Yes, Willy Loman, It’s about Blamin’ & Framin’ Turkey & Saudi Arabia (from Penny)

(Outstanding reply. Thank you Penny.)

from Penny for Your Thoughts blog

And it has been for a good long while now.
Got this message from Willy Loman:link to post and video from fake peace group

hi Penny. If you have a chance please check out my article today. its about exactly what you are writing here. A fake peace group is pushing regime change propaganda for Turkey, essentially blaming Erdogan for the entire 5 year CIA/NATO operation in Syria and it ends with praise of the glorious Kurds. They are now going all out. I would love for someone like yourself to take apart his Sunsteinesque cognitive infiltration effort. I did the best I could, but I am still very sick. please have a look if you can.

I started to write a comment in the previous thread, but, it didn’t do justice to the topic.
Plus I inadvertently lost it! And thought, to properly respond, I was going to need a post. 

Why doesn’t it surprise me that some “peace group” was promoting regime change for Turkey?

I guess the garnering of public support at the “grassroots level” had to begin sometime, somewhere- Scott caught one of these groups in action. I’m sure there are other groups in other places pushing the same nonsense. Blaming Erdogan?  It’s a fashionable thing to do.  Lots of fashion victims around. Especially when a bigger agenda is at play. Turkey, the nation we know today, simply has to be gotten rid of. Because wrongs have to be righted and other such stupidity that will only lead to massive death, destruction and displacement.
Loved the little clip from Biden in that documentary! The problem in the region is our allies Yup, it was them that wanted Assad goneNot the little old USA. Oh, no the US is all about peace, sunshine, rainbows and ponies….. Let’s blame Turkey and Saudi Arabia. And that’s exactly what Biden did! Never you mind about all the weapons the CIA was distributing at the border– Irrelevant! And those weapons that the US was shipping out of Libya? Right out of the Consulate in Benghazi? The US covered their tracks in that instance, resulting in the death of Christopher Stevens. Good thing he was gay, because it gave the PR machine lots of opportunity to play the weaponized homosexual card while demonizing Libya, while covering up the weapons smuggling and oil deals. Yup, when life gives you lemons, you make lots and lots of lemonade. Mr Biden must have forgotten all about that. He hopes you have. But, I haven’t. And you shouldn’t either

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  1. Everybody knows that the USA NATO bloc has been using ISIS and a dozen other groups to destroy Syria. They created ISIS in Libya, and nurtured it while Libya fell and the world did nothing to stop it.
    But a lot of people knew what happened, and this time in Syria, there is more awareness of the dirty games being played. So setting up Turkey as the ‘fall guy’ for these dirty deeds makes a lot of sense to the NATO USA scum.

    The story will be spun that those nasty sneaky Turks were playing both sides; sucking up to Europe trying to gain entry to the EU while they supplied evil ISIS muslims with weapons, those treacherous bastards!!! Oh the surprise! The USA gets plausible deniability, Syria gets destroyed and balkanized, Kurdistan is the unholy spawn that results……..and after Turkey is trounced militarily, the refugee crisis in Europe will escalate big time.
    Oh yeah, and team NWO superstar Putin will be the one who gets to destroy Erdogan and much of Turkey to remind all the sheepols that Russia is dangerous, and we need to spend way more on our military to defend against the ebil Rusians. Kissinger must be blowing his load at how wonderfully it is all going for him and his team.

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