spend and cut plan, $500 billion. I’ve specified five major agencies that I would eliminate, 25 programs. CNN


Clinton 1995: Previous government programs gathered dust. The reinventing government report is getting results. And we’re not through. We propose to cut $130 billion in spending by shrinking departments, extending our freeze on domestic spending, cutting 60 public housing programs down to 3, getting rid of over 100 programs we do not need, like the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Helium Reserve Program. And we’re working on getting rid of unnecessary regulations and making them more sensible. The programs and regulations that have outlived their usefulness should go. We have to cut yesterday’s Government to help solve tomorrow’s problems.

And we need to get Government closer to the people it’s meant to serve. We need to help move programs down to the point where States and communities and private citizens in the private sector can do a better job. Taking power away from Federal bureaucracies and giving it back to communities and individuals is something everyone should be able to be for. Clinton State of the Union Address, 1995

How about that? Ted Cruz, the Clinton hater, is promoting, almost LINE FOR LINE, the same policies as Bill Clinton did back in the early part of his presidency… 21 YEARS AGO. And what has happened to our economy and the middle class over the years these neoliberal economic policies have been in place? That’s right, they have shrunk to the point of near extinction.

And here is Ted Cruz calling for more of Bill Clinton economic policies as if they are anti-establishment.

The more you know folks.

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  1. The big divide between the parties is a big show — part of the divide and conquer strategy. And if people are squabbling about silly things like political parties, they’re not looking behind the curtain.

    But who needs big government when everything’s privatized? Of course, the smaller government is just a temporary mirage. As the private corporations increase their power, the people lose their power. So, yes, there would be more freedom and prosperity — freedom for corporations to grab more power and prosperity for corporations to suck up more taxpayer money so they could put more thugs in uniform on the streets around the world and create more enslaving technologies and systems in place.

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