Greater Kurdistan: Chris Ernesto and St. Pete for Peace Shillin for Regime Change in Turkey, Supporting New Freedom Fighters, the Kurds

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: On the SPFP Twitter feed which Ernesto runs, there is a promoted Tweet announcing VICELAND… a new TV channel from Soros’ VICE news propaganda outlet. What a shock.


I received an email this morning and have been responding to it pretty much all day. It was that offensive to me.

It was offensive because it came from St. Pete for Peace and included these words:

Turkey & Saudi Arabia: Two causes of the war in Syria
Wednesday, March 2, 7pm, Community Cafe, 2444 Central Ave.
Using ISIS, al-Qaeda & mercenaries, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are two of the countries trying to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. Even Joe Biden admitted as much (this part is incredible).

Apparently Chris Ernesto, a guy who looks like he’s trying to be Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man with a woven purse (don’t ask what that’s all about) has made a 59 minute documentary for Youtube and is holding a special screening of his masterpiece at the Community Cafe tomorrow night. He’s going to impress his fellow “antiwar” activists in St. Pete with his master level editing and research skills to help everyone over there come to understand who’s really at fault for the 5 year regime change operation in Syria… Recep Erdogan.

Notice the “incredible” part of his click-bait tagline: “even Joe Biden admitted as much”

At first when I received the email, I thought the guy was talking about a recent regime change supporting video from Robert Greenwald. He’s been making them since Obama took over and I don’t he’s seen a regime change op since he didn’t support. So I replied to Mr. Stark wannabe angrily telling him to stop supporting obvious regime change propaganda because all they are trying to do is drum up support for removing Erdogan so they can bust off a piece of Turkey to go with Iraqi Kurdistan and Syrian Kurdistan to make Greater Kurdistan.

I wasn’t very pleasant when I wrote it and profanities laced my reply but that happens when a supposedly antiwar peace group sends me shit in support of yet another fucking regime change operation. I tend to get a little pissed off about that, especially since they know my website and should know better than send that shit to me.

Anyway, turns out, Iron Man Ernesto up there wasn’t sending me an invite to a Robert Greenwald “Brave New Propaganda” film… he was sending me an invite to his own work. Which is actually much worse.

Well, not really his own work. More like hacked together work from a couple real researchers, cobbled together at the beginning and the end with some of Ernesto’s own, anti-Erdogan, pro-regime change spin which stands in stark contrast to the good work done by the researchers and activists whose work he rips off for his propaganda piece to buy himself some credibility and muddy the waters with.

When I found it on Youtube and actually watched it, that’s when I really let into him because it is the worst piece of Cass Sunstein cognitive infiltration garbage I have seen produced since the good old days of Jon Gold and company. The video I include below.

First of all, I found the video on Youtube thanks to Chris Ernesto’s very own Wikipedia page, which reads like his resume because it is his resume. He obviously created the page. It’s a glorious tribute to how smart and active he is in the movement. (I found later he writes for Huffington Post if that tells you anything)

Once you look at it, you understand why he tries to cultivate the Tony Stark look. He clearly thinks of himself as a genius as that he harps on the fact that he was a Biostatistician. He did work for the Department of Energy, something called The Investment Company Institute (Washington DC)  and finally ended up owning something called the Alpha Analysis Group based out of San Diego, a hotbed of defense department contractors. I can find nothing on that last entity he owned. I wonder who his clients were.

Anyway, along comes the real antiwar movement in full swing and Mr. Stark here decides out of the blue to travel to St. Pete in 2002 and get hooked up with the peace movement movers and shakers then invests some money and makes his own not-for-profit called St. Pete For Peace in early 2003.

As you may or may not know, the Global War OF Terror is run right here from Tampa and there is once again, a huge defense contractor community scattered all across the Bay area.

Since then he has held marches and actively supported folks like Julian Assange when that little psyop started and of course, “Edward Snowden”

Draw what conclusions you may.

Now, he has the gall to send someone like me an invite to the screening of “his” video titled “Turkey & Saudi Arabia: Two causes of the war in Syria”

The following is his list of video attributes. He contributed nothing of his own creation to this video:

What he did was take selections of good documentaries from two reliable sources, Press TV’s Dirty Game and Storm Clouds Gathering: The New Axis of Evil and bookended them with pure propaganda blaming Erdogan for the entirety of the Syrian regime change operation. And that message is clearly reflected in his title and description of the video.

When I first started writing about Greater Kurdistan, I wrote about how Biden was trying to start a regime change op against Erdogan way back when. Recep and his popularly elected government had paid off the IMF and refused to sign on for another loan (debt servitude) so the powers that be wanted him gone so Gulen or someone else who would play ball could take over. Erdogan had also reduced the power of the military in Turkey after the Sledgehammer coup plot was exposed and 300 military officers were arrested for it.

For those of you who don’t know, Turkey’s military and intelligence agencies have long since been in the pocket of the US and NATO. So reducing their power in the country reduced our power in the country. Toss in the Israeli attack on the Turkish flotilla boat and Erdogan’s reaction to that, and you have a regime ripe for change.

All of that seems to have floated over Chris Iron Man Ernesto’s head. Or maybe he just thinks his fan base in St. Pete don’t know anything about that deep state kind of shit.  They will soon (funny thing about mass emails, Chris….)

So yes, Joe Biden, who’s son is profiting from another regime change operation right now, decided he would put pressure on Erdogan and frame him for all the CIA mercs running around in Syria committing terrorist acts.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Chris Ernesto starts the video off with.

Then he moves to the much discredited Amy Goodman who pathetically sold the Libya regime change operation to her bewildered audience before, during and after the Hillary Clinton war crimes spree.

Mr. Ernesto uses a segment of that bullshit video of Goodmans which featured Sy Hersh saying Erdogan was the one who used chemical weapons on people in Syria, which has been completely debunked time and time again.

But not in the mind of Ernesto.

Then he spends the vast majority of the video building credibility with the work of Press TV and Storm Clouds Gathering which BOTH, to the nth degree, make it VERY CLEAR THAT ISRAEL, THE UNITED STATES, FRANCE, ENGLAND, JORDAN AND SAUDIA ARABIA were the ones behind the importing of terrorists from all over the world in order to destabilize Syria.  Little is mentioned of Turkey by either of them except to say that Turkey was used as an access point along with Jordan. And of course that is the case, but remember, it’s the military that controls that and the intelligence agencies that provide weapons… and who controls them? Yes, the US, NATO and Israel. Not Erdogan.

Does Ernesto make mention of that fact? No.

The two documentaries in question are solid work, if a little incomplete.

I understand that more is finally coming out about Syrian Kurdistan and Greater Kurdistan and we have folks like Penny to thank for much of it (not to mention little old me) but a lot is becoming mainstream knowledge as the blinders are coming off and TPTB have to admit the solution looks to be breaking up Syria into regions, one of them, the biggest and most accessible to the oil reserves, will be Syrian Kurdistan. That’s why they Kurds have been ethnically cleansing those areas and that is why “ISIS” simply hands over those areas they take over to the Kurds without a fight for no apparent reason.

Of course, Iraqi Kurdistan (built by Shock and Awe) and Syrian Kurdistan (built by terrorist regime change operations) will be completely useless without the last piece of the puzzle, Turkish Kurdistan (being built right now by “peace activists” like Chris Ernesto)

Ernesto ends his little Sunstein infomercial with a segment from Russia Today featuring Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban talking about how Erdogan was the sole reason behind the 5 year regime change operation in Syria and that it’s all his fault. It’s funny because for years this same woman railed on and on about how Obama and the West and Israel were sending terrorists into Syria to destabilize the country. Now it’s all Erdogan’s fault and has been since the beginning.

She recently gave a talk in which she makes regime change in Turkey painfully clear.

“She added that positions towards the government of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Club were very strict, but not Turkey as a state, as a former Turkish foreign minister contributed to discussions and was supportive of finding ways to combat terrorism.” Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban

Now, you might ask yourself, why she would do that and if you had half the brain Iron Man Ernesto seems to think he has, you might figure it out. It goes something like this:

Shaaban knows that the Russians are cutting deals with the Kurds. The Americans are ready to partition the nation, leaving a bit for Syria proper and a bunch for Syrian Kurdistan and if she’s as smart as she appears to be she may just figure Assad will have to be out, but SHE MIGHT JUST GET THE NOD AS LONG AS SHE TOWS THE FUCKING LINE.

Sorry. But is seems so goddamned obvious given the newest developments.

If Syria is to survive, she might as well figure it may as well be under her leadership so protecting the Kurdish plan and calling for the removal of the one regional power who is opposed to it, in support of BOTH Russian and US influences in the country, would certainly seem … pragmatic shall we say?

Of course, this obvious shift in her opinion of what has been happening in the country for the past 5 years and her sudden support for all things “freedom fighters” (Kurds) might be considered a clue to a “peace activist” who’s witnesses lots of recent regime change ops in that area as of late which start much the same way… but not Iron Man Ernesto running the only “peace” group down here in the land of the Big PX.

(wink wink wink nudge wink nudge)

Whether or not you believe Russia gave into the Greater Kurdistan project or planned to help them all along is not important. It may be that they cut a deal knowing the CIA and Ash Carter would go nuclear before giving up. It may have been a Coke V Pepsi (dem V repub) WWE show all along. Both are possible.

The important thing to remember is that smart money understands some form of a weaker Syria will exist when this is all said and done and Russia’s base will be protected on the coast. Also, they will till be able to negotiate with the Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan just as they have been negotiating with our puppet regimes in Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq and making profits from those deals. And, it’s also important to note that our puppet in Kiev has been leashed, which you cannot tell me is a separate issue here.

A deal has been cut and like it or not, Russia now has a new Syrian Kurdistan office set up in Moscow just waiting for embassy status. So that is the writing on the walls.

That woman blaming Erdogan for everything under the sun is simply reading that writing and getting out in front of it for her own good.

But that means, the last, most important regime change operation in the creation of Greater Kurdistan is underway and it’s being given TOP priority. Obama wants this new nation as his real legacy especially after the other failures.

I do not blame folks like Storm Clouds Gathering to have missed this. It wasn’t intentional on his part.

However, with such a ham-handed propaganda piece like this video put together by Chris Ernesto, I do blame him because he does understand it and should cancel his video screening, apologize for the video itself, and send out a personal email to St. Pete for Peace members who are by and large well meaning peace activists, unlike Chris Ernesto.

But as you know, Tony Stark is hard-headed. A hard-headed defense contractor no less (now you understand the reference?). So I’m not holding my breath. (for the record, he has failed to reply after my first email. If he does and wishes to come here to defend his bullshit effort at promoting the next regime change, he is welcome. I offered to go there and give his folks a presentation detailing what is really happening. I doubt I hear back from him)

Here’s his Sunstein video (and yes, that graphic is the ONLY original contribution to the video made by Chris Ernesto… a picture of “ISIS” in front of a Turkish flag implying Turkey runs “ISIS” and not the CIA and Obama. Nice huh?):

Please help keep us up and running if you can.

Speaking truth ABOUT power since 2007

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4 Responses

  1. Good to see you back fighting the good fight.

  2. Very in depth analysis, with lots of good new info, well done. The Kurds have been useful pawns in so many conflicts, they may finally get their own nation.

    So I guess this could mean Erdogan, another very useful pawn for NATO, has reached his expiration date and may be the fall guy. He has facilitated so much violence in Syria with all of his support for ISIS in the service of his NATO USA masters.

    So Turkey (entirely expendable) will lose at least a slice of turf to create new Kurdistan, of which the main chunk will come from Syria. Carving up Syria, destroying it, balkanizing it and beggaring its people is still the primary the big goal IMO.

    It looks like the Russian contribution to this crime against humanity will involve two plays.
    One, continue to talk tough, drop a few bombs and stand back while some UN approved body carves up Syria neutering or ousting Assad. Same as they did with Libya.
    Two, wage a short intensely violent military campaign against Turkey destroying Erdogan and important historical parts of Turkey while leaving any big global corporate assets in tact.
    These two Russian contributions may happen concurrently or they may attack Turkey first. Either way, Syria will be destroyed, by the fake fight between the eagle and the bear like dozens of nations over the past 65 years.
    The world would be terrorized with Russia unleashing some high tech weaponry on Turkey while the NATO machine defends it.
    No doubt Putin and Obama will put on a very theatrical Oscar worthy performance………..or maybe the big show will feature a TrumpClinton puppet instead of the tired old Obama one?

    As for the Chris Ernesto swine. Him and so many more liars just like him, indicate how much effort is being put into the propaganda component of this conflict. Good of you to call BS Scott.

    • but the Kurds are not going to get their nation. The Barzani clan who are still clinging onto power a year and a half after his presidency was to end, THEY will get the nation. And just listen or read how average Kurds have to live in Iraqi Kurdistan. It’s as bad as it was under Maliki in Iraq during the worst times after 2003 according to them because the Barzanis are corrupt and in bed with the French, US and Israeli businesses to sell out the people. They were protesting last month because the Barzanis are stealing so much oil revenue, there’s nothing to pay municipal workers. and that’s a fact. It will be like Saudi Arabia. and that’s how we want it.

      And Putin serves another purpose. How much money do you think they can really justify dropping into the MIC if it’s just “ISIS” and the trucks we give them serving as “the big threat”? However, how much money will the new cold war generate for those guys if it’s Russia we have to stockup to defend against? that’s the difference. that’s why Russia is constantly listed as the biggest threat by our politicians when asked. the new cold war doth provide, don’t you know. and you know who’s paying them to say that.

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