The “Alternative” Press Doing NATO and Obama’s Bidding on Regime Change Turkey Operation

by Scott Creighton

Back in the day when the whole thing was about regime changing Muammar Gaddafi, a few “alternative” activists/journalists like Amy Goodman jumped on-board the MSM ObamaExpress and helped chime in with the usual disinformation propaganda in an effort to smooth over potential dissent from the antiwar left and right out here in blogger-land. However, they were quickly exposed as Mockingbird tools of an imperialist regime, left-cover not withstanding.

As the globalist train set it’s next stop in Syria, there was a little hesitation from those same sell-outs due to the backlash and lack of credibility they had earned as Hillary Clinton destroyed a beautiful nation on behalf of the Goldman Sachs of the world and they dutifully parroted the corporate media disinformation. But ultimately, they peppered buzzwords into their coverage of the new regime change op and eventually gave up all pretense that they were in any way opposed to Obama’s new quest. And the numbers of these kinds of “alternative assets” of the empire grew while real opposition sites began to slightly slip away into the darkness.

By time it was time to regime change Morsi in Egypt, the elected government of Thailand and Ukraine, fewer real independent journalists remained in spite of the fact that one regime change op after another were taking place at a record setting pace. It is a very sad and disappointing fact of life we have to live with.

Today, the latest regime change operation is in full swing and it is directly tied to two others: Iraq and Syria. And yet, almost remarkably, the general chorus from the “alternative” “independent” websites out there is giving full voice to any and all disinformation supporting the regime change operation as if we’ve never seen this exact same disinformation used in the previous regime change operations of the past decades.

Today you have all these antiwar journalists and activists calling for the removal of Recep Erdogan via regime change, in exactly the same way folks like Amy Goodman did back in the day, when these same groups exposed Amy (and rightly so) for being a sell-out tool of the Obama/Clinton administration.

  • Erdogan is the real reason for the 5-year regime change operation in Syria. (no. That was Obama and Hillary Clinton)
  • Erdogan is the backer of the “moderate” terrorists. (no. That is Obama and the CIA)
  • Erdogan made “ISIS” and is backing them. (no. That was Obama, CIA and State Department because we needed an excuse to go back into Iraq and put down a real revolution)
  • Erdogan crushes freedom of speech. (no. The courts shut down neoliberal “independent” papers who support regime change and were publishing outright lies in order to ferment anger and hostility toward popularly elected government (Nov. 2015) in order to destabilize country)
  • Erdogan killing his own people, the glorious new freedom fighters, the Kurds. (no. Erdogan cut a historic peace deal with them which they broke once the possibility of an independent Kurdish state became an option)
  • Erdogan is stealing the oil. (no. That’s the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and they sell the cheap oil to Israel)
  • Erdogan and false flag terrorism. (no. The Kurdish terrorist groups are back to their old tricks once again)
  • Erdogan is behind the “weapons of mass migration” campaign across Europe. (no. Turkey is being destabilize BY OUR “weapons of mass migration” campaign)
  • Erdogan was behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria. (no. That was John McCain’s “moderate” terrorists after Obama’s “redline” speech.)
  • Erdogan is bombing the glorious new freedom fighters in Syria, the Kurds. (uh… that’s true. Only they aren’t freedom fighters, they are terrorists looking to create Syrian Kurdistan)

All of these ridiculous claims, every single one of the cliched bullet points of Hillary Cliton’s “soft power” of regime change which has been used in the past on everyone from Gaddafi to Morsi, has been the focus of numerous articles from folks like Steve Lendman and so many others who claim to represent opposition to these kinds of operations.

Let me show you for a second what is currently underway:

  • “As unlikely as it may have sounded just under one year ago, the geostrategic situation has remarkably changed to such an extent that it now looks conceivable that the US might be ready to turn on Erdogan.” Sputnik
  • “That being said, the US has traditionally been the out-of-regional power that has the greatest interest in Kurdistan, seeing the possible state as a ‘geopolitical Israel’ from which it can simultaneously exert influence on the rump portions of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria…  At this point in time, and given all of the dynamic military and diplomatic developments of the past couple of months, the loyalty of a future Kurdish state (no matter if its boundaries are confined only to present-day Turkey and/or Iraq) is totally up for grabsOriental Review
  • “More importantly, a Turkish invasion would exacerbate divisions inside Turkey seriously eroding Erdogan’s grip on power while creating vulnerabilities the US could exploit by working with its agents in the Turkish military and Intel agency (MIT). The ultimate objective would be to foment sufficient social unrest to incite a color-coded revolution that would dispose of the troublemaking Erdogan in a Washington-orchestrated coup, much like the one the CIA executed in Kiev.” Counterpunch

The plan to remove Erdogan has been an ongoing thing for quite a while now. A year or so ago I wrote about how Joe Biden was kicking off the regime change effort by blaming Erdogan for the entire Syria regime change operation, which is completely ridiculous but it was right after a conference in New York which dealt with setting up a new country in the area, Kurdistan, and how they planned to get certain regional actors out of the way so it could be done.

Erdogan has no intention of sitting back and letting the Super Powers and NATO chop Turkey in half and contribute part of his nation to the Greater Kurdistan project.

I say “the Super Powers AND NATO” are behind this effort because, quite clearly, Russia supports the new nation operation. They recently opened an office for Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow which will eventually rise from it’s NGO status to become the new nation’s embassy.

But of course, you can’t write about that without some asset or another rushing over here to call you Fox News or a Hasbara Megaphony because you’re bashing Putin, which of course, I’m not.

Russia is supposedly untouchable right now in the “alternative” journalism community and if you think for a second the disinfo assets out there don’t know that, you’re not paying attention. And they will wrap-up their disinfo campaign in whatever bow they think will appeal to the anti-globalist community the most. If that means they use Putin as “hero”, then they will do that so long as they can go back to bashing themselves on other websites on their next assignment.

The truth about Russia is this: they did assist the people of the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine and with good cause. It’s on their border, there are many native Russians living there and the fascist puppet regime of ours in Kiev were killing those people en masse. There’s also a port at Crimea to consider. Of course, Russia never sent troops into Ukraine and they certainly had nothing to do with the downing of Flight MH-17 which they were framed for by the US and her puppets in Kiev.

And Russia did help the Syrian government… finally. That turned the tide really and put an end to the COMPLETE regime change operation in the country and at least a little suffering of the Syrian people… in certain areas.

Russia will ultimately prevent a full on bombing campaign against civilian infrastructure in Syria but they haven’t stopped Obama and his minions from targeting various power plants and other critical infrastructure over the past year.

So that is supposed to make Russia beyond any reproach to us anti-war, anti-globalization activists and journalists out here. We are just supposed to take all that at face value and ignore all the rest.

Truth is, Russia did nothing to help the Libyan people. Russia is doing nothing to help the people of Yemen. Russia supports the illegal junta in Egypt run by the brutal dictator al Sisi. And Russia is cutting deals with the latest puppet of ours in Iraq to help them crush the General Military Council of Iraqi Revolutionaries, the real “ISIS”, so they can remain in neoliberal power.

And now Russia seems fully behind the Turkish regime change operation being run by the US and NATO and their complicit mainstream media.

Sadly, way too many of our alternative media outlets are jumping on that bandwagon and Russia’s providing some much needed credibility in that regard.

Look, things aren’t as black and white in the world of deep politics. As I have stated before, it’s very possible that Russia and Putin jumped into the fray in Syria because it’s in their best interests and because it was the right thing to do. The fact they they let the CIA wreak so much havoc there for so long and seem unconcerned about what we do elsewhere is troubling, but not completely damning.

However… this is not June of 2015 and a lot has happened since then. When the Russians got involved a number of the coalition of the willing partners took a power and for good reason. And I and others had reason to be optimistic about the possible end of the CIA’s terror campaign in Syria. But things change. More terrorism. More civilian infrastructure bombings and more ethnic cleansing accompanied a promise to embed US soldiers with out terrorists over there and Russia’s hands were effectively tied knowing they didn’t want to start WWIII by bombing John McCain’s terrorists while they stood right next to Obama’s soldiers who were essentially being used as human shields.

A lot has happened since then and it is possible, if not probable, that Russia has decided to cut a deal and look to advance their interests with the new nation while being able to secure at least PART of Syria for the Syrian people.

And say what you will, if that is what happened, when you dealing with the kinds of terrorists who run our military and CIA, then it’s probably not that bad of a deal, in the end.

Problem is, Syrian Kurdistan, like Iraqi Kurdistan, needs one more thing to be complete: Turkish Kurdistan. And so even in the eyes of the Russian state media, Erdogan must go so Turkey can be chopped up.

Now I don’t give a fuck if I never have another person read this website… I don’t support any regime change operation, even if it comes with Putin’s personal seal of approval. Steve Lendman can go fuck himself. Uprooted Palestinian can go fuck themselves. The Saker, God knows, can go fuck himself (you guys do know he’s former military intel, right?)

The people of Turkey voted for the party of Recep Erdogan back in November. And the people of Turkey don’t wish to hand over half their country to the extended Barzani clan of Iraqi Kurdistan who have been in bed with the US since the Cheney days.

Even Iraqi Kurds hate Barzani and their neoliberalized “nation”

I don’t support so-called local “peace” groups who call for regime change in nations like that. You want to call for regime change in Jordan, Egypt, Thailand or Saudi Arabia? Well, we might be able to talk about that. But Syria, Libya and Turkey? Go fuck yourselves. You’re not a peace group. It’s just that damn simple.

And if you are too simple to see the same pattern developing over here, you also don’t deserve my support for your work, no matter what you have done in the past or what you do on other subjects.

You have to get it right the first time in my book. Like Amy Goodman, you sell-out once in support of these kinds of operations, you’re done with me and that’s it.

Now I’ve lost readers over this one and at least one monthly contribution and that’s just fine with me. Because in the end, when all the fakers out there finally start reporting on what’s really happening in Turkey, long after the point where they could have helped build support in the anti-war movement to stop it, I will once again be vindicated, and once again, I wont give a shit, because by then I’ll be reporting on the truth about the next regime change op, while those fucking liars, full of apologies for missing it when it mattered, will be back, once again supporting that next Obama Soft Power terrorism campaign.

You get it right the first time and when you don’t and you know better, then you’re a fucking shill. And that’s all I got to say about that.

Have a great Sunday folks.

UPDATE: And let me just add this: to all those out there screeching about Erdogan shutting down various press outlets and using that as a justification for regime change –  this is what these neoliberal “independent” media outlets do for us in these targeted countries. They publish inciting disinformation against the targeted regime hoping to cause a spark that sets violence in motion in the countries. It’s part of the destabilization campaign and we have been doing it for a 100 years with complicit media moguls across the world. And it’s effective ONLY if you come along after they get shut down doing it and say “see? it’s fascism! they hate freedom of the press”

It’s not freedom of the press to scream fire in a crowded theater so you can watch the stampede and put it on your Youtube page to get hits and make money.

It’s also not freedom of the press to openly lie about what a government is doing in hopes that you can incite violence that can then be used to blame the regime you don’t like so a regime change operation can be run from abroad.

Don’t be stupid. Look up who owns those publications, what they’ve written and who they want to see in power in Turkey now that the elections are over and the neoliberal candidates all lost.

Imagine Bernie wins the presidency. Suddenly Fox and MSNBC alike are all writing about how Sanders is in bed with “ISIS” and plans to implement socialist Sharia law in America and promising to take people’s guns away and lock up every Trump supporter in a concentration camp. And of course, they have the documents to prove it. Then they fabricate some news stories and videos supposedly showing Sanders jerking off on baby somewhere reciting something from the Book of the Dead or some other dumb shit.

Is it right proper at that time for the government to step in and stop the publication of that kind of material? Of course it is. And this is what is happening in Turkey right now and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Which should lead many of you today while reading all about Erdogan’s ‘attack on the freedom of the press” to ask yourself why it is so many educated independent journalists who have seen this over and over again, are missing the point completely. You should consider it insulting. I know I do.

9 Responses

  1. This is the same discussion we always have about patsies. I do a morbid amount of reading, and of every, every, sadly the sites I give the best chance of veracity….none have seen this big picture from yours and Penny”s angle. And all of them are the first to see the patsies in our petty horror events, your everyday, sundry Gladio events. This is just the “feds vs set-up villian” chestnut on larger scale. Thanks for the heavy lifting and detailing what should be painfully clear. As usual with most activism (honest or not) today, we want to treat the symptom without eliminating the obvious cause.

    • that’s right. they desperately want you to see the trees and not the forest. and there is sometimes a good reason for it, and sometimes it’s just because those “researchers” are doing nothing more than parroting someone else’s shallow interpretation. Or maybe the big picture is a little too close to their view of an alternative “anti-establishment” one. Either way, it doesn’t serve our needs to be fed only a little light on the dark side of this cow patty.

  2. Go Willy Loman and Penny! Great stuff, no wonder each of your blogs are # 1 and 2 on my go to, always and especially when facts (truth) is to be found in media. Thanks! Rachel

  3. Good analysis, as usual Scott.
    Manufactured peace groups doing the bidding of warmongers continue to be a huge problem.
    False advertising works well on a tired overworked stressed out population, it would appear.

    Amy Goodman is a particularly loathsome puppet. I remember well her ‘arrest’ at a republican national convention in 2008. She had been falling from favor with her audience by shilling for corporate Democrats and helping purge remaining pacifists from the party, and that girl needed a makeover. The choreographed arrest got so much media play, it was a fine example of the manipulators at work.
    IMO, only Sean Penn is a more disgusting phony when it comes to fake pacifists…..ok Michael Moore too.

    Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan, the whole show stinks and the little people get victimized by the world powers playing their various fake roles.
    I feel that Erdogan is like Bush, Blair, Obama, Putin, Trudeau or any of them. He is a fraud who is willing to sell out his own nation at the behest of his NWO masters. I doubt if he has gone off script yet as his moves have been helpful to NATO in their attacks on Syria. Now the table is set for a quick nasty war with fake enemy Russia which will allow the creation of Kurdistan. This unholy new creation (with or without a slice of Iran) will be a hot spot capable of spawning wars for decades to come if need be.
    Syria, sold down the river will suffer more than any in this conflict.

    • Sean Penn is disgusting. he is a piece of shit. He got into Haiti with the right idea and was saying the right things to start off with, but they shut his ass down quick and then paid him off. He is a real piece of shit. And I agree. The people of Syria have and will suffer more than anyone in this process at the start, but then, just look into how Iraqi Kurdistan is run. The people who end up living in the new country will be slaves basically, like the people of Yemen under Saleh or Egypt under Mubarak or Saudis under the rule of the House of Saud. It’s not going to be pretty what Obama is hoping to create.

  4. Hi Willy
    Don’t feel bad or alone- My coverage of the creation of Kurdistan cost me readers.
    People want an echo chamber. Well most people do?
    And they don’t really want to consider all possibilities? Or the realities?
    Even though they are done in plain site, but, cleverly obfuscated.
    Sometimes people just don’t want to think too hard about anything.
    It’s really just easier to read that which fits their ‘idea’ of reality
    There isn’t much we can do for them or about them.
    Thankfully there are always going to be those who are willing to consider events in a broader context- Those are the people we are. And those are the people who read our blogs.

    • It’s happened before so it’s not like I’m not used to it. I was one of the first in the Truth movement to figure out “nanothermite” was bullshit. That didn’t win me many fans. When the Malala story broke, I was one of the first to write about what a piece of crap manufactured hero story that was, and of course, the “Edward Snowden” psyop and the sinking of the Cheonan… I’ve gotten used to losing readers here and there and that’s alright since I don’t cater to any of them, I just do my research and write what I find. Kinda makes me a little lonelier I guess, but I sleep well.

      But that’s not too say I don’t miss them when they’re gone, you know? So many people have passed through these doors over the years, so many have come and gone. Its nice when one or two chime in and let me know they’re still around. I’m sure you know how that feels.

      But this is the biggest operation on the Grand Chessboard right now and I hope that more come to understand what it all means as soon as possible, while it can still be avoided. and it can be. I mean, face it… the whole “redline” chemical weapons false flag was all about giving Obama an excuse to bomb Syria and it was stopped by enough people figuring out it wasn’t Assad. So it does happen. We do have an effect. That’s why they spend so much money undermining us I guess. But you’re right. People suffer from fatigue you know. They get tired of fighting the good fight and sometimes it’s just simpler to believe the lie than it is to keep seeing the world as it is. can’t blame ’em.

    • What cost you readers penny is your intolence of dissenting opinion .
      You may be correct on Kurdistan but the defence of erdogan and Saudi naturally will arouse dissenting opinion

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