CIA-linked FSA Commander and Former “ISIS™” Member “Leaks” 22,000 “ISIS™” Job Applications to Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Why not “terrorist job applications”? After all, they have “terrorist graduation ceremonies“. What’s next? Terrorist Bridal Showers? Terrorist Zoomba classes?


You got to be kidding. For the record: no, I have not filled out an “ISIS™” job application.

Junaid Hussain And IS Document screengrab

It’s got to be legit. it has a logo and everything

Here’s the story: a member of the CIA’s Free Syrian Army, Abu Hamed (who was caught on video getting drunk back in 2013) claims to have also been a member of “ISIS™” and he has met with Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News “in secret” and provided them a stack of 22,000  “ISIS™” “job applications”

“The copies of the documents were provided to Sky News by a former IS member, who had stolen a memory stick with data from the chief of the group’s so-called internal security police. The man, who goes under the name of Abu Hamed, is said to have become disenchanted with IS leadership for its disregard for Islamic doctrine. He explained that Islamic rules “totally collapsed inside the organization,” which caused him to abandon it. Hamed, who claims to be a former member of the Free Syrian Army, a Western-backed anti-government rebel group, handed over the device to Sky in a secret location in Turkey.” RT

British and German secret services are ready to start rounding up folks and arresting them across Europe based on this ridiculously obvious bullshit psyop.

“But the key breakthrough from the documents is the revealing of the identities of a number of previously unknown jihadis in the UK, across northern Europe, much of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the United States and Canada.

Their whereabouts are crucial to breaking the organisation and preventing further terror attacks.” Sky News

But not only will they be able to use someone’s “job application” to arrest them, but they will also apparently be able to use these “documents” to figure out who “radicalized” them in the first place.

“A batch of leaked Islamic State documents with the names of some 22,000 militants from 51 countries has been passed to UK security services. The papers, which were obtained by Sky News via a defector, could expose terrorists planning attacks in Europe.

The files reportedly contain data on 22,000 Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) recruits from all over the world, including the UK and rest of Europe, the US, Canada, North Africa and Middle East.

The biggest chunk of the 1,736 files represents simple questionnaires which would-be terrorists had to fill out to be eligible to join the terror group. Each form consists of 23 personal questions resembling a typical job application form, apart from several points.” RT

“ISIS™” job applications handed over to the far right-wing fascist Fox News owner via a “moderate” terrorist backed by the CIA who just HAPPENS to have also been a member of “ISIS™”. You think that sounds a little fishy? Don’t worry, they have the official “ISIS™” logo on them and the applicants had to provide references. Can’t get more legit than that.

“Some of the IS application forms appear to have been published by Zaman Al Wasl, a Syrian pro-opposition news site. The documents are penned in Arabic and stamped with IS logos

Newcomers were requested to name a person who recommended them as reliable candidates – a kind of ‘reference check.’ The recommendation clause will likely become the subject of a particularly careful examination by security services, to which Sky has forwarded the documents.” RT

Thanks to these “documents”, security services for soon to be TTIP nations will get the opportunity to start rounding up “extremists” before they do their dirty deeds across Europe. But not only do they get to get the ones who have filled out the “job applications” but they also get to round up others somehow “connected” to those guys.

“It will give them [the security services] an indication of not just who they are, where they come from, but will be able to potentially lead them to the individuals who radicalized these individuals as well as facilitated their departure,” Afzai Ashraf, a counter-terrorism expert at the Royal United Services Institute, told the media.” RT

The Sky News report makes this aspect of the “haul” very clear in the last part of their article:

Asked if the IS files could bring the network down he nodded and said simply: “God willing”.

From the attacks in Tunisia and the Bataclan massacre in Paris, it is clear that IS is refocusing its base of operations abroad and is intent on carrying out high-profile attacks in Western countries, something that security chiefs across Europe are warning about right now.Sky News

A huge pile of secret documents provided by a fascist “news” organization with people’s names typed into various Microsoft Excel data fields will now provide the basis of the “list” of folks to be rounded up across Europe, Canada and even here in the US.

Also keep in mind, the data file was “handed over” to the Sky “News” Mockingbird via a flash-drive which means it’s totally digital and no actual handwriting on the “documents” or fingerprints will be provided.

Not to be a pain in the ass or anything, but I am a stickler for detail.

Abu Hamed, the source of this info, who supposedly got close enough to the leadership of “ISIS™” to gain access to their top secret files, was reported as a Free Syrian Army member back in June of 2013… before “ISIS™” existed and then he was reported as still being a member of the Free Syrian Army and a commander of a group trained by the CIA in October 30, 2015.

But FSA groups, including some that have received training from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, have been particularly badly hit. The FSA is a loose alliance of groups, mostly led by army defectors.

“There is a large attrition, particularly of anti-armor weapons,” said Abu Hamed, the Jabhat Sham commander.

“The military equipment we have – be it tanks, cars or trucks, is being targeted directly. We lost two cars today.” Reuters


Clearly the author of that work is saying Jabhat Sham is aligned with the Free Syrian Army and one of the groups receiving training and support from the CIA and of course, who ran that little group up to at least Nov. 1, 2015? yep. The “ISIS™” defector.

So when was he with “ISIS™”? Last month? January? Christmas?

They brought him in and gave him the keys to the kingdom after a month or so? Did he have to fill out a “job application”? I wonder if the geniuses at Sky News or their Mockingbird handlers had enough sense to do due diligence and some research and make an application form for this guy appropriately dated and stamped. Probably not. Who looks that close at these stories anymore anyway.

I wonder who his reference was? John Owen Brennan?


Once again, for the record, I have not filed out a job application for “ISIS™” and I don’t give a shit what Fox News says.


UPDATE: I can just imagine them sitting around coming up with this one:


Butt-head:  eh. We gotta figure out a way to make a list… or something.

Cornholio: Let’s use that bin Laundry guy again.

Butt-head: that’s stooopid. He’s been dead for like, …forever and stuff.

Cornholio: oh. So?

Butt-head: They said the list needs to be current and stuff.

Cornholio: Oh. Okay.

Butt-head: yeah…

Cornholio: How about…!

Butt-head: yes?

Cornholio: nothin

Butt-head: I gotta get to work at Burger World.

Cornholio: heh. What about a.. job application?

(Butt-head slaps Cornholio)


Cornholio: No. .. eh.. I mean job applications… for the list.

(Butt-head slaps Cornholio again)

Butt-head: Job applications for terrorists!?! That’s stooopid. No one will believe that.


Cornholio: eh… Got anything else?


Butt-head: fine. I’m going to work. Make some up with that stupid logo and stuff.

Cornholio: I am the Great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!

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  2. I had heard rumors that the Russian military “success” in Syria was a fraud,and that the ISIS” fighters” fleeing the “battlefield” were actually work stoppages expressing dissatisfaction with their current 401K plan.

    • isn’t everyone mad about their 401ks these days? I invest in war bonds. its the only safe bet.

    • The jokes write themselves. What’s next, a behind the scenes YouTube vid of the HR dept. mediating a dispute over a red stapler?

      • You know what’s funny? If you look at where the “job applications” come from (i.e. outside the country) they’re doing what neoliberals always do… bringing in migrant terrorist labor to keep the costs down and cripple the wage structure. I bet they get no benefits or OT pay either.

  3. Hey Willy
    I’m going to add that in with my post
    and btw
    Key Powers Mulling Possibility of Federal Division of Syria
    As I wrote ten days ago…

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