Free Market Globalization: Another Plant Moving to Mexico – 1,400 Newly Unemployed Americans Get the News (video)

by Scott Creighton

This is what neoliberal “free market” economic ideology brings us: the race to the bottom. Here is a video taken during the announcement to the workforce that Carrier Air Conditioner is moving it’s production facility to Monterrey, Mexico sending 1,400 Indianapolis jobs south of the border, starting in 2017. A spokesperson for Carrier Air Conditioners released the following statement: (statement and video after the break)

“This move is intended to address the challenges we continue to face in a rapidly changing HVAC industry, with the continued migration of the HVAC industry to Mexico, including our suppliers and competitors, and ongoing cost and pricing pressures driven, in part, by new regulatory requirements, Relocating our operations to a region where we have existing infrastructure and a strong supplier base will allow us to operate more cost effectively so that we can continue to produce high-quality HVAC products that are competitively positioned while continuing to meet customer needs.” Chris Nelson, president of HVAC Systems and Services North America

With the competition moving to Mexico in order to take advantage of cheaper labor and more lax regulations, Carrier seems to think they have to move as well or go out of business. This is the nature of free market ideology. It’s a whirlpool in the “rising tide raises all boats” theory, entrapping everything in it’s wake and dragging them round and round until they disappear beneath the surface. The tide rises because it’s resting on the corpse of yet another ship of industry plunged to the bottom with all hands lost at sea leaving only the massive, multinational cargo ships remaining afloat, ferrying Carrier Air Conditioners back and forth from one third world shit hole to a newly developing one.

4 Responses

  1. Factory work sucks anyways. Companies go to places with cheap labor and lax regs. Bringing jobs and opportunities there raise their standard of living. Eventually they demand rights, wage increases, and stricter regs. Company moves to next third world country. Eventually there will be no where else to go for the profit seekers. Then what? Robots I guess.

  2. The poor world is getting “richer” and the “rich” world is getting poorer. We will probably meet in a crappy midway.

  3. […] woke up Friday morning without a job. Compare that sudden shock to what happened this week at the Carrier Air Conditioner plant which told their 1,400 workers they would be out of work in a year….  It’s not good news anyway you cut it, but at least the Carrier employees have a little time to […]

  4. Pretty soon all the people bitching about illegal immigrants are gonna be hiring coyotes to smuggle them into Mexico so they can get a job to support their family.

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