State Department Vows to Continue Supporting Kurdish Terrorists as they Declared War on Turkey Just Days Before Bombing (video)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The first Youtube source of the video deleted it. So someone at Daily Sabah created another Youtube account and reposted it there. It will probably be forced down again by Youtube even though there is no violence in the video. I have posted that new version.


If history has taught us anything, it’s taught us that the last thing you want to do is get between Washington and it’s darling “freedom fighters” no matter who you have in the White House. Just ask Bernie Sanders about that. He knows better than to do that. He’ll tell you. Then he’ll tell you to “shut up” like he told that woman who was asking him about Israel, the 500 dead Palestinian children and operation Protective Edge.

The terrorist organization PKK and the Syrian People’s Protection Units (YPG) have openly declared war against Turkey and apparently they have already begun waging that war on Turkey, if the attack on Ankara the other day was in fact perpetrated by them. At least there is as much evidence suggesting they did it as there was concerning 9/11 and al Qaeda (wink wink).

Therefore that should be enough for the US to acquiesce to Turkey’s request to stop supporting the Kurdish terrorist groups, right? After all, they are fellow NATO members as well as fellow Coalition of the Willing members in the fight against Assad “ISIS”, right? Doesn’t NATO have a clause about an attack against one is an attack against all? Isn’t that basically the core component of the Coalition of the Willing? So one would think it should be pretty cut and dry.

Well, guess again:

The U.S. said it won’t break off ties to a Kurdish militia that’s fighting Islamic State in Syria, dismissing a demand by NATO member Turkey, which blames the group for a bombing in the capital Ankara this week.

Turkey says Wednesday’s attack on a military bus, which killed 28 people, was carried out by the PKK and its Syrian affiliates. The U.S. agrees with Turkey that the PKK, which has been fighting for autonomy in Turkey’s Kurdish regions for three decades, is a terrorist group. But the status of the Kurdish fighters in Syria has been straining ties between the NATO allies, as their interests there diverge after more than five years of war…

It’s not about choosing sides,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said” Bloomberg News

The State Department agrees these groups, or at least the PKK, are terrorists. So does the EU by the way. But lo-and-behold, they aren’t going to “choose sides” between the terrorists and a lawfully elected political party in a NATO member state, Turkey.

Sound familiar?

A video has surfaced purportedly showing a number of Kurdish groups openly declaring war against the AKP government in Turkey and Recep Erdogan himself. The video, supposedly shot on Feb. 10th of this year, just before the attack in Ankara, shows a number of men, members of the PKK’s Syrian wing PYD, the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) armed wing People’s Protection Units (YPG) and other Kurdish groups vowing to attack and kill Turkish people in an effort to “erase the borders” between Kurdish lands in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. They talk about taking Erdogan to trial and drowning him “in his own blood”

The commander barking the narration throughout the video makes it very clear: part of Turkey will be taken for “Kurdistan”

(Who was it again who’s been writing about this all being about making a new country called Greater Kurdistan? Who was that again? I can’t seem to remember…)

“As the people of Amude, from now on, we will defend the rights of our people, using every means available as Asayish, YPG, YPJ and HPJ,” he says in the video.

“Our people are the same, we don’t recognize any borders or boundaries. Amude is Nusaybin, Cizre, Diyarbakır. We will abolish the rotten borders,” the commander adds, vowing unity with PKK terrorists living in Turkey.

“We will defend the rights of our people in the North [in southeastern Turkey]. With our people in Western and Northern Kurdistan, we will make [President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan drown in his own blood,” he pledges, adding that the PYD will “try” the President.

“What we are saying is, the fight of Western Kurdistan is the fight of Northern Kurdistan,” he concludes labeling southeastern Turkey as part of the so-called “Kurdistan” while pointing to the PKK’s war against the Turkish state and PYD-ruled parts of Northern Syria. Daily Sabah

That kinda sounds like the plan is to build a new country… I wonder what they will call it? Barzani Kurdistan? Greater Kurdistan? Israel II?

And of course, the State Department doesn’t want to “choose sides” between a legitimate elected government of a fellow NATO member and a group of terrorists dedicated to eradicating everyone living in territories they perceive as being part of their new nation.

What they are saying is don’t get between us and our new favorite freedom fighters because we have plans for them (and Greater Kurdi$tan!!!)

But, hey… don’t pay any attention to this. The Pope and the Donald are having a Twitter flame war. That’s vastly more important…



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2 Responses

  1. “We will abolish the rotten borders.”
    And we don’t need no stinkin’ badges to do it!

  2. Wars are never meant to be won (Korea,Vietnam,Afghanistan, Iraq etc.) and they are only a part of the Masonic “Ordo ab Chao”. The same goes for false-flag stat terror.

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