US Military Now Setting Up SECOND Air Base in “Syrian Kurdistan” While CIA “Moderate” Terrorists Work with Kurds

by Scott Creighton

NEW map

This particular report is interesting because Jason Ditz over at Antiwar (another half-assed fake “antiwar” website) is already starting to use the term “Syrian Kurdistan” as if it’s a thing and he even refers to Kobani as a “Kurdish” city.

“New reports from the Kurdish media in Syria suggest the US is expanding its operations inside northeast Syria, and is now working on two separate air bases inside territory controlled by the Kurdish YPG.

A US project to expand the Rmelian Airfield was initially reported back in January, and the new report suggested that the Rmelian project is almost finished. The second project is at an as-yet-undisclosed site near the Kurdish city (Syrian city?) of Kobani.

US Central Command issued a statement “denying” that the US had any direct control over any airfields in Syria, though they did not actually deny that the projects themselves were ongoing, saying they are looking to increase “efficiency for logistics” in Syrian Kurdistan.” Jason Ditz, Antiwar

So Greater Kurdistan isn’t the plan, huh?

Did Reuters also imply that the Kurds are working directly with the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists to take land from Syria?

The source in the U.S.-backed alliance that also includes Arab armed groups told the news portal scores of U.S. experts and technicians were involved in the project. Reuters


Gee. I wonder where they are going next…

The Erbil-based news website BasNews, quoting a military source in the Kurdish-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), said most of the work on a runway in the oil town of Rmeilan in Hasaka was complete while a new air base southeast of Kobani, straddling the Turkish border, was being constructed.Reuters

Straddling the Turkish border with arms and other supplies from President Peace Prize straight to the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists and our new freedom fighters, the Kurds.

What a shock there, huh?

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