Iowa Caucus Results: Hold the Phone… Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Really Won Yet (though MSNBC says she “apparently” won)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Bernie is saying he wants the raw vote tallies released.

UPDATE: Seems it might be even closer than I thought.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton led Sanders by a margin of 49.8 percent of the state’s delegates compared to Sanders’ 49.7 percent. So controversy over even the smallest number of precincts could be consequential. The (lock your computer up scanning everything they can, thank you CISA) Hill

Counting votes during a Democratic caucus in Iowa City on Monday night. Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign said not all precincts had been properly staffed.

There they go sending voting results to Microsoft for them to add up for us. Brilliant, right? Did you guys know Gates donates to the CGI and supports Rubio? Just sayin

Had Bernie won Iowa and then gone into New Hampshire on a roll, things could have looked pretty grim for Hillary and more importantly, pretty rosy for the notion of socialism being a popular ideology here in ‘Merka (as opposed to the Washington Consensus of neo-liberal free market ideology which Hillary represents to the left)

One pundit on CNN just reluctantly admitted it would be catastrophic if Hillary lost Iowa.

That certainly would not have served the interests of the likes of Bill Gates who owns the company that made the software they gave for free to Iowa to tally the votes with. Let’s try to forget Gates donates money to the corrupt Clinton Global Initiative slush fund.

Earlier this morning I wrote a lengthy article about the results of the Iowa caucus in which I reported what was being widely reported in the news, that Hillary Clinton won the caucus by the narrowest of margins in the history of the caucus.

Turns out… that isn’t necessarily true as Joe Scarborough is pointing out on MSNBC right now (8:00am eastern) to the consternation of various establishment talking heads from the fake left party.

It would appear a number of votes weren’t turned in and as of this minute, there are two precincts that haven’t reported in as of yet. The plot thickens.

Campaign aides for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said Monday night that the Democratic Party did not collect the results of 90 Iowa precincts, which is about 5 percent of all votes cast in the state, because the party had failed to properly staff the precincts.

Rania Batrice, a spokeswoman for the campaign based in Iowa, said that the party reached out to the campaigns of Mr. Sanders and Hillary Clinton and asked them to help tally the results. “It’s just offensive that they dropped the ball like this,” she said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Monday night it was unclear how the issue would be resolved New York Times

I’m not exactly sure what that means at this point. Does it mean the votes weren’t reported on cell phones to Bill Gates Inc. or does it mean the paper ballots are lost in the mail?

The Iowa Democratic Party now says this:

“The results tonight are the closest in Iowa Democratic caucus history. Hillary Clinton has been awarded  699.57 state delegate equivalents,  Bernie Sanders has been awarded 695.49 state delegate equivalents, Martin O’Malley has been awarded 7.68 state delegate equivalents and uncommitted has been awarded .46 state delegate equivalents. We still have outstanding results in one precinct (Des Moines—42), which is worth 2.28 state delegate equivalents. We will report that final precinct when we have confirmed those results with the chair.” IDP

When you go over to Mother Jones to view the official Microsoft tally from Iowa, you notice something rather strange:


Uh… well, according to the IDP, just ONE of those missing precincts is worth 2.28 state delegate equivalents. I wonder how much the other is worth and why the IDP didn’t mention them in their statement because they are clearly still missing in action as of this moment.

Maybe they did that because if they accurately reported just how many SDEs are still up for grabs, Hillary wouldn’t be running around singing We Are the Champions and that catastrophic loss would be sinking in right now.

I’m not sure how this is going to end up, but if Sanders ends up winning this caucus and isn’t able to use that fact going into the New Hampshire primaries, it will certainly have an effect on the election results. These things have a shelf life. Everyone turning on the news has enough time to check out the headlines then run off to work. The story right now that Hillary won is the story they will remember for a while. If it turns out Bernie really won and no one knows it for sure for another 3 weeks, it wont make a difference.

For the guy, the socialist, who railed against the Iraq War and the bankers for so many years it is amazing that he was able to go into Iowa with next to nothing 4 months ago, trailing Clinton by 30 points or so in the polls, and end up beating the biggest most powerful campaign machine this country has ever seen. It says a lot about the pulse of the real left in America no matter how it turns out.

I’ll keep you up to date as I find out more.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, by the way, Joe Scarborough came back from break now saying nothing about the discrepancy and the fact that Sanders may still have won it. Looks like someone from MSNBC had a little talk with him.


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5 Responses

  1. Obviously, this Bill Gates/Microsoft counting the ballots thing is complete idiocy. Who would agree to such a stupid idea?

    Also, didn’t Michelle Bachmann win this Iowa caucus a few years ago? It means nothing. It seems this is just a propaganda event.

  2. I can just see the scumbags who run these two parties in the proverbial smoke filled rooms dealing with their biggest challenges.
    Both D and R have the same problem…………..

    How to keep the rapidly dwindling list of idiots who still believe in this electoral process involved and interested.
    The vast majority of the population has simply stopped playing this rigged game.
    So the ratings are down, but the show must go on.
    So the candidates for either party look like the cast of big brother, a mix of degenerates of every stripe. And they give us controversy, recounts and vote rigging. Yawn.

  3. Why not speak about time frames on each state??? Also speak about you have to PICK A ASSHOLE ON TIME TO MAKE IT COUNT. Mind blowing that people are so uninformed:(

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