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4 Responses

  1. Was looking for an unbiased article to learn about Hillary’s shadiness, this was not it and reading your bias makes me want to vote for her more.

    • wow. You guys are transparent as hell. “Hungry for info”? lol. That’s cute. So you come here, discover someone on a blog might just write a “biased” opinion of Hillary Clinton (God forbid. On a blog, no less! Who would imagine such horrors), then decide to vote for her for that reason, and leave a comment on a different thread, so as not to attract too much attention to the one with the “biased” opinion. Is that about the size of it?

      How much you guys get paid? I gotta know.

      • Dude, you are over thinking this. No one is getting paid to leave comments on your blog. Like WTF? What paranoid loser gave you that wacked-out idea? It makes literally zero sense.

        The guy disagrees with you about Hilary. He might be trolling. But I guarantee he’s not getting paid to do either.

        [edit: this is “fer realz” again, the paid troll who’s been assigned my website for a while now. I checked the IP address once I noticed the similar tone and vocabulary. He’s been banned in many various incarnations and I erase his comments when he returns (but I left this one for obvious reasons)]

  2. damn demanding trolls…..jeez
    no outrageous demand from me, ever!
    Oh….my email is v****f***

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