Photo of Hillary Taking it to the Big Financial Masters at Goldman Sachs back in 2005

by Scott Creighton

Last night Hillary Clinton said she’s not the establishment candidate or in service to Big Banking and the Wall Street masters of the universe. She was angry that the Sanders campaign had “smeared” her good name by suggesting all that money she takes from Big Banking and Finance has strings attached to it. As proof, she said before the crash of 2008 she was going after companies like Goldman Sachs telling them they were going to wreck the economy so they should stop.

Then again, she also said at one time she came under sniper fire at an airport and that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous thing caused by a ridiculous film (made by a guy working for the FBI)

During the debate, a moderator read a question from a woman who wanted to know if Hillary would release the transcripts of the speeches she gave at Goldman Sachs. The ones she was paid $600,000 to give. Hillary said she would “look into it” and then went off for 90 seconds talking about other things.

Here she is at the Goldman Sachs ground breaking ceremony in 2005 with Hank Paulson, one of the main contributors to the subprime mortgage crisis crash of 2008. Goldman Sachs had a bevy of New York politicians at the event, signifying just how many they had bought off. While this was taking place, Goldman Sachs was in the process of putting together worthless derivatives and selling them to their own clients like state pension funds, knowing full well they would implode.

And here’s what a brilliant guy from Reddit did with the image:

“Maybe they’re always been with us… those things out there. Maybe they love it… seeing us hate each other, watching us kill each other off, feeding on our own cold fuckin’ hearts… “

7 Responses

  1. Check this out!
    Goldman’s CEO: “I Would Be Fine With Either A Bush Or Clinton Presidency”

  2. The monster image looks just like her as she was giggling about Gaddafi’s death.

    The woman is deranged

  3. princess “cankles” married her face in the camera
    witch she loved almost as much as money
    she went to the ceremony with the prince
    but it was only bankbooks joined happily ever after
    except that one time they were young and drunk
    and the kid just made them appear to be human
    she was a devout witch uh clerk at the big store
    and she did her best to work around uh with the law
    to make sure the big store ate all the little stores
    and all the little storekeepers would work for them
    wearing stupid fucking wally hats at minimum wage

  4. princess “cankles” gave that cute as a boot smirk like
    an experienced squirrel with a jowl full of nuts
    all snug and tidy for the long winter in America
    where before there was a land of “national” security
    before global nuts were handed out as generously
    to create a nightma….uh nice world we call “homeland”
    where no terrorist can come and destroy democracy
    no terrorist can come take US workers’ means of production
    where no terrorist can come and take our national wealth
    sell it to private foriegn interests and then bail them out
    no terrorist can come destroy our health education and welfare
    no terrorist has a chance because the prince the princess and
    everyone from castle clowns to the darkest kings and queens
    whose names no one is allowed to speak have sold it all away
    and in this land of homeland just like our own princess cankles
    you too could be selected president if you just sell your soul

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