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  1. Nothing amusing or anything insightful here unless we tally up the chuckles coming from a corralled audience programmed to respond at the lowest common denominators of their own basic human failings.

    I’ve grown weary of those who believe there are political solutions while remaining invested in ideologues who are, in essence, just more traps for the saps. The blind serving the blind.

    We’re so screwed…unless and until we can turn our collective attention away from the barkers selling us shows and take heed of the singular voice directing, calling us back home.

    • you know how screwed I think we are? and I’m going to keep this short because i am still very sick but finally back online so I wanted to say something here about this. I think once it was clear that Jeb couldn’t get his own mother to vote for him and there was no way to wrangle another stolen election, I think they decided to go with the nuclear option.

      A corptocracy loathes democracy. it is unstable by it’s very nature. and now with the TPP and the TTIP about to undermine what’s left of the constitution, I wonder if the plan isn’t to have “the citizenry” select two of the most unqualified people to run for president, thus proving… the great experiment in government of, by and for the people is a failure, because, look who they pick when left to their own devices. A reality TV star who will say anything and a war-criminal who setup her own server while serving as Sec. of State so people would never know the extent of her criminality.

      Years ago Nader said maybe we should pick some benevolent billionaire to be president since he wont be for sale. He mentioned Bloomberg as a possibility.

      about 9 months ago Billionaire Bloomberg said if it came down to Trump V Clinton, he would consider running as an independent. Now that seems a likely scenario.

      In one of my many dealing with “Tony Cartalucci” (the military op that he is) I was criticized for being “childish” because I supported democracy in places like Egypt and Thailand. I wasn’t mature enough to see that democracy is NOT always the best system in his (their) eyes.

      What if the coming corptocracy has decided to let this freakshow be the last freakshow? What if we are now about to see the US Chamber of Commerce rule right out in front as they have from the past in the shadows and they are going to use these two kabuki theater cut-outs of candidates to justify it?

      I don’t know, but I can’t imagine it’s a coincidence that it’s turned this ridiculous this fast with the TPP and the TTIP just waiting in the wings. I really can’t

      UPDATE: I just found this. It speaks volumes.

      “The total vote in South Carolina primaries for both big business parties, held a week apart, was 978,000 in 2008 and 999,000 in 2016, but the balance between the Republicans and Democrats shifted dramatically. In 2008, 532,000 voted in the Democratic primary and 446,000 in the Republican. This year, only 361,000 voted in the Democratic primary while 738,000 voted in the Republican contest, won by billionaire demagogue Donald Trump.” WSWS

      On the dem side, Clinton won by default because no one cared to show up feeling probably that Bernie didn’t stand a chance anyway. on the flip side, they came out in droves to vote for the billionaire TV star who promises to keep billionaires out of politics.

      • We’re doomed regardless it seems.

        Bloomberg said he would enter if it was Trump and Sanders, to which Hillary proclaimed he could relax, since she would be winning the nomination. Seeing as Bernie is a stalking horse for Clinton, I don’t see Michael “No Big Gulp For You” Bloomberg entering the race.

        • every week, 1,500 or so new emails from her illegal server are slowly trickle-fed to the people like the ridiculous Assange/Snowden game of fake releases. What do you think that is about? Obama and the Justice Department just suddenly doing their job for once? And you know, lurking in the background is a transcript, and God forbid, a video recording of Hillary Clinton pledging her allegiance to Goldman Sachs at some speaking event. If they never intended to use that, it would have off the MSM radar before it was ever on it. Fact is, now that The Donald is imploding, just like I knew he would about this time (I just figured it would be to consolidate the repubs around Jeb, but that poor idiot could even win a rigged nomination… Jesus)

          so what are you left with? It would have been Jeb. Now what? Rubio? Cruz? After Super Tuesday today, Trump will be way out in front waiting for the other shoes to drop meaning his income tax filings and more details on his shady business deals and perhaps even a Clinton skeleton or two hiding still in the closet. The “republican brand” will be broken without a true conservative to vote for, so I think they go outside the One Party System to an independent to save the day, to save the nation from democracy ultimately, and frankly, my guess is given all the pro-Jewish/pro-Israel propaganda we have been shoveled these past two years, my guess is someone somewhere thinks it’s about time a Likudnik ran things in DC and given how Trump worship shows a certain segment will support anyone if their rich, and on the other side, he is big on the gun-grabbing issue so important to phony leftists, my guess is, Bloomberg. But I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

  2. Much of it is funny and useful. Then at the end Oliver tries to ridicule the link between vaccines and autism and suggests that we currently have an intact system that time travels will have to come back and fix because the point where it goes off is when Trump is sworn in.

    The link between vaccines and autism is pretty strong and the system was stolen and rendered into an idiotic facade a long time ago. Ah well. What do you think of Robert David Steele? Personally I wish he was getting a lot more attention.

    • [edit: comment removed as user has been banned but I did leave:]

      “Feel free to delete this post in the interests of “free speech”.”

      [edit: free speech is one thing. harassment is another. your offensive and vile comments earned you this ban, now you talk about free speech after suggesting anyone who has questions about 9/11 should be silenced? Curious, your sense of consistency. You keep posting, I’ll keep deleting. not a problem but once your boss figures out it’s not cost effecient anymore, you’ll be gone. Of that I am certain]

    • Good pick up Julian. Media swine often deliver a cool message speaking truth (limited truth) to power on one subject while they strongly reinforce one of their other big lies.

      Anyone who believes Trump is not an establishment actor playing a role in the big show is beyond help. But there are many people who loathe Trump who still worship at the alter of corporate medicine.
      If it is on TV it is either worthless or dangerous……….the daily show has for years been a highly effective (and entertaining) gate for the left/liberal D demographic.

      • I agree on the pick-up at the end of his little segment. they always have to toss something in there, like Leanardo whatshisname and his acceptance speech. but for the most part, and everyone here knows I hate what John Oliver stands for and has become, but for the most part, his takedown of Trump is brilliant and the sad thing is, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel… how can anyone with resources and time not tear him apart at will? But they don’t, which goes to show you he’s not really the antiestablishment character he pretends to be because they constantly give him a pass on his lies and never call him out for being the blovating clown he really is. plus, he get’s more coverage than any other “candidates” combined. it should be obvious who the establishment want you to vote for during the primaries. of course, then the real question becomes why.

        • Yes the real question is why.
          To me we have long since passed the point where anyone votes FOR anything or anyone.
          People now are only able to vote AGAINST that which they hate.
          IMO that is why Trump vs. Hitlery will be the ‘choice’. Both generate so much hate, it is the only way to get the sheeple up and out to vote.
          No remotely sane person could actually take the time to understand either of these losers and actually vote for them. They offer nothing but lies, corruption and fascism.

          PS I too am enjoying the humor that makes Trump the butt of so many jokes and the daily show is a good source for it.

    • [edit: user comment removed. He’s been banned in about 12 different namesakes, email addresses and IP addresses over the past few days and has apparently returned with a new name to try again on this shift (stopped right at 5 pm yesterday. Guess he clocked out. I certainly hope his employers understand what a miserable failure he is at his job having been outed as a paid online influence peddler after his very first comment and banned repeatedly since then.]

  3. Enjoying the conversation here. I just ran across this interview with Julian Assange on RT. I know that Assange and Snowdon are likely intell ops but I was really impressed with this presentation of facts and his remarkable poise under fire. So it’s off topic but I figured I’d share it with all you guys if that is ok.

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