Super Tuesday: Racist Homophobic Zombies are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (hows that for clickbait?)

by Scott Creighton

(I have to do this thing tomorrow so I wont be around as much today. Wish me luck)

Turning on the news this morning is depressing. So don’t do it. I mean it. Just say no.

You know that worst case thingy you thought before going to bed last night for whatever half of the one party system you identify with (for that matter, the worse case thingy you thought about Super Tuesday back in December?)?

Yeah, that happened.

Trump smirked and gloated and told everybody how rich he was… again. Killary jumped up and down and giggled some like she just killed yet another foreign leader illegally. Cruz went into his hardcore televangelist mode and healed some cripples after walking across a pond. Rubio declared third place finishes means he won.. somehow. Ben Carson folded his hands and mumbled something nobody understood or heard. Kasich was seen sitting next to a homeless guy sharing a bottle of wine. And Bernie, Jesus Christ, Bernie… you want to be happy for him since he’s been saying this shit for about 20 years on the senate floor to the sound of crickets and the scattered applause of a few conspiracy theorist bloggers (like myself) and now he won some states last night and about 300 delegates but goddamn man, say something different for fucking once, would ya? Yeah, we get it. 1%… billionaires… political revolution… healthcare a right… free college… OKAY we got that part. How about a “I had a dream” moment before the clock strikes midnight down here in Florida in two weeks? Something… DIFFERENT… MAYBE…. PLEASE… ONCE? please? BEFORE you lose? Perhaps?

Oh wait. Maybe he’s not senile. Maybe that’s all he’s allowed to talk about. Or, maybe that’s the only problems he sees facing America today, goodness knows he doesn’t ever really take a stand against bombing real socialist countries, now does he.

Or maybe he’s not going to have an “I have a dream” speech moment … because he’s just not as good of a man as MLK Jr. was… or a real socialist for that matter.

Oh yeah. I already established that long ago. I forgot. It’s early and the hypnosis of “The Bern” is stronger pre-coffee.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I promised you some racism overtones in my click-bait title. And zombies. Sorry. Let me get to that real quick.

First the obvious:

Donald Trump’s victories reflect a growing dissatisfaction with politics as usual, the stagnant economy and the lurid idol worship of the wealthy we have been conditioned to accept as our new religion. So yeah, some white supremacists harbor similar feelings and yeah, The Donald is all about backing Israel (like they all do, even “The Bern”) and thus, hating on all things Muslim while teaching his following to love the one true God, Mammon. So what else is new? Do open borders fuck the working classes everywhere they are installed? Yes. Ross Perot said that 40 FUCKING YEARS AGO. That’s called “flexible work-forces” and it’s a standard part of neoliberal economics and in case you haven’t noticed, even Killary is trying to distance herself from NAFTA these days and the TPP (which she really sees as the “gold standard” of job crushing globalist corporatism bills of rights, but more on her later) so what’s his real sin with regard to illegal immigration (yes, such a thing does exist)? The “Wall”? Anyone in the MSM say Israel’s wall is racist? Oh God NO!! Don’t say that you anti-Semite you!

All that being what it is, the MSM have decided to land upon Mt. Racism as their point of entry into the discussion of the Trumpalanche that took place yesterday. But the trouble with landing on the top of that mountain, is you’re CAUSING the racist cascade when you do that, not reporting on it. By constantly insisting Trump is playing up racism in his campaign the MSM is playing up racism in the campaign, not Trump. Or at least… more than he is. Which suits them just fine. Send in some more BlackLivesMatterSorosEmployees to another rally or two so they can get beat-up on live TV and let’s get this thing done right, shall we? I mean, why the fuck not with this freakshow of an election. We’re already wading through the gutter. Let’s lift the manhole covers and delve deeper into the fetid feces that is real underbelly of the Shining City on the Hill, shall we? WTF not?

Not only that, but if you voted for The Donald of the Multiple Failures in Business and Life yesterday because you don’t want a Canadian televangelist to be the next president, you wake up this morning being called a n*gger-hating cracker by well dressed assholes with nothing better to say on TV. That’s got to suck, right. The best bet you thought you had was some blovating blow-hard with a horrible comb-over and you voted for him because you’ve been told your whole life that billionaires are better than the rest of us, and now because you did, they’re saying you got a stockpile of wooden crosses in your backyard and a couple fresh new KKK uniforms in your trunk. Can’t win for losing.

Poor republicans. Gotta feel for ’em sometimes.

On the other hand, it don’t get much better on the flip side.

Everyone knows Killary is a war-criminal, a serial liar (how many times did she run from gunfire on that runway?), a tool of Wall Street and a former Sec. of State who illegally set up her private email server so she wouldn’t get caught committing crime after crime by simply erasing troubling emails (also highly illegal, but don’t mention that shit for God’s sake Bernie)

They also know she has every intention of following through with the “gold standard” of constitution (and job) killing “trade deals” which will benefit her billionaire benefactors like Goldman Sachs (for God’s sake, don’t talk about that either, Bernie) which will disproportionately affect working people of color here in the states.

And that’s too say NOTHING of the shit she did to Haiti while her husband was pocketing all that relief money the people of the world gave to the BLACK PEOPLE of Haiti to help them out (which they saw NONE of, thanks to Slick Willy) or all the brown people she blew up in Libya.

And guess what the big story is out of the MSM regarding exit polls yesterday?

Bernie only won the white male vote.

Blacks, Latinos and women killed the political revolution. ಠ_ಠ

This is why we can’t have nice things.

According to exit polls discussed this morning on MSNBC, the numbers weren’t even close. Minorities by far and away pulled their little levers of democracy for a psychopathic war-criminal like they expected a prize to pop out of the bottom of the damn machines. (Okay. That might have been a little racist on my part. But I’m leaving it, cus it’s just funny)

I wonder if hatred and distrust of old white men factored into the equation at all here. Would that be considered racism? I know The Donald wasn’t involved, but is it possible?

More to the point, is that we are expected to think that (without actually saying it out loud)

Imagine the voter hoping against all hope that another fucking fascist Clinton doesn’t end up in the White House and dreams of Big Banking and Big Business being kicked the fuck out of the election process so a real democracy might somehow emerge and he votes yesterday and goes to bed with sweet dreams of the last of his ‘HOPE’ dancing in his head only to waken this morning and see the damn minorities pissed all over him. And for what? So Killary can kill welfare, universal healthcare and free college education for everyone?

He thinks “why would they do that? And women voted for that monster because she has a vagina? That’s all it takes? Really? REALLY?”

Is this what is really happening? Of course not. It’s a freakshow. And the MSM will do/say just about anything they can in order to keep you watching so they can sell more pharmaceuticals during their commercials.

Racism sells. It stokes the flames of discord and gets people to watch FitBit commercials between the episodes. It’s a nifty little way to distract from the real message on both sides and that is that we are about done with the One Party, the Business Party politics as usual in this country. Hell, I halfway expect to see The Donald come out today at some rally in blackface and Killary to start bragging about how much money she and Slick Willy made with their new Haitian slave plantations last year just to make sure everyone gets the message.

Hell, they would probably both go up in the ratings if they did… at least, that is according to MSM polls if you believe them.


Don’t turn on the TV. Move forward in your lives. The carnival of horrors will move into town with all the carnie druggie freaks, barkers and clowns as they always do (yes, Chris Mathews you drooling Clintonista, I am talking about you). But eventually they will move on, leaving someone else to clean up the pools of meth-soaked urine and oxy induced overdose vomit which is fast becoming a staple of the election industry in America.

We just sit wide-eyed in wonder, amazed at the depravity of it all as the studio trucks and green-room RVs run over our lawns dumping their septic systems in our driveways, making their way to their next orgie of democracy reporting.

The Rolling Stones of the ’80s have nothing on these guys.

Pretend it didn’t happen. Whistle past the graveyard and make ready for the zombie apocalypse. We at least have that to look forward to.

I wonder if they’ll play up the racist angle of that as well? Racist zombies? Could be a thing. Someone call Rachel Maddow. There’s probably a special in there somewhere for her. Racist Nazi homophobic zombie Trump voters. Now she’s interested (if you use that Rachel, I’ll sue your ass)

So keep your heads up you primary voters out there. It’ll get better once our corporate overlords decide to put a merciful end to Lincoln’s great experiment. At least by then we wont have to suffer this indignity anymore. Slaves don’t have to vote and that’s a good thing. Right?


Please help keep us up and running if you can.

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15 Responses

  1. Thankyou! Made my day…No way has anyone said it better. Hats off to you Scott and good luck. Reposted because it was spot on.

  2. Hey doesn’t Killie’s son-law-work for Goldman Sachs?
    Great! She’ll be able to add nepotism to her CV once she becomes Presidenta …

  3. Reblogged this on Smartweasel’s Weblog and commented:

  4. I really like your writing! And good luck with whatever you have going on today.

  5. Trump is going to have to build the wall high enough to keep the cheap labor in. I’ve seen a lot of reports on the slave labor force heading for zee hills, Cisco….they see the wheels coming off this drunk-driven truck. Well there’s always the possiblity that following the presidential selection of one of these ghouls (everyday is Halloween in DC) and they implement the evil they are commanded to do, the American people will realize that the big sport is People vs Money. People will realize that we need to take charge of our own destiny. People will demand that public servants do just that and serve the common man….not just the elite, monied interests. People will take back America. Just kidding, we’re fucked. Still that’s all the more reason to keep the faith. I’m Irish, I don’t quit believing. Thank you for the thoughtful laughs, though painful, in your tirade. Good luck, man.

  6. ok, so they’ve wheeled out the pope and a former klansman to weigh in on the race. i’m thinking they’ll bring out beyonce next — maybe followed by a couple jugglers, tumblers, fire-eaters, etc.

    • the shit will really hit the fan when they break out the bearded lady. oh wait. has Bruce Jenner already endorsed someone yet? Did I miss it?

  7. Scott, you nailed it! You hit exactly the right mix of humor and disgust to describe the depravity of this election. Best wishes and stay well.

  8. There is actually an old B-movie from the 60s called “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies”. The title seems to make more sense lately.
    Good luck with your thing tomorrow, big guy.

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