Billionaires for HILLARY 2016!!! Bloomberg Abandons Independent Run

by Scott Creighton

In order to help preserve Hillary Clinton’s chances at becoming president of the United States, former republican billionaire and “moderate” neocon, Michael Bloomberg, has decided not to run for the office as an independent.

Bloomberg had been saying up until yesterday that he would run if either Trump or Cruz won the republican nomination in order to save the country, but he announced he wont do it because he fears he would pull more moderates from the Clinton side than he would republicans from Trump.

I guess he was only going to run to keep Trump from office if Bernie Sanders won the nomination of the Democratic Party, which now seems out of reach for the “socialist” candidate. If you think about it, that’s the only conclusion you can come to with his announcement. I wonder why that is.

Oh. Well. Yeah, there’s that.

This move makes me 0 for 2 in political prognostication this presidential election season (previously I predicted the whole “Trump thing” was to help get Jeb Bush (Deep Twitchy) “elected” and when that went south, I figured the plan was to get Bloomberg (a real billionaire) in the office) and therefore I’m done making predictions.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday that he won’t launch a third-party run for president, fearing a three-way race would divide voters and ultimately be settled by congressional Republicans likely to unite behind Donald Trump.

I love our country too much to play a role in electing a candidate who would weaken our unity and darken our future — and so I will not enter the race for president of the United States,” Bloomberg wrote in an op-ed published in Bloomberg View, which he owns.

He said there was a “good chance” his candidacy would lead to the election of Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). “That is not a risk I can take in good conscience,” he wrote.” Huffington Post

Clearly, if his point is to refrain from running because he doesn’t want to help Trump or Cruz become president, then the only conclusion you can come to is yet another billionaire has sided with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It doesn’t mean I was wrong with my initial assessment that they planned to put Jeb! in the White House. They spent a ton of money trying to do it, but in the end, the guy was such an idiot, they just couldn’t pull it off so they may have decided to pick someone from the other royal family, the Clintons, and stick her in the Big House.

Who knows. It’s such a freak show.

Either way, Billionaire Mayor for Life and Gun Grabbing God of the “Moderate” Neocons has backed out of the race so Hillary has a better shot at becoming president. And what else is left to say about that?

5 Responses

  1. I think you were right that Bush was their number 1 pick but I’m sure they are fine with Hilliary as their consolation prize.

    • I don’t know man. I know they are setting up the Goldman Sachs release or an FBI indictment as a Carteresque October Surprise, so I don’t know what that means. It could come down to a brokered convention and Rubio or Cruz… or it could mean Killary is slated to take over with Slick Willy running around with his stinky cigars in the background. Who knows. it’s just so fucked…

  2. I was thinking Trump is agreeing to be a loudmouth showman to relieve some of the overall public discontent with government; people get to yell, shout, and feel like there is hope.

    It really is uncertain whether or not Trump is even a billionaire, I just read “Trumpnation” by Tim O’Brien–it’s a real eye-opener. Trump is an incompetent, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, most likely psychopathic and/or narcissistic.

    So agreeing to “run” for president is wonderful for him–he craves the attention, the adulation–and he gets a superabundance. Perhaps–just conjecture here, but perhaps he is has agreed to “run”, to receive favors or payment–who knows?
    Regarding former presidents–and, I believe, even our current one–haven’t many of them been related to the British Aristocracy? Bloodlines, from what I understand, are of intense importance. So, I guess, the question is, which one of the candidates on both sides, has the bloodlines?

  3. One more thing–it really doesn’t matter how much the public may desire Trump, elections are rigged, so whomever TPTB want–they’ll get.

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