FBI Releases Edited Video of LaVoy Finicum Shooting

by Scott Creighton

If this is actually a video of the LaVoy Finicum shooting and not a staged representation of the feds’ version of it, we can tell two things from it: McConnell is full of crap because Finicum was definitely not “charging” the federal LEOs and the Patriot version of events with Finicum being executed while surrendering on his knees is just as inaccurate

At one point you can see Ryan Payne exit the vehicle and arrested. The camera pans back to the Jeep which held “Buddha”, Ammon and McConnell. When it comes back there is an edit and right afterward you see what appears to be flashes outside the truck and it takes off down the road. That’s the point where the other witness, Victoria, said they fired at the truck so Finicum took off. I can’t tell if those are gunshots or not. I don’t see windows breaking.

The truck ends up running to the left of a road-block. An FBI agent standing behind the car on the left side of the blocks jumps out from behind the vehicle to the left directly into the path of the swerving truck being driven by Finicum and almost gets run over. It seems he only missed by a foot or so and he ends up lying on the ground.

I wonder if Finicum thought he hit him and that is what prompted him to jump out of the truck, with his hands up at first, and react the way he did.

It is clear in this video that while he did exit the vehicle with his hands raised (again, this supports Victoria’s version of events, not McConnell’s) he does start reaching into his coat for something while he is being approached by officers both in front of him and from behind.

Safe too say, he’s not reaching for proof of identification or his insurance card. Why he did that, if this is really a video of those last moments of his, we may never know. Maybe he thought he was dead anyway because he thought he just ran over a fed with his truck. Maybe he trying to remove the gun and drop it on the ground. Maybe he really wanted to open fire on them. We’ll never know.

From the way he jumped out of the truck, my guess is, he thought he just hit that FBI agent and wanted to get away from the vehicle so the other people in it wouldn’t be killed in the hail of bullets he knew was coming.

However you look at it, he wasn’t surrendering on his knees and he wasn’t charging at the feds.

Was the shooting justified? I don’t know. Finicum, as stated by Ryan Payne and Victoria, was in a heightened emotional state even before he took off in the truck. According to their reports, he and Ryan were arguing about surrendering before Ryan got out of the vehicle.

If he thought he had injured or even killed a fed there at the end, he might have thought his fate was sealed or maybe he was trying to remove his gun so he could drop it on the ground.

It used to be that officers had to practically get shot before they could justify the use of deadly force. A perp would have to not only be in possession of a weapon, but raised it and fired it before it’s considered a clean shoot.

Finicum never raised his hands or pointed anything at the officers.

But in all fairness, the officers were faced with a man exiting the vehicle after crashing near their road-block and nearly hitting another agent who was reaching into his coat in spite of their commands to stop doing it. The man was in a heightened emotional state who just the day before was saying he expected a shoot-out with LEOs. A man who they knew would be armed.

In a situation like this it’s easy to sit back and play armchair LEO but in the heat of the moment, with emotions running high on both sides, mistakes happen.

If it’s real, the video clears things up a little but not much. Why he took off in the first place? Why he jumped out of the vehicle the way he did? Did he think he hit that federal agent? Why was he reaching in his coat? There is probably never going to be an answer to these questions.

If it’s real, the video depicts a tragic end to the life of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and my heart goes out to his daughter and the rest of his family and friends.


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  2. Looks to me like he tripped in the heavy snow, or he was shot and then staggers, and that he is reaching down to the hole or holes that just got shot in him, he turns away from the hail of bullets and finally is put down by being shot in the back.
    RT has two version, the one you posted and an unedited version.

    • Picture showing Lavoy with his *revolver* slung to his hip.

      • so if he left his revolver at the wildlife refuge, are you saying it’s impossible that he was wearing a shoulder harness with the 9mm on his left side, which is where it would be for a right handed person.

        • A shoulder holster is under the arm up under the arm pit, not down towards the waist. He was grabbing or feeling down by the waist, not up under his arm. A concealed pistol worn at the waist would be on the same side as his revolver, though it is doubtful he would carry anything different then what he was use to carrying. You don’t go into a gun fight (or possible combat situation) carrying something you are not familiar with, you would carry something you were most comfortable with.
          For Lavoy, being as old as he was, that would be his revolver that we have pictures of him wearing, or possibly a 1911. A 9mmm would be way down on the list.
          On the other hand. a drop gun by a LEO, would in likelihood be a 9mm more so anything else.

          • this “he was grabbing his gunshot wound” story is being peddled by the exact same folks that were saying it was a fact that he was surrendering on his knees when they shot him, right? Whatever happened, he wasn’t on his knees and he wasn’t charging at the Feds like the phony Mark McConnell said. That’s the point of the article. And no… I don’t take as the gospel truth anything reported by the fed assets still in the refuge.

            • I’m just going by what I seen from the vid. I didn’t hear or see anybody else say that he was grabbing his wounds, that is what I surmised from watching it, and may have been the first to have said so. Leastwise, the first that I know that said it. shrug

              • Yes well, it’s a big thing Mike Rivero is pushing on his show and he claims the evidence of the guy’s gun being back at the refuge comes from the guys remaining there. And we all know he was one of the ones pushing the story about LaVoy being on his knees when he was shot. We also know, as I pointed out, the whole “crisis actors” thing being based on the guy off camera asking for talent releases is also a spurious conclusion since real people on unscripted reality shows also have to sign talent releases for broadcast videos of theirs like on shows like COPS for instance. We know that on a live Twitch or Youtube feed, they require talent release forms so they don’t get sued by people who don’t want to be shown doing whatever it is they are doing. So it doesn’t necessarily mean those guys are crisis actors. So the evidence of all of that is less than conclusive in my mind. Sticking to what we know about the Bundys and the obvious fed assets they sent in is a better way to go in my opinion. The video is not clear enough to be conclusive. And I have seen a close up version, slowed down, and you can’t tell me he doesn’t reach into his jacket on the left side. So who knows. Whether or not it’s a clean shoot is beside the point.

  3. If you look closely, you can see the windshield of the white pickup has been starred by at least one bullet strike, starting at 0:56. This is BEFORE the 1st encounter with the FBI. multiple bullet strikes are visible
    on the windshield at the final roadblock.

    Evidence of stagecraft? Insufficient data. The truck was definitely shot before they started that tape, though.

  4. From henrymakow.com

    “Crisis Actors Used to Discredit Militia?”


    • I had heard about this previously. Talent Releases are also handed out to folks on shows like COPS and other reality shows where the company producing the show gets real people to sign the release to use their image in the broadcast. Now that doesn’t mean these aren’t crisis actors. They could very well be. More likely, I think they are FBI assets, like undercover informants or agent provocateurs and that being the case, non-disclosure forms with serious consequences would already be in place long before the shoot. Again, even as CIs or APs, who ever produced the live-stream video could still have been asking them for the talent releases with or without knowing who and what they were. The person running up to cut the camera off real quick clearly understood the implication of the request though and wanted it shut down. Obviously, someone brought in a production company to film the endtimes scene. I doubt some hack hillbilly Patriots would, so the implication is something else. That’s why they shut it down. But on it’s own merits, the presence of talent releases does not in itself mean they are “crisis actors” anymore than talent release forms means everyone on COPS is a crisis actor.

      • Not saying much on it’s authenticity, but in this era of crisis-actors/false-flags shit-storms you don’t know what to believe.

        • It’s very possible they staged the whole thing. This is how I look at it: why did these brothers go up there to begin with? I think that the feds held an arrest of their father Cliven over their heads and told them to help them out with this or daddy spends the next 20 years of his life in a federal pen. They do that to all sorts of their undercover assets, so why not these guys. They go up there setting up their little honeypot trap like the dude they got to make “The innocence of bin Laden”. They send a couple more UC assets over to whip up hysteria and they wait and see who flutters into their “patriot” trap. They stage their little scene at the end with their martyr and a nifty drone flying above recording the whole thing (yes, that’s either a drone or one of those C130s I think) and the Bundys get to exit stage left putting out a call for calm, getting them off the hook for what was too come next. Anyway, that is my guess. If it was staged, the guy in front of the truck plowing through the snow kinda missed his mark. Either that or they set the Bundys up and took em out with Mark mcConnell and friends. i don’t know. Like you said, it’s hard to know what too believe anymore. I guess that’s the point though, isn’t it?

          • If the details of this, and all similar events, is true or not and what really happened – is not the main issue – the big-picture is that it is a smearing campaign against patriots. In the same manner all false-flag mass-shooting hoaxes is a smearing campaign against all gun-owners. And I think you are doing a good job exposing a lot of it. I enjoy reading your site.

  5. To sum up:

    Mark McConnell stinks like a cop from 800 miles away.

    Victoria Sharp’s testimony is clearly inciteful.

    LaVoy Finicum and Amon Bundy both received hundreds of thousands of Federal largess over the last few years. These two don’t hate the government, they live off it.

    Pete Santilli, Gary Hunt, John Ritzheimer, Blaine Cooper- all known scumbags and agents provocateurs, all neck deep in this thing.

    The FBI releases a video- but they have kept the Oklahoma City videos of the Murrah Building hidden for over thirty years.

    File this one with San Berdoo, IV, Friday the 13th

    The shooting hoax campaign hasn’t stopped

    • I just went over to WRH real quick and there was Rivero, implying that the feds shot him down in cold blood… in spite of the video… because, wait for it, that’s what those guys still back at the occupied wildlife refuge said. The same guys who were begging people to come to Oregon and shoot federal LEOs if they got in the way. Yep… Mike Rivero parroting the honeypot trap propaganda.

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