I’m Headed Back to the Hospital

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE; (By Jan 10)

Hello Everyone, Scott is doing a little better. He is on oxygen due to too little oxygen in his blood system: they have found out that his COPD is worse than they had figured and maybe that is reducing his absorption of oxygen. So they have started him on a steroid to reduce inflammation in his lungs. His leg still hurts and swells. He has more meetings with his Doctors tomorrow, but he hopes that he’ll also be released tomorrow afternoon. He has been stuck and re-stuck with needles and hooked up to almost everything. the staff have been super nice to him, but the food is skimpy….. I think he gets a few extras…. 🙂   He is ready to come home. Church is ready also…. (his dog). He misses being near his computer and chatting with all of you. I see him daily and talk to him many times a day, but still miss him,,,,, strange feeling for so much silence. I want him to come home also but only if it is the best thing for him. I want him to get much better. I want him to be well and strong. So, he might be clicking out a ‘hello’ to all of you tomorrow evening.


Hi guys.

I’m headed back to the hospital this morning. I suffered another PE last night so I got to go. I can barely keep my head up. Jan10 will post updates if I am admitted, but I am pretty sure that is going to happen unfortunately. Well, there are good sides to it. People to chat with. Attractive nurses.

Hopefully they will put the Greater Kurdistan project on hold til I get back, but probably not. You know how they are.

You guys take care. I’ll see you when I get back.

47 Responses

  1. Best wishes Scott. Hope everything goes okay and you have a speedy recovery.

  2. Hope you get well soon. Best wishes.

  3. Keep your chin up.

  4. Best wishes Scott. Will keep you and Jan in my prayers. Will head to the tip jar on your behalf.

  5. Get well soon.

  6. Recover and think positively as emotions influence the body, the sorry state of this world surely doesn’t make that an easy task. Sometimes I think we should live, our lives as through the eyes of our favorite pets. They love when we are happy and do their best to make us that way. Your pets and admirers here are wishing the best, great well soon.

  7. Get well soon but get out of the hospital as soon as you can! I know now why they agreed a cease-fire in Syria!

  8. Get well, Scott. We need you in this fight, so do take care, and follow the doctor’s advice. Best wishes to Jan as well.

  9. Get well soon, Scott.

  10. Feel better, Scott. Will pray for you.

  11. Be careful around those nurses, man. They’ll pinch you when you’re not looking, some of them.

    That’s the way they are around here, anyway

  12. best wishes for a speedy recovery. hope to hear from you soon.

  13. Typical long-con BS. Ur such a grifter.

  14. Lol, he’s headed back to the hospital just as the final judgement on his welfare scamming case is coming up how convenient!

  15. Scanf, either you have a very odd and twisted sense of humor or you’re an idiot. So far I incline for the latter. Prove me wrong.
    Jan 10, best wishes for a good recovery to Scott, and strength and energy to you.

  16. Hang in there Scott. It’s not your time just yet… Best wishes…

  17. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers, Scott!

  18. Jan10, tell him we all want him to get better and build up his wellness first and most importantly when he is released and before he gets back to work. As for all this mess in the socio-politicalia….the enemy wants us all to be sick but real life is on our side. Spoiler Alert: I peaked at the end of the book….and we win. So tell him “Get well, ya big lug,” from all of us loyal opposition out here. And besides, he has given us a library of amunition to comment on and review to stop these psychopaths, to confront the militantly ignorant, and to enlighten the asstritches. He needs to take care of himself first. It’s up to all of us anyway. We are American Everyman

  19. “Lol, he’s headed back to the hospital just as the final judgement on his welfare scamming case is coming up how convenient!”

    As harsh as this sounds, this guy isn’t wrong. SC has been so entangled in this conspiracy fraud scene for so long, with so many douchenuts, who knows what kinda bad financial advice he’s gotten. If he can’t figure out he’s wasting his life putting money in the pockets of flimflam artists like Richard Gage, who knows what other magical thinking he’s practising. FFS the guy’s asking for donations to spread truther woo.

    Unlike Scanf, I don’t assume SC is a fraud. It’s just as likely he’s been brainwashed into this con. But after how many years? It’s obvious anyone “reassuring”(LYING) Scott that “9/11 twoof is for realz a thing! Honest!” while NOT ONE TRUTHER THEORY HAS BEEN PROVEN TRUE, SC and people like him simply can’t think rationally any more.

    The misnamed truth movement has been dead a while:


    Anyone saying otherwise is a liar. Wake up, take your life back. These health problem show twooferism will KILL YOU if you don’t stop.

    • “It’s obvious anyone “reassuring”(LYING) Scott that “9/11 twoof is for realz a thing! Honest!” while NOT ONE TRUTHER THEORY HAS BEEN PROVEN TRUE, SC and people like him simply can’t think rationally any more.”

      1. “Truthers” said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Turns out…
      2. “Truthers” said the Middle East would be destabilized and there were be no parades of Iraqis saying they loved George Bush. Turns out…
      3. “Truthers” said it was all about getting their hands on the oil fields and the Dick Cheney Energy Meetings in the White House in Jan. 2001 mapped out who got what.
      4. “Truthers said destroying regulations on derivatives would set the stage to demolish the economy. Turns out…
      5. “Truthers said destroying Glass-Steagall would further cripple the economy and allow “too big too fail” institutions to run out country. Turns out…
      6. “Truters” said Big Banking and Big Business owns Washington DC and controls elections. Sanders, Rudio, Paul, Clinton and Trump now say…
      7. “Truthers” said Big Banking was colluding to set the prime interest rate, LIBOR, across the world to benefit themselves, and now we all know what?
      8. “Truthers” said Big Banking was colluding with the drug cartels to launder massive amounts of drug money. HBSC and Wachovia now say…
      9. “Truthers” said Hillary was lying about Benghazi. How did that work out?
      10. “Truther” said they were lying about Iraq. How did that work out?
      11. “turhers” said anthrax attacks didn’t come from Saddam. How did that work out?
      11. “Truthers” said the “ISIS” videos were mostly fakes. How did that work out?
      12. “Truthers” said destroying Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria would lead to a horrible mess and security vacuum in the Middle East, how did that work out?
      13. “Truthers” said Egypt did not attack the USS Liberty. How did that work out?
      14. “Truthers” said Israel has 100s of illegal nuclear weapons. How did that work out?
      15. “Truthers” said deals like NAFTA and the TPP would crush US jobs and the middle class. How did that work out?
      16. “Truthers” say listen to the radio recording from the officer’s bike on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas and count the gunshots. Just try it.
      17. “Truthers” say office fires cannot bring down steal and concrete hi-rise buildings straight down through the path of greatest resistance at near free fall acceleration no matter what magic you wish to site.
      18. “Truthers” said it looked like controlled demolition, the same thing the guy on tv said that morning. oops.
      19. “Truthers” say, check out Building 7. nuf said.
      20. “Truthers” say Dick Cheney and the Project for a New American Century called for a “new Pearl Harbor type event” back in sept. of 2000 in a paper titled Rebuilding Americas Defenses where they laid out plans for a hundred year war in order to enforce complete and total world domination, starting in the Middle East. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Zacheim… they were all there and in the end, they were there as well.
      21. “Truthers” said Rumsfeld announced a missing 2.3 trillion from the Pentagon budget the day before. His friend was put in charge of finding it. The plane just happened to hit those offices and Rummy’s friend was not there at the time.
      22. “Truthers” were saying the FBI was staging all those “terrorist plots and plans” they “foiled” with their own patsies and “confidential informants”. How did that work out?
      23. “Truthers” said the ObamaCare plan was nothing more than a massive payday for insurance compapanies that would cost the average American more than they could afford to pay while only insuring half of the 35 million without insurance. How did that work out?
      24. “Truthers” said Obama was going to eventually claim the right to kill American citizens without due course of law with his precious drones? How did that work out?
      25. “Truthers” said they would end up flying overhead here in the US. How did that work out?

      If yu want to come back with more ad hominums you will be erased. Intelligent discourse is allowed. But here are some more to chew on:

      Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
      The Nayirah testimony
      Operation Paperclip
      Operation Northwoods
      The military is conspiring to instill fear in the populace
      FBI is conspiring against civil activists
      Mockingbird is a branch of the CIA
      Fascists plan to overthrow the US government (Business Plot, 1934)
      Project MK-ULTA

      so there you have 32. If you want another, just read the RJ Lee Report, Composition of World Trade Center Dust, Composition and Morphology, 2005 and pay careful attention to the conlusion it makes when it says it was created due to a “combustion event” not a compression event.

      come back with informed discussion if possible or don’t I don’t care. I’m sick and my chest still hurts. but that’s the best I can do for you.

      And for the record, medical professionals don’t have the time to waste on fakers in packed hospitals with dozens waiting for rooms downstairs and I’m not the kind of man to do that, you fucking jackass. You don’t know me.

      Is it so hard for you to imagine someone does something for others? Go by a soup kitchen. Try a hospital. A church. And end-care facility, a recruiting station, a police academy you jackass. The world is full of beautiful people and it will be theirs again. So pick a side or stick with the one you got. But don’t come here with this lame excuse for a application paper because you just got rejected and your bosses know it.

      • Scott-
        This Hasbaranik is trying to hurt you when he knows you are vulnerable. Don’t reply, don’t even read his posts- just delete them as soon as they appear.

        • The irony. The only people trying to “hurt” this guy are the same fraudsters who sold him on the twoofer scamararama. Only a POS would keep encouraging someone to dump their energy down a black hole when they know it’s killing him.

          How am I hurting him? Telling him “hey, maybe it’s time to rethink how you spend your time” is “hurting” him? Garbage. If I wanted to “hurt” him, I wouldn’t have given him the benefit of the doubt and could assume he was a POS fraud too.

          What dog do you have in this race? Why does it bother you to see proof of the twoofer fraud in black and white? Why not ask fir my sources? One answer: you KNOW it’s a fraud and it scares you shitless one of your zombies might wake up. That’s why you want the info deleted. So much for “free speech”.

          But that’s just speculation. You’re probably just another zombie trying to keep the faith while you know, deep down inside, it was all a con and can’t face how much of your life has been wasted on this crap.

          The good news is, when ever SC is ready, the facts are out there.

          9/11 truth is nothing but lies and BS sold to the gullible and naive.

          After FIFTEEN YEARS if there was ANYTHING to trutherism it would have gotten out.


          The truth hurts.

          • Scott Creighton is one the best and most decent people in America, and you came to his site to try and hurt him when he couldn’t fight back. You know he has heart problems, so you deliberately tried to aggravate them.
            There’s a word for people like you, and the word is Zionist. You shoot little kids in the balls, torture their fathers to death, plant bombs on the London underground and blow up buildings in New York. You wreck and loot whole societies for the pure malicious joy of it. You are humanity’s Bad Seed.

      • That was a kick-ass reply, Scott.

    • Wow. Hey, thanks Fer Realz for clearing that up for me. And to think I’ve spent sixty some years experiencing first hand NWO (what we used to call the establishment) making pompous speeches about the glorious achievements their policies were contributing to humanity, only to find that the bodies were piling up, and like sorcerers they were turning blood into gold. And to think I was thinking they were lying. When I watched during the 60’s (yeah, I know, you saw TV shows all about it) giant global (what we used to call international, when there were nations) corporations work hand in hand with banks to manipulte financial hardships, destroy credit, then takeover small oil businesses and Mom and Pop Oil cattle ranches in the West. Then like a cancer creeping incrementally East, big conglomerates devoured millions of acres of bankrupt (get it?) farms, the coal mines, everything (we used to call free enterprise). Then up through Detroit and the auto industry (another industry that led the globe, what we used to call the world). Then through steel mills and factories all up the eastern seaboard. All the while there were asstritches with their heads….well, you know, and they had always figured, “Too bad it’s them, but I got mine”) as they watched the country gradually being taken from America by kleptoparsites who trained politicians and journalists like pink poodles. Then they did what devils always do. They turned up the heat on The War (what we used to call the Viet Nam War), so no one would notice the rug being pulled out from under them. And now the militantly ignorant (what we used to call fellow Americans) told anyone who didn’t believe Richard Nixon, John Wayne and Bob Hope they were truthers (what we used to call people with the brains God gave us who could think for themselves and smell bullshit 1000 miles away). And the militantly ignorant and the asstritches told us (anyone that seriously uses the word “truther” is already admitting militant ignorance) that we were un-American, and they declared “America, love it or leave it” and “This is my country right or wrong”….think about that last one and how it works out for those of us who never try to make it right (beyond their own bankbooks). Now that was just the beginning of my education.
      Fer really Realz (is that short for Slick DJ Fer Realz), thanks, homes, for breaking my heart….the truth is dead, huh? You want me to prove that there is a monster that eats a world full of hard working people. You want me to prove that their health, education, and welfare, not to mention food, water, clothing and everything that we used to produce and manage ourselves, in fact, everything of value we have as a God given right, is now rented to us or state sanctioned. I would have to prove it in a court of law where the monster and his poodles write the laws. OK. Sorry, I’ve always used the truth to fight this monster, as the globe sits on some bizillionaire’s desk. How do they do things on your planet?

      • “And to think I’ve spent sixty some years experiencing first hand NWO”

        Please explain what you think this “NWO” is.

        What you have described is the general struggle between progressive politics and social justice vs well funded business interests. That does not ergo lead to a secret shadowy government/NWO(always code for “Jews”) behind every social and political struggle. If you really think that after 60 years there’s no hope for you.

        It’s more likely you know what you wrote is a gross misrepresentation of historical facts. But if someone has convinced you the NWO is out to get you, odds are they played on your paranoia to push an agenda. Because there is no “NWO”.

        You’re welcome.

        • The origin of “NWO” for me resonated in Bush 1’s s NWO speech (look it up) you know the one about a “a new world order….kinder, gentler order”. It hit me. Where have I heard that before. Holy shit! That’s what Vichy France was promised in a Hitler speech. This didn’t begin a conspiracy theory, mind you, just a coincidence theory for me. In 1940’s “well funded business interests” bankrolled pretty much by the same NATO “secret shadowy government” (you really are a riot, kid). As for the struggle between “progressive politics and social justice” and the above mentioned kleptoparasites…. who said Jews? Thieves, murderers, liars come in all flavors and you don’t have to call them NWO, you can call them macaroni, and none of them care for you much, either. As for me, I’ve dignified your little cheapshots more respectfully than I should have, but you amused me for a minute….and times up. Go live some life, good luck and don’t get sick or hurt, or get hit with an economic tsunami because “macaroni” will come and take everything you’ve got including your dreams from you. I’m done with you.

          • Yeah, I knew the reference, but you’re being disingenuous if your claiming, in context with CT/Truthers, the NWO is only a reference to Bush Senior’s speech. Anyone seriously using words like “NWO” or Illumiati or the FEDS or whichever “Jew/Zionist” code phrase is either politically ignorant and naive, or pushing a Conspiracy worldview agenda.

            You could have passed for the former, but your knowledge of history coupled with a pretence of not knowing what was wrong with what you said in the real world, argues for the later.

            If that’s the case, GDIAF with Gage, Jones and the rest of the frauds.

  20. Damn….kick a guy when he’s down?
    Heal fast, Scott.
    Heal well.
    Chris Katko

    • You’re right, chriskatgo. But there is much more good in the world. Sounds like a kid in the 13th grade sounding off. But this thread was welcoming Scott back and this creep tries to sucker punch him. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but it’s often arrogant people like that who get hit the worst when they get schooled by reality setting in (truth, if you will).

      • Looks more like a paid disinfo troll to me. No one can dispute the concept of the NWO given the existence of the Powell Memo along with all the secret meetings among the elite that have gone for a very long time. Unlike our troll (or maybe not!) I actually know some of these parasites and am even related to some. Trust me, they DO have an agenda and a key point is reducing/controlling the population.

        • “Looks more like a paid disinfo troll to me. ”

          Here’s a tip, douchnuts: there are no “paid trolls”. Why? Because there is no NWO to protect. Or 911truth to protect. Or what ever your CT du Jour is.


          But people profiting from CT frauds DO NEED people to believe in paid trolls/agents/shills etc to keep the $$$$ coming.

          Hope that helps.

          [I left this one because it shows how stupid you are or how stupid you paid trolls think we are]

      • Glad Scott’s getting better…just had to pipe in on that freak digging at him.

  21. I think fer realz is the guy that plants those indestructible passports at the false flags and psyops. A true master of happenstance, for real zzzzzz. You are threatening his livelihood, Scott. 🙂

    • Yep, I feel real threatened. /sarc

      But since you brought it up, let’s have SC weigh in? Kay?

      [edit: SC just weighed in. You’re banned and most of your insulting comments are being erased as we speak. Insult me all you want, insult other readers here as you have and Mr. Tracy isn’t even here to defend himself, and you are done. Post anything else and it will be erased as well]

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