Hi guys. I’m Home.

by Scott Creighton (5:42pm)

Hi all. I am back. Jan10 was nice enough to look after the animals with help from neighbor and come by and visit everyday bringing me contraband nibbles sans beer of course (drat) but I survived.  A few little scary moments, a bunch of tests and it turns out it was an exasperation of COPD probably brought on by active Pulmonary Embolisms. The people at Florida Hospital, thought over worked and understaffed, a critical condition I am hearing is quite common in health facilities across the country, took very good care of me. From nurses to doctors to nurse techs to transportation folks and the technicians running the various tests, they were all very positive, skilled and decent people and my heart goes out to all of them doing a tough job and doing with compasion and pride and more than a little patience.

Jan10 took a snapshot of me in the hospital so I will attack that to his tomorrow. She had to go home and get a little rest.

To my little detractor troll, congrats. Your a dime a dozen and your cliches are just to be expected. Any little chance to attack someone when they’re at their weakest to make yourself feel better. I’m glad you feel better. Now, back to your little dust bin. Enjoy.

To my friends I thank you for all the well wishes. I will be answering comments and sending out emails tomorrow morning before jumping back into current events. If I had the energy, I would do it now, but I just walked in the door and I’m going to curl up with Church and the cats and watch a basketball game or something. But I thank you all. It means so very much to hear from you.

Two quick things: the COPD guy who goes around dispelling info on the disease was very helpful. Gave me some great tips on how I can get a hold of stuff like Advair which is probably the best thing out there and also explained how the problem causes a host of others so I’ll be looking through that stuff tonight. He also dropped the ‘dual morbidity” clause on my condition which I took to mean PE and COPD but he might have meant co-morbidity referring to COPD and stress and panic, I don’t know, but it sounded a little morbid to me at the time. I laughed. But it’s accurate.

The other was a nice woman doing the breathing treatments. She told me about how she donates time feeding homeless down here in Tampa when she’s not at work. So many better people out there than me. Because she knew about my pending situation she felt compelled to let me know how many people are now showing up having been kicked off disability who are clearly, clearly still very disabled, living in shelters or in assisted living facilities with next to nothing, eating at soup kitchen everyday. Depending on them. It’s just amazing what we’re doing to each other these days.

I also read a paper from down in in Tampa while sitting around waiting and a half page op-ed written by a woman who was a law-maker who had bought into the charter school scam when it first came out and voted on it back then, now writes about what a nightmare it is putting poor kids in “high schools”, for profit high schools in old Big Lots department stores and calling them education for these kids. Robbing them of everything even mildly associated with what should be the best years of their lives, high school and all the development they are supposed to experience during those years, so some billionaires can make a buck. The good news is people are noticing and half-page op-eds are being written and published, even down here in neoliberalized Florida.

So, you take a bad thing, you pay attention a bit, and what I ended up telling more and more people the last couple of days is you don’t focus on the trends that we are starting to see crack at the seams, you pay attention to the good people who are working, writing, caring and making a difference and speaking out… together. Everywhere you look. And that give me hope.

And that’s I guess what I wanted to tell you. Thank you so much and no matter how bad it looks, what make us human is still here and still active in the best of them and you don’t go look for it on the campaign trail, you don’t go look for it on Wall Street or even Russia… you look for it right next door, right down the street. Right there at the hospital and it will renew your faith. And it’s all around us.

I will talk more tomorrow and maybe even explain my little walking down the hallway with my IV in tow with my stupid little hospital gown waving in the breeze. It was epic I am told. hee hee.

Have a good night folks and thanks.

15 Responses

  1. Well said, Scott! There is a lot of bad in this country (and other ones too), but thank goodness there are many out there doing their best to make things better for those who’ve fallen through the cracks.

    Glad to hear you are out and back at your own home. Try and take it easy. Hope your hearing goes well!!

  2. Happy to hear you’re home!

  3. Great news from you. And beautiful post about the many true human beings in our world. It’s true, but it don’t sell tee-vee ads or prop up fascist demagogues.

  4. Awesome so glad your out of the hospital! Most help at the hospital are great good hearted people that is true, but no place like home. Take care, sending you best wishes. Rachel

  5. Welcome back, Scott. Now quit scaring the crap out of us and get back to work, misterrr!!!

  6. Glad to hear that you doing better, Scott.

  7. Good to have you back Scott.

  8. Glad you’re home and doing better!

  9. Take a break and take good care of yourself Scott. Glad you are home. Thanks for sharing your positive experiences of humanity that you encountered while in the hospital. It helps us remember to spread Positive energy.


  10. For all of the faults with corporate medicine, the human beings on the front lines sure do a fine job. True compassion is a humbling and empowering experience. Glad you had a positive encounter.
    Health care workers (the vast majority) are the salt of the earth.
    Good to see you back Scott.

  11. Welcome back! Forget the pretty nurses, Scott. Behave well and take it easy so you don’t need to go back.

  12. Ground Control to Major Tom, .,, ???

  13. Take it easy and get well, that’s the most important thing right now. The world can wait.

  14. Glad to hear you are on the mend, I hope this (https://www.facebook.com/THeCureForCancers/posts/790263537676203:0) will help you get away from the drugs pushed by the doctors and big pharma. Research this subject as diligently as you would with anything else, nothing is more important and as you know, the best defence is a good offence.

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