The Crazy Story of Uber’s New Travis Bickle and the “River of Blood” That is “Drowning Our Freedom”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Believe it or not, I found a rant that actually surpasses mine by a mile. Trust me and wait for it…

UPDATE: Please check out my “Soup Nazi” rant added to the end of this article.


(note: if you are offended by rants from people who are sick to death of these ridiculously staged American Gladio events, please skip this article. It’s just not for you. Thank you and let the rant begin)

“God hates us for our freedom”

After 42 mass shootings, “random” is not exactly accurate. There is a common denominator...” says gun-grabbing activist, Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

And that is the ONE thing the good “Rev. Dr. activist ” and I agree on. There is DEFINITELY a common denominator.

For those of you still trying to pay attention to the scripted reality TV show we call the American corporate media these days, my telling you there was another highly suspicious mass casualty event that took place this past weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan of all places, is not news.

For those of you who have tuned out on behalf of your own sanity and because you’re tired of having your intelligence insulted EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY OF THE WEEK by these people, I will en-devour to recount the official story to you as best I can.

Sometimes I feel like a cub reporter assigned to the WWE beat.

The official story goes something like this:

Part-time Uber driver Jason Brian Dalton was an insurance salesman by day with a wife and two children. The “good family man” was working two jobs to make a better life for his kids and… THEN SUDDENLY for NO APPARENT REASON he FLIPPED OUT and did something COMPLETELY CONTRADICTORY to his nature and shot some random person before his Uber shift started on Saturday… drove around picking up fares for a couple of hours… FLIPPED OUT some more and killed 6 people in two drive by locations… then went to his local bar, hung out peacefully until deciding to go home… and was pulled over by a cop who just HAPPENED to notice his car… he was arrested in a calm and peaceful way… they found a gun in his car that is completely legal… and CASE CLOSED. “We got our man


Did I happen to mention a key “witness” claims to have posted something on Facebook saying he was acting all “crazylike” when he picked up her husband that evening… but that post “has been removed from Facebook” don’t ya know.

“It’s unclear what precipitated the rampage, although Dalton was acting irrationally and driving erratically prior to the first shooting, according to a Facebook post from a woman… The woman, who has since deleted the post...” Detroit Free Press

Another “witness” said he got a ride from the guy but had to jump out of the car and run for his life. It’s amazing isn’t it how much a taxi driver can get away with in a tiny little town in Michigan. Right? He’s sideswiping cars, blowing through red lights. Getting all these “witnesses” to report him to the law enforcement agencies and Uber and the guy just kept driving around town, picking up other passengers til his shift was over…

… then he shot and killed 6 people in 2 locations 15 minutes apart…

… disappeared at his local bar for two hours until a cop FINALLY pulls him over and peacefully arrests him.


According to the Detroit Free Press, “two groups pushing for stronger gun laws issued statements today following the mass shooting, on Sunday released a statement” (yeah. a professional reporter wrote that and the editor missed it… nice, right?):

“Once again, another community has been shattered by gun violence. This is what the new normal looks like,” former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Capt. Mark Kelly, said in a statement from their group, Americans for Responsible Solutions.”…

“The Michigan chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, in a statement said  Saturday’s incident is one of at least 143 mass shootings that have occurred in America since 2009, and the second mass shooting in 2016.” Detroit Free Press

Not to be outdone, in support of her favorite “not-for-profit” gun-grabbing advocacy group, Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite  has penned a ridiculously over-the-top “river of blood” screed for the Huffington Post in which she claims in her most sincere “revival tent preacher voice” that we are being punished BY GOD HIMSELF for not tearing up that crazy second amendment thing and allowing Billionaire Bloomberg to craft a ‘common sense” gun law that gives him the ability to say who gets to enjoy their second amendment rights and who doesn’t.

“How much more blood needs to be shed for Americans to atone for the sin of our completely out-of-control gun culture? Yes, atone. Atonement means make right for something that is wrong.” Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite


Really? On the Huffington Post? Really? How many times have they called someone crazy for saying God is punishing us for gays or abortion or food stamps or something equally left-wing? And now we got this posted on that site? Really?

And the good Rev. Dr. Capt. Sen. St. OBGYN. doesn’t stop there with the whacked out biblical references and hyperbole:

“Blood is running through American streets, drowning our people and our freedom to move without fear through our homes and neighborhoods….” Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

I wonder why she didn’t just go all out and work a plague of locusts and some dead frogs in there.

I have to use the bathroom but I’m afraid without fear through my home so I guess I’ll just shit on myself.


“I’ll tell you why we as a country need to atone, to make right a great wrong. We have failed to act to stem the tide of guns flowing through every American town and city, and with it, the spilling of blood. We are all, without exception, at least guilty of a callous disregard for the value of human life, if not actual greed in promoting the sale of guns, the distribution of guns and the sabotage of sensible gun legislation”

Really, Rev. DemiGod. Dr. Sen. Rep. Det. Brooks Thistlethwaite? “God hates us for our freedom”? Really? Really? That’s what you got?

You don’t think he’s mad that we are bombing 7 or 8 countries right now because our ‘NATIONAL FUCKING INTERESTS” tell Obama to do it, do you? You think maybe “GOD” would have a problem with that? How about BOMBING FUCKING HOSPITALS IN AFGHANISTAN? How about PAYING MERCENARIES TO TERRORIZE PEOPLE IN SYRIA FOR 5 FUCKING YEARS? What do you think your “God” thinks about that shit, you insipid bitch. How about TORTURE? How about DRONES? How about sanctions that cause suffering on a Biblical Scale in countries were we would like to see the regime changed? God weigh in on those with you, your holiness?

No? Just the second amendment? THAT WHAT PISSES OFF GOD YOU STUPID BITCH?

(sorry. no… I’m sorry… I could erase that shit, but then that bitch couldn’t read it…)

(sorry again… it’s just so fucking stupid)

It is just so stupid… especially when the good Rev. Dr. Anointed Activist says something like this:

After 42 mass shootings, “random” is not exactly accurate. There is a common denominator...” says gun-grabbing activist, Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

Yeah. 42 mass shootings with little to no real motive by a litany of suspects crossing all targeted demographics since the push to pass a “mental hygiene” law started up a couple years ago.

Yeah Susan. There is a common denominator, isn’t there.

And if you would take a minute to LOOK AT HOW YOU ARE SHAMELESSLY POLITICIZING THESE FUCKING DEATHS … you and your constitution hating friends might just figure it out.

Good thing Scalia is out of the way, huh? Hey. Maybe God “atoned” him as well huh? There’s a sermon for you this week.


Just thought I would toss this one out there for you.

The incident comes just weeks after Uber settled two class-action lawsuits for $28.5 million that accused the company of exaggerating the safety of its background checks. Despite using phrases such as “safest ride on the road” and “industry-leading background checks,” the suits claimed, the company did not check drivers against the national sex-offender registry or employ fingerprint identification.

“We learned of systemic failures in Uber’s background checks,” San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said in reference to the lawsuits, according to Forbes. “We have learned they have drivers who are convicted sex offenders, thieves, burglars, kidnappers and a convicted murder.” Washington Post

I guess that takes care of any appeal they might have thought of filing, huh?

In summation (and thus the rant ends here)

Uh… bullshit?

I wonder if it occurs to anyone else that our beloved “progressive” and “moderate liberal” president and the current and former “progressive” and “moderate liberal” Secretaries of State routinely employ “moderate” terrorists to go into other nations and destabilize them through the use of violence so that the nation’s structure is changed on a fundamental level? It’s called “regime change” via unconventional, irregular warfare and it is a staple of what Hillary Clinton refers to as “soft power”

I wonder if it occurs to anyone else that we have to run “hearts and minds” campaigns in those targeted nations that coincide with the “moderate” terrorist regime change campaigns in order to shepherd the general population into accepting the changes and regime change? That’s also part of unconventional, irregular warfare.

I wonder sometimes if anyone else puts two and two together at the various MSM outlets who parrot whatever stupid, unbelievable story they are fed whenever one of the American Gladio events takes place or if they simply think we are no longer capable of doing that ourselves.

Aside from the brown-skinned female Hobbit who can disguise herself as two white, male athletic-types… this has got to be one of the dumbest manufactured events of recent history.

I’m all ranted out. But I’m to feared to walk through the river of blood down my hallway to go to the bathroom. Guess I’ll just shit on myself right here.


Okay. Let me just say I don’t own guns and have no intention of buying one. Odd as it is for a redneck living Florida born and raised in the south, to not own any guns or want to own any guns, it’s the truth. Deal with it. Hate to blow your little mind, but there it is.

That said… I support YOUR RIGHT to own and buy guns. Buy as many as you want. I don’t give a shit. Buy a hundred. Fine. Who cares. If it makes you happy, buy a Playstation. An Xbox. A gerbil. A gun. Same same to me. You have a fucking right to have ’em, so have ’em just so long as you don’t shove the gerbil up your ass. Or the gun for that matter.

Why is it that these Gladio events always revolve around someone who appears completely normal with no history of mental illness and no real motive to speak of (unless of course Facebook manufactures “ISIS” pledges)?

You ever wonder about that?

Why is it that all these fake “alternative” websites (not naming names but you know who you are Mike Rivero) try to manufacture some kind of “evidence” that the “shooter” was on some kind of anti-depressant when he ‘went off’ for no apparent reason?

The answer to these questions is… NATIONAL MENTAL HYGIENE LAWS… or… “common sense gun laws” which will set up systems by which people are judged via what they write, blog, comment, Tweet or Facebook post online as to their viability and standing in the community and subsequently their access to various constitutional rights.

That means the REAL threat posed by these national mental hygiene laws is NOT to your second amendment rights… BUT TO YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

Allow me to explain with… the Soup Nazi.

Yes. The Soup Nazi.

What does the Soup Nazi do? He rules over his little soup kitchen like a brutal dictator in New York city dishing out some soup that everyone wants and is willing pay top dollar for but he does so in a way that makes him… a NAZI.

He stands there as his employees serve the soup, watching over the customers who stand there in line, like Jews waiting for a train ride, lording over them just waiting for someone to mess up so he can declare…


And WHY does he do that? What triggers his condemnation?


If they order the soup wrong, if they chat in line, complain about how long it takes, if they mention the guy is acting like a Nazi…


He’s not called a “Nazi” because he keeps them from having soup. He’s called a “Nazi” because he keeps them from speaking freely and feeling comfortable doing so.

That’s what the national mental hygiene laws are about.

They don’t give a crap if I have a gun or not. What the hell am I going to do with a gun when a trained tactical team is sent into my home at 3am with flash-bangs, tactical gear, military-grade ammo and night-vision glasses?

For that matter, what is Johnny Redneck Militia Man going to do? He’ll be pissing himself just like I would. You think he sleeps off that 12-pack of Bud dressed in his Freedom Patriot Warriors get-up with his magical 6-gun strapped to his side?

When you consider the fact that most of these SWAT guys cut their teeth in Afghanistan where everyone and their 3-year-old kid owns an AK or two, and yet they still managed to run 100s of these raids a week back in the day… you come to understand these boys have a LITTLE MORE FUCKING EXPEDIENCE THAN YOU DO dealing with these late night visitations. Don’t ya think?

And that’s to say nothing of the fact that you will be concerned about your sleeping wife and kids potentially getting caught in the crossfire if you do have the time to get up and reach for your AR-15 while they aren’t likely to be so worried about them…

So your gun doesn’t mean jack or shit to them. You can have a hundred guns. Don’t matter. How many triggers can you pull at one time and how many can the twelve tactical experts pull?

So that’s NOT THE POINT of ‘common sense’ gun laws.

The point of ‘common sense’ gun laws is …. common sense.

If you know you will lose rights if you OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH about things that you aren’t supposed to OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH ABOUT… then you will SELF-SENSOR.


“No Soup for You”… I get it now.


Please help keep us up and running if you can.

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4 Responses

  1. Great rant Scott.God’s wrath from those twisted twats(of both genders) at the Huffpuff?Ah, the beauty of hypocrisy.

    • I have to admit, sometimes I make myself laugh. Managing to work the Soup Nazi so seamlessly into this rant made me very happy. No soup for you!

      • No soup for you… Beautifully apropo. How you come up with fresh stuff every freakin day is beyond me. But, for my dollar, nothing beats ‘billionaires bitch’ better than the unbridled disdain for a turn-coat – a bitch of the ‘insipid’ sort.

        Can’t think of a better way to reciprocate the bitter sting I feel when giffords redefines all American sellout. Add to that the resentment that I can’t disagree with a cripple in this day and age without being fired, and you’ve succinctly eviscerated my take on the subject while guaranteeing my trip to the gallows. And for that I thank you, sir.

  2. yeah, that was one spot on Rant. Gotta love it when you can blow that steam off and still be 100% right.

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