The Real RealDonaldTrump: Making America Great Again for Unregulated Capitalist Oligarchs!!! Vote you peasant dogs!!!!

by Scott Creighton (H/T Jack)

According to truth-tellers like Mike Rivero and Di$info Jone$, Donald Duck Face Trump is history’s first anti-establishment, multi-billionaire, TV celebrity oligarch. Sure he is. And I got a bridge to sell ya.

Trumpmania with terrorist Giuliani, megalomaniac gun-snatcher Bloomberg and the sleaziest democrat EVER.

Yucking it up with the biggest criminals the dems have ever produced.

A rare moment of honesty from the Donald with the next president (yeah, keep watching)

Yeah, it’s like that.

Duck face 1

Duck face 2

Go ahead and vote Trump. Have fun. Just remember, when he drops out and endorses Bush, you heard it here first as you pull the lever for Jeb.

One Response

  1. They can’t do Bush now. He’s doing so ridiculously bad it would be way too obvious if he got tapped. Most likely it’s going to be Hillary.

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