Vile and Hate-filled Madeleine Albright Tells Young Women “There is a special place in hell” for Those Who Don’t Support Hillary

by Scott Creighton

paraphrase: “I think it was worth it for us to have killed 250,000 little girls by starving them to death, a horrible way to die involving prolonged suffering, because we wanted to force a regime change in Iraq like George W. Bush did” Madeleine Albright

The Twitter responses to Madeleine Albright’s recent campaign statement at a Clinton rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Saturday are coming fast and they are furious. It’s unfortunate that this is the sort of thing that makes young people think about the kind of monster she is as opposed to judging her by what she did while serving as Secretary of State.

Clearly Albright’s message is a vile and hate-filled desperation move which presupposes a level of naivete, sexism and ignorance in her audience. It is insulting to young American women on so many levels and is certainly meant to be divisive as she attempts to shame women into supporting yet another globalist Clinton presidency.

Hillary smiled, laughed and applauded as Albright made her comment.

Albright’s statement might have been a reaction to women like Susan Sarandon coming out on behalf of Bernie Sanders.

In a post from the Daily Kos dated Jan. 5th, Susan basically says she’s a long-time feminist who’s smart enough to know if you want her vote, you have to earn it. It’s a compelling article from a strong, confident, well informed woman. It’s no wonder Albright wants her to burn in hell.


For those of us paying attention, the truth about Madeleine Albright has been known for decades. She is a vile and hate-filled human being and she should shut her mouth whenever she tries to speak about what is best for young women anywhere because, if you can recall, she said decades ago that it was ‘worth it’ for her and the Clinton administration to starve 500,000 children death with sanctions aimed at weakening Saddam Hussein because ultimately they wanted the oil fields regime change, the kind George W. Bush achieved with his phony WMD claims.

And last I heard, for every one male child born in any country, there is at least one female born right along side him on average. So, you might paraphrase Albright and say “I think it was worth it for us to have killed 250,000 little girls by starving them to death, a horrible way to die involving prolonged suffering, because we wanted to force a regime change in Iraq like George W. Bush did

In a decent country, making a statement like that on national TV should force the person making it to go into exile for the remainder of their lives for fear of being pelted with rotten vegetables where ever they dare to show their face in public. The fact that Hillary Clinton proudly brings out this dusty relic of the neoliberal New Dems past, is a reminder of just how out of touch this crazy woman really is. But then again, what else would you expect of someone who did this?

As I have said so many times in the past, this cabal of mentally ill Clintonistas cannot be put in office ever again and though I understand the game is rigged and we will probably be treated to 4 more years of the other royal family in the American feudal system we call “democracy”, the fact is, I would hate to see her selected by the rabble to represent the party I once affiliated myself with.

I guess like Sarandon, I still suffer from the weakness of hope.

But also like Sarandon, I also suffer from the strength of integrity and will not bow my head before the masters no matter what vile and hate-filled slurs they heap upon me. Like her and Cool Hand Luke before us, I refuse to get my mind right.

Yes Madeleine Albright is a mentally ill monster who will do and say anything in service to the vile maxim of the masters of the universe and the fact that young women across this once great country of ours are coming to understand that, is heart warming.

Perhaps, thanks to this latest statement from Albright, a few more young women, proud left-leaning real progressive women, are coming to the same conclusion about the Clintonistas that Susan did: fuck em. They had their time, they sold us out and blew it. Time to move on.

To me, there’s a special place in hell for people who kill children in order to loot oil from other nations be they republican or democrat. There’s a special place in prison for them as well.

10 Responses

  1. Killing children delegitimizes any demon who has a mouth to form the words, “It was worth it”.
    Let us rise up against them …

  2. Watch out, Madeleine … you might experience instant karma like Joan “Palestinians Deserve To Be Dead” Rivers.

  3. Nice the way you put the “it was worth it” clip about the 500,000 dead Iraqis next to her current “place in hell” sound bite. We really need to make this go viral.

  4. There is a special place in hell for child-murderers to and the old witch will probably feel at home. Nasty old woman.

  5. If she were human we could hope for spontaneous human combustion. Obviously this world prefers evil, for there is no just reason for her continued popularity or existence.

  6. What a faggot.

  7. I’m sure the fix is in and the next occupier has already been chosen, but I wouldn’t vote for her just because she’s a woman. I hate globalists. But, I will NEVER vote Republican for the same reason because their social ideology is anathema to me as a woman.

  8. Hey dipshit – not that I’m a supporter of either of these twats – but where is the outrage against the Iraqi regime as well? Their actions caused all of the sanctions and war in the first place.

    Cause and effect bonehead… cause and effect.

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