Israel to Build Nationwide Fence to Defend Against ‘Beasts’

from TeleSUR

Bibi seems to think World War Z was a documentary

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to surround the country with security fences in order to protect the nation from what he termed “wild beasts.”

The Israeli leader used the typically dehumanizing rhetoric on an official tour to Israel’s eastern border, where a security barrier is currently being erected.

“Will we surround all of the state of Israel with fences and barriers? The answer is yes. In the area that we live in, we must defend ourselves against the wild beasts,” Netanyahu said.

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8 Responses

  1. yep, and they call Jews & Christians, Apes and Pigs …

  2. Hamas video yearns to ‘roast’ Jewish flesh

    • “War by Deception” Mosad’s moto!!..How can you ask us to believe anything said against the zionists…ITS FAKE!!! The Truth is still the Truth, even if no one believes it…A Lie is still a Lie, even if everyone believes it…..

    • That’s some of the funniest hasbara I’ve seen.


  3. I think its a good idea…wall them in…NEVER let them out…The FAKE jew zoo!

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