Iran & Turkey Agree on Protection of Syrian Territorial Integrity & Ceasefire

from Penny for Your Thoughts

Observation: Couldn’t help but notice some of the AP reports had dropped the territorial integrity aspect entirely- Can’t imagine why (facetious)

I’m going to start out by reminding my readers that Turkey and Iran have for the most part had very good relations. If you read the National Interest article regarding Putin and his godfather of Kurdistan status- that point was clearly stated.prior to the outbreak of the Syrian civil war Turkish-Iranian relations were amicable” I’ll also remind readers that Turkey did  not fully comply with the US sanctions against Iran. Indicating relations stayed amicable despite the spin presented…

Turkey and Iran Agree on Syria’s Territorial Integrity

Turkey and Iran share a common perspective on protecting Syria’s territorial integrity, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said during his visit to Iran’s capital Tehran on Saturday.

Davutoglu said the two countries agreed to support the cessation of hostilities in Syria for the negotiation process…

It makes perfect sense that both Turkey and Iran agree on the need to protect Syria’s territorial integrity!  Because both nations have an interest in protecting their own. Only Israel has made noise, and taken actions to steal other nations territory and natural resources.  Along with their allies, the PKK Kurds, who have been annexing territory in both Iraq and Syria with the assistance of the US. They too have been pilfering Syria’s and Iraq’s natural resources.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Willy
    I was going to come and get your earlier piece and link it into this one
    check this out!

    • well, they have to kick Turkey out of NATO so the US can support a terrorist organization that is attacking them. Erdogan is right when he says the US has a legal responsibility via NATO to help defend a fellow member against aggression from a known terrorist organization. I wrote about that a little while ago, but not this new petition. That’s remarkable they would come up with something like this. and of course, the “antiwar”/”independent” journalists out there probably support it 100% on behalf of our new freedom fighters.

  2. Actually, I’ll save your post for one I’m doing tomorrow- gotta catch up on Syria- so that will be the perfect opportunity

  3. Turkey and Iran stand to gain turf from Syria, and they will. Saying one thing while doing the opposite has defined this conflict from the beginning.

    The Americans have already started building their two air bases in Syria in north, the same area in the north where they had their secret agreement with Russia (since October 2015) to not fight each other.
    The US air bases speak much louder than lying politicians from any of the countries involved in this take down of Syria.

    Good point on the sanctions not being followed between Turkey and Iran. Same as the oil and gas flowing from Russia to Ukraine and Europe over the past few years. Follow the money.

    PS Your video up on social engineering was hard to watch, but well worth the time.

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