The Fact that Scalia Was an Asshole Doesn’t Mean he Wasn’t Killed

by Scott Creighton

In a previous article I wrote about the odd circumstances surrounding the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. In an update to that article, I put forward a hypothesis that perhaps he was removed from the picture in order to ensure the inevitable Supreme Court challenge to the legitimacy of the pending “free trade” agreements (TPP and the TTIP) would fail, thus enshrining the undemocratic agreements in American law. That hypothesis is based on an assumption that Scalia would oppose such legislation due to it’s unconstitutional nature and the fact that the IDS courts would effectively over rule the Supreme Court itself.

Though I still think that may be a possibility, the reality is, Scalia rarely opposed the globalist New World Order agenda, of which the TPP and the TTIP are both essentially the foundations of the corporate world government envisioned by the masters of the universe.

Tom Carter over at the World Socialist Website reminds us of just how much the asshole Scalia did in order to facilitate the “transition” of the United States into a reactionary New World Order and it’s important to remember that about Scalia.

“…In one case last year, Scalia argued that a police officer did not use “deadly force” when he climbed onto an overpass and used an assault rifle to kill an unarmed man fleeing in a car. According to Scalia’s reasoning, it was not deadly force because the officer claimed to have been aiming at the car, not the person in the car.

Perhaps the most infamous example of this method—absurdly described in the media as “constitutional originalism”—was the 2000 Supreme Court decision Scalia engineered to halt the counting of votes in Florida and hand the White House to the loser of the election, Republican candidate George W. Bush.

The 5-4 decision to steal the election all but acknowledged its own speciousness when it declared that the justifications it advanced could not be applied to any future cases. In his separate concurring opinion, Scalia declared that the Constitution did not give the people the right to elect the president.” Tom Carter

Without Scalia we wouldn’t have had 9/11 (Project for the New American Century), the invasion of Afghanistan, the illegal war on Iraq or the endless Global War OF Terror that we are still engaged in today. We wouldn’t have had the deliberate demolition of our economy by the Big Banks and financial institutions with their weapons of economic destruction (derivatives and sub-prime loan bubble). A lot of things wouldn’t have happened because their architects, the neocons, wouldn’t have been in power to launch them (read about the Vulcans)

All of that said, I want to make it clear that my previous article does not in any way absolve Scalia of his sins. He was a far-right reactionary Supreme Court Justice, who did his part to make sure the New World Order came to pass, that much is clear.

However, though we can look at his history and make assumptions about how he was going to vote in the soon to be filed suits against the TPP, we can’t judge for certain just which way he would rule. Take for example his defense of the 2nd amendment as relating to individuals being given the right to own weapons for their protection, which is certainly something the masters of the universe would like to do away with. He also recently voted to deny Obama his energy grab legislation via the whole “global warming” psyop. Again, a large scale control mechanism desired by those same masters of the universe.

Therefore, I still think it’s fair to conclude that Scalia may have been opposed to the IDS courts and the far-ranging influence they would have on the landscape of the American legal system. Though it may be safe to say he would be indifferent to the effects of the “race to the bottom” “trade” agreement on the lives of the average American worker, I think a man as arrogant and pompous as Scalia was wouldn’t readily accept handing over supreme power to a bunch of anonymous lawyers sitting in a conference room somewhere in the Netherlands. Not HIS supreme power, that is.

In-fighting within corrupt regimes happens all the time. Mobsters take out mobsters, even those in the same familia.

It’s possible Scalia’s opinions on IDS courts were well known in certain circles just as it’s possible the CIA and other interested parties gleaned such information by spying on him. They spy on leaders of friendly nations with regularity and they have spied on members of the House and Senate with impunity, so why not a Supreme Court Justice?

Of course, this is just a hypothesis. There may be no way to discover how Scalia felt about the TPP and the TTIP at this point since it has yet to be enacted and the Supreme Court has yet to rule on any cases. But you and I know for a fact that legal arguments are already being prepared by groups who will file lawsuits just as soon as those “trade” agreements are ratified.

They will certainly go before the Supreme Court and when you consider the fact that as it stands now with only 12 nations signed onto the agreement, the TPP represents 40% of the global economy and that my friends is one hell of a motive.

Yes, Scalia was an ass. A reactionary ass with his fingers in all sorts of dirty little pies. No one can argue otherwise.

But was he killed to make way for the same New World Order he had supported for the better part of 30 years from the bench?

I think it’s safe too say, he just may have been, which would be the ultimate irony as well as a stark indication of just how wicked this thing is that comes our way.

7 Responses

  1. One thing’s for sure, Scalia’s death doesn’t bode well for the 2nd Amendment.

  2. I’m sure it was all just a dreadful mistake. Antonin Scalia was accidentally booked into Anton Chigurh’s room, and Anton didn’t like that. A very natural and human reaction.

    Seriously, though- driven to El Paso, and embalmed at 3:30 in the morning?
    El Paso is a thoroughly corrupt dope hole- the most corrupt city in the US by a large margin. Everyone in El Paso is in the dope business one way or another, and that includes all the police.
    The Mexican city of Juarez is the southern part of El Paso- it’s evil twin, so to speak. A war was fought in Juarez a few years ago, a war in which some 20,000 men died. What were they fighting for? control of the drug routes through El Paso.

  3. Based on another comment about the Pope’s schedule, perhaps zombie Scalia will be walking undead in the Pope’s entourage!

  4. It upsets me that people always assume that if you question the circumstances surrounding someone’s death, you’re implying that they’re necessarily some kind of great martyr. Back in 2008, fools were actually implying I was anti-semitic for voicing doubts that Jorg Haider died in a car accident – what kind of warped, moronic logic is that?

    Scalia was murdered – and you know what? It didn’t necessarily have *any* relationship with his voting record whatsoever.

    Great point, Scott – then someone in the Mafia has an ‘unfortunate accident,’ do we assume that they were some great hero or simply that this is the nature of the life they lead and the vicious, bloody world they live in? Read “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” by Dave McGowan. He shows how all kinds of figures in the sixties counterculture were dying left and right under suspicious circumstances, but is at the same time arguing that they were all U.S. intelligence assets and part of a patently-choreographed cultural phenomenon. The unusual death rate there was simply one more indication of that.

    • It could have been anything. Could have been some sorted love interest. He may have died snorting coke off a hooker’s breasts for all we know. There may be an entirely different reason the family didn’t want an autopsy. But one thing is for sure, it doesn’t sound like a natural causes kind of thing they way they have handled it. That we know.

    • Very good point. Total assholes who live a good part of their life in the criminal underworld do just so happen to have a high probability of getting murdered. Probably higher than the average potential martyr even. Scalia was no angel. Scalia was no martyr. And it is very plausible that Scalia would be murdered by one or many of his quite dangerous associates.

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