Kalamazoo Shooting Story Gets Worse While Obama Condemns the “Ideological Rhetoric” of the Second Amendment

by Scott Creighton

terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims

Headlines across the country read “Suspect Admits Involvement in Shootings… Motive Unclear” as the story of the Saturday shooting spree in Kalamazoo gets sorted out by the MSM for public consumption.

Meanwhile, the father of the modern interpretation of the second amendment remains dead (but don’t question those circumstances or you will be branded with a scarlet “CS”)

As usual, the MSM only gets part of the story correct. There is no motive. That’s the only part that is right.

Yesterday, I wrote about the ridiculous story of how Jason B. Dalton was working two jobs, a normal quiet guy, raising two children and doing everything he thought he could to live the American Dream when suddenly for no reason, he went off and shot some random person, drove a shift for Uber and then went off on two more locations killing 6 people before retiring to his favorite bar for a couple hours to wind down after a night of mass murder. He was calmly arrested after leaving that bar, according to officials.

So the official story tells us he went from Ward Cleaver to Travis Bickle and back again in the blink of an eye – for no reasons – and we are supposed to sit back and accept it as the gospel truth.

If you were inclined to have questions about the official story before, prepare to be amazed because it gets worse.

First of all, when the reporters tell you Jason B. Dalton “admitted” to “taking part” in the attacks and they show you an image of him sitting in court during his arraignment hearing, implying that he said that on the video as part of this statement, he didn’t do that. In fact, all he said in court was “I would prefer just to remain silent,”

The story about him “admitting” his “participation” in the shootings comes from the prosecutor and it’s not backed up with any evidence. That makes it tantamount to “activists say” journalism from Syria or Libya or something. Talk about tainting the jury-pool.

Jeffrey S. Getting, the prosecuting attorney for Kalamazoo County, said Monday that after his arrest, Mr. Dalton “made a statement to law enforcement admitting his involvement in each of the shootings.” New York Times

During a talk with investigators, Dalton waived his right against self-incrimination and confessed his role in the Saturday night shootings, Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeffrey S. Getting said. Dalton admitted “that he took people’s lives,” Kalamazoo police Det. Cory Ghiringhelli told the court. Reading Eagle

You might think while he confessed his sins to the police and prosecutor that he would let them in on the little secret that was his motive… seems to make sense right. He “waves his rights” and spills the beans… but says “Oh no. I wont tell you why I did it. That’s a secret”

Really? REALLY?! (alright. I have to keep from ranting again)

So he confesses to them that he did it but remains mum on the motive. But don’t worry about that because law enforcement in Kalamazoo doesn’t worry about little things like motives when 6 people are killed.

Questions about motive and Dalton’s frame of mind are “going to be the hardest to answer for anybody,” (Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard C. Fuller III ) said. He expects some answers to emerge in court, but he doubts they will be satisfying.

In the end, I ask people, because I keep hearing this question of why, ‘What would be the answer that would be an acceptable answer for you?’ They have to think about it for a moment, and they say, ‘Probably nothing.’

I have to say, ‘You are probably correct.’ I can’t imagine what the answer would be that would let us go, ‘OK, we understand now.’ Because we are not going to understand,” the sheriff said. Reading Eagle

Think about the mental gymnastics and twisted logic in that statement from the county sheriff. It’s like it was an answer written for him by his publicist. Talk about putting the questioner on the spot: “What’s a good enough answer for YOU when 6 people lie dead in the morgue?”

Uh… the right one?

“Means, motive and opportunity”. Isn’t that like Crime Fighting 101 or something? Even a craaAAaaAaaazy person has a motive. That’s how you know they are crazy. By how whacked out their motive is. Even when the victims are random there is a motive. There is something happening in the back of their minds that makes them do what they do. We aren’t robots. Decisions are made which lead to actions and the reason for those decisions and hence the actions is called… motive.

The “acceptable answer” therefore is the one that the suspect considers logical, not the everyday person who asks the question “so what was his motive?”

But of course, that assumes there is a logic to the motive. Tim McVeigh supposedly had a motive. So did Oswald supposedly. So did bin Laden (he hated us for our freedom, remember?)

But not Dalton. The officials running the investigation have already declared a couple days after the event ‘ we are not going to understand,” and that is that… so shut up about it.

Meanwhile, it seems Dalton may not have been drinking those two hours after the last shootings as we originally thought he was. Turns out, he may have been back to work.

“As authorities pieced together Jason B. Dalton’s actions, the prosecutor said he picked up Uber fares after the first shooting and probably got more riders after the subsequent shootingsReading Eagle

Let me ask you this: what is the motive for a guy committing all these shootings, knowing he will be caught, to go to work in the first place? Does he really expect to be free long enough to get paid? Does he want the money put on his commissary while in the joint? What’s that motive look like?

Now here’s an interesting part of the story. It would appear that Dalton used two different vehicles during the shooting spree.

Dalton, a 45-year-old Uber driver, opened fire at three locations on Saturday in a frenzy of violence that authorities said had no apparent pattern. Witnesses described the same shooter at each crime scene, but two different vehicles.

A witness to the first burst of gunfire saw Dalton driving a silver SUV, Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. William Sparrow testified during Dalton’s arraignment Monday…

More than four hours later, when the gunman killed a man and his teenage son at a Kalamazoo Kia dealership, roughly a mile from the Western Michigan University campus, surveillance video showed him driving a “dark-colored Chevrolet HHR,” according to Kalamazoo Public Safety Detective Cory Ghiringhelli.

A vehicle matching that description was seen at the Cracker Barrel restaurant less than 20 minutes later, where four women were shot to death and a 14-year-old girl was critically injured, authorities said. Huffington Post

He was also supposed to have a dog in the back of the silver SUV when he picked up a passenger early in his shift and that dog was supposedly seen by a witness at the first shooting. But the dog is never mentioned again. What happened to the silver SUV? What happened to the dog? Why take a smelly dog on an Uber shift?

Here is a picture from Daily Mail which supposedly shows his Uber page and the Chevy HHR.

Here is a picture of the silver SUV from Dallas News.

“Jason Dalton of County, Mich., was arrested early Sunday following a massive manhunt”

And here is a Daily Mail image with the silver SUV shot superimposed by the Daily Mail.

Multiple vehicles, no motive, good work ethic and a “confession” says the activists involved in the case. That’s the story of Ward Cleaver going all “Travis Bickle” for no reason this past Saturday in Kalamazoo. As the sheriff said, don’t try to understand it, just take their word for it or wear your scarlet letters.


“On Saturday another one of our communities was terrorized by gun violence. As many of you read, six people were gunned down in a rampage in Kalamazoo. Before I joined all of you, I called the mayor, the sheriff and the police chief and told them they would have whatever federal support they needed in their investigation. Their local officials and first responders did an outstanding job in apprehending very quickly. But you have families who are shattered today. Earlier this year I took some steps that will make it harder for dangerous people like this individual to buy a gun but clearly we are going to need to do more if we are going to keep innocent Americans safe. And I have to assume all of you are just as tired as I am of seeing this stuff happen in your states so that’s an area where we also need to partner and think of what we can do in a common sense way in a bi-partisan way without some of the ideological rhetoric that so often surrounds that issuePresident Obama

Notice he calls the motiveless shooting sprees “terrorism” by admitting the communities are being “terrorized” then he jumps into his political aims: “common sense” changes to the second amendment as currently defined (by a guy who died last week with no  autopsy) though a “bi-partisan” movement of people sick of seeing all these motiveless killing sprees.

Let’s take a second to reflect:

terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims

Naomi Klein wrote a book years ago defining what she called the Shock Doctrine. The work detailed the recent history of the neoliberal, Washington Consensus’ primary tool in bringing about “CHANGE” to other nations and that was the typical “problem, reaction, solution” model. The difference was, they caused the problems in anticipation of the crisis so they could offer a solution no one would ever accept without the manufactured crisis.

Today it is a staple of our foreign policy. We did it in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and several African nations in order to impose regime change on behalf of various business and financial interests.

The Shock Doctrine was employed here with the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the derivatives bubble which lead them to cripple the economy and in the wake of that manufactured crisis, remake the economy in a way favorable to a small elite group of financial institutions.

Obama used the pending end of unemployment insurance for millions of people a few years ago to create a crisis which allowed him to compromise and pass the first round of austerity measures, something that is critical to neoliberal, Washington Consensus economic ideology.

There is no question that this model, this “shock doctrine”, is a favorite tool of not only presidents and leaders of the past, but also of the current president.

And here we have him taking the opportunity with the dead still above ground, to strike while the iron is hot, calling for “common sense” gun laws.

This he does as they lay Scalia to rest.

I wonder what his litmus test will be for his next Supreme Court nominee will be.

I know it is painful to put the pieces together sometimes. It is downright distasteful. I get that.

But you need to. You need to understand there is ALWAYS a motive. As crazy, as dark, as twisted as it may be, there is ALWAYS a motive. And when a guy who just spoke to President Obama tells you you don’t need to worry about a motive, you should really consider worrying about that motive. Because it is there.


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12 Responses

  1. Yesterday, out of the blue, my husband asked me if I noticed how there seem to be so many of these shooter “stories” lately where a normal guy living a normal life, all of a sudden snaps and goes on a shooting spree for no reason.

    This is encouraging because I’ve been attempting to point this out to him for years and he simply could not bring himself to think deeply enough to see through the bs. I stopped trying to convince him. Instead I would ask questions which I hoped would make him stop and think. Now it’s HIS idea that these shootings just aren’t right. Whatever it takes….

    He used to tell me I was nuts and needed to find things to do so I would have less time to come up with “conspiracy theories.” Who’s the conspiracy theorist now?????

  2. Someone should ask President Obama how we’re going to keep these innocent patsies safe? How do we keep anyone safe when the government or their assigns can take innocent people and construct completely false narratives around them, provide phone witnesses and false evidence, prosecute them, and even sentence them to death? And now, without a motive???

  3. This defendant confesses and is addressed by the judge on streaming video without the presence of defense counsel. As the article states, there seems to be a contamination of the jury pool here. However, this is not that unusual of a government tactic. What seems highly incongruous is that, a defendant, who may very well meet the high threshold for the M’Naughton rule, does not have defense counsel present at his arraignment on such a serious and very public felony. Additionally, the defendant is allowed to speak on his own behalf, and, there are cameras in the court room, another thing that is not allowed by all courts, and seems particularly peculiar here.Is this fake, or, are we to believe that this seasoned judge is unaware of serious felonies being overturned on appeal by technicalities?

  4. Real, actual mass shooting happen in Mexico a dozen times a month- I’m talking stacks of bodies, pyramids of heads, etc. All this is completely blacked out in the American media.
    The only source of consistently accurate information on Mexico is the ‘Borderland Beat’ site. They focus on the sensational, but do not censor news about Mexico. American news is ruthlessly censored, though. I think this is because the principal at ‘Borderland Beat’, Chivis Martinez, is an immigrant who refuses to hear anything bad about her adopted country.

  5. The official story stinks, like they all do.
    Maybe this is one where an actual independent free thinking person went crazy and did a shooting spree that made no sense..as reported.
    All the ‘planned’ false flag shootings feature big time live coverage while the event unfolds. This one seemed to only get media play after it ended.
    It sure looks like they are trying to shut this guy up, put words in his mouth and control the story though.

    It could be a gladio styled shooting to simply scare people.
    In Canada there seems to be some ongoing media obsession with Uber vs. Taxi drivers, and this story was treated along those lines.

    If you do think about this from a mind control point of view……….

    He picked up one passenger and seemed ‘fine’ then got a phone call and went nuts. Possible trigger words, sounds etc. on that call?

    He had his dog with him for some of the time. Threats against pets are supposedly a common tactic in controlling a patsy. Possible defensive move, and if the CIA is messing with you and yours, a dog is the only one you can trust.

    His family say they would like to help determine why the attacks happened, ie get the truth out.

    In any case, Obomber got to repeat repeat repeat his message, so he will be happy enough.

  6. “In many ways, this focus on Uber is a distraction from the availability of guns and people who shouldn’t have such easy access to them,” said Margaret Richardson, a member of Uber’s safety advisory board and former chief of staff to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. “This certainly could be any corporation, and it’s every corporation’s worst nightmare.

  7. Be careful on your next Uber ride.You may end up in Guantanomo for your anti fascist remarks!

  8. A ‘Manchurian Candidate’ kind of thing, I wonder.

    Been thinking that way all day. Then, a few minutes ago, I read something over at CLG. Someone over there is wondering the same thing.

    That makes two, anyway

    • Highly doubt it. I think Scott is spot on with his first rant. All of these events are primarily an indirect but coordinated attack on the First Amendment, using public predictors of “mental health”. Meaning, anything you say publicly will be recorded forever and can be interpreted as “unhealthy thought” anytime it doesn’t agree with whoever is in power. No Manchurian candidates needed. Professional assassins and media production techs are teaming up to run these events and they are simply doing it for money. The country is just a corporation now and free speech and free thought can limit its profits

      • I’ll go with my thinking a little longer—some Secret Service fox worked him over, played him.

        We’ll probably never get to the bottom of it anyway, whatever it was

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