The Bundy Oregon Standoff Psyop: I fought the law and the law won

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: “I believe this is just the beginning of the land takeover. If these people get their way here, then they’ll go to another place, grab that land, put it back into the private sector to go to logging, mining, and everything else, then they’ll shut us off from hiking and fishing and camping and hunting, so I think this is just the beginning and it needs to be stopped here,” one resident said during a demonstration on January 20.

Yeah, that’s kind of what neoliberal fascists do: take public resources so they can line their greedy pockets with ’em.

UPDATE: Here you have some dickhead (probably the other sheep-dipped asset Cooper), whispering on a Youtube post like he’s hiding under a bed from the aliens in the movie “Signs”. He says LaVoy was “on his knees with his hands raised” when the FBI shot him three times in the head and is BEGGING people to bring guns to the wildlife refuge to fight the feds. He seems to forget LaVoy saying he would go out in a blaze of glory if he had to. Now he’s got the poor guy going out on his knees like a back-alley hooker. Currently the video, probably produced by Homeland Security, has a total of 296 upvotes and 479 downvotes (including mine) so I guess this honeypot call to action didn’t work either.


Yesterday at around 4:30 pm local time on U.S. 395, federal authorities set up a road-block in order to arrest Ammod Bundy and a number of his fellow occupiers on route to a speaking engagement in John Day, Ore. which is nestled directly in between the Umatilla and Malheur national forests. Two mountain ranges, the Strawberry Mountains (Malheur) and the Blue Mountains (Bates State Park) are to the south and east of John Day, which would be of particular interest to the mining companies the Bundy clan seems so eager to serve.

A hundred years ago, gold mining, lumber harvesting and ranching were the main economic activities in the community. Seems like the Bundy clan had a mind to bring back the good-old-days for the oligarchs and mining companies of the region. Also, the headquarters of the Malheur National Forest is located in John Day.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the neoliberal privatization party. The feds finally stepped in and did their job arresting the leadership of the illegal occupation.

Or did they?

As far as I can tell, the official story goes something like this:

The feds somehow got wind of a road trip the Bundy leadership was taking to John Day so they set up a road-block in order to arrest them away from the Malheur National Forest where they have been illegally occupying the wildlife refuge (and wrecking the place) since Jan. 2, 2016.

Ammond Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, 59, of Kanab, Utah, and Ryan Waylen Payne, 32, of Anaconda, Mont., Brian Cavalier, 44, of Bunkerville, Nev. were arrested at the scene.

Apparently there was some kind of confrontation and Mormon Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum, the self-proclaimed spokesman for the group, Tarp Man, was shot and killed. Ryan Bundy was also reported to have been wounded, but his wounds must have been pretty insignificant, because he was treated and released back into FBI custody within an hour.

As it just so happens, Finicum had given an interview the day before to the Oregonian during which he said the atmosphere between the feds and the occupiers had changed and he spoke of potential “encounters” with them. I guess he was psychic.

Right outside the refuge, radio personality and fellow occupation celebrity, Peter Santilli, was arrested without incident along with Joseph Donald O’Shaughnessy. Pete live-streamed the event in order to make sure he got some money it. They tried to claim they were simply trying to evacuate the women and children. “WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?!?”

Now here’s the interesting part:

… John Eric Ritzheimer, 32, turned himself in to the police in Peoria, Ariz., the authorities said. New York Times

Somewhere far away from the occupiers, the sheep-dipped federal asset, John Ritzheimer supposedly “turned himself in” to federal authorities without offering so much as a peep of resistance.

Did John provide the feds with the info about the meeting in John Day, Ore.? Is that what his job was all along? Who knows.

The arrested Bundy clan members face federal felony charges of participating in a conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation or threats. I’m not sure if they charged the radio personality with anything.

It should also be noted that Ammon Bundy was seen talking with an FBI negotiator named “Chris” on the morning of the arrests.

After the arrests were made public, a honeypot patriots group called Operation Mutual Defense put out a call on their website for suckers to grab up their guns and run over to the wildlife refuge and defend all those natural resources on behalf of Big Mining and Big Logging interests.

In the meantime, Operation Mutual Defense, a network of militias and patriot sympathizers, issued a call on its website for help at the refuge. The post was written by Gary Hunt, a board member from California who has expressed support for Timothy McVeigh, who bombed a federal building in Oklahoma City and had ties to the patriot movement.

“You have an obligation to proceed to the Harney County Resource Center (the wildlife refuge) immediately,” Hunt wrote. “If you fail to arrive, you will demonstrate by your own actions that your previous statements to defend life, liberty, and property were false.” Oregonian

Gary Hunt is a former land surveyor who actually worked for the evil “state” back in Florida years ago. He was disturbed by Waco and decided to stand fast for “freedom” and set up a honeypot website, called Outpost of Freedom, which hasn’t been updated since 2010. You can find this there:

“We have also added McVeigh’s Forum, a place where Timothy McVeigh’s words and thoughts can be found.” Gary Honeypot Hunt

I broke the link to McVeigh’s Forum. No one here gives a crap about some patsy’s “words and thoughts”

The call to action, the DEMAND to action, from the honeypot site has elicited all of two comments since yesterday. I will post them both in their entirety.

Reply #1 on: January 26, 2016, 10:47:01 PM »
>I’m so there! I’ll be there with my ak47 blazin!! Long live the Constitution! I love Jesus.

Re: Call out
Reply #2 on: Today at 12:43:35 AM
I tell you, I won’t live in a town that robs men of the right to marry their cousins!

As you can probably tell, even their own fan base isn’t taking them seriously.

There you go. More of your hard earned tax-dollars being wasted on an ineffective honeypot site.

Anyone remember when FBI got that informant to make the film “Innocence of bin Laden” and show it in L.A. hoping to entrap some Islamofascists? Remember how many turned up to watch the piece of shit film? I’ll give you a hint. The number ends with ZERO and it also starts with the same ZERO.

It’s hard too say what’s going to happen now but I guess the martyr trick and the Santilli “SAVE THE CHILDREN?!?!?!” show didn’t produce the desired results.

It’s good to know the celebrities and wealthy rancher kids didn’t hurt. These guys will have plenty of time in some federal pen somewhere to write the next chapter of their Brokeback Militia story.


I guess they weren’t quite so ready to go out, guns a blazin for “FREEDUMB”, as they let on. Now the lawyers get involved and those Bundy boys have a daddy who can afford some really good ones.

I certainly hope they can end this thing with no more violence. I certainly hope a violent end-game like the one in Waco wasn’t the plan all along. We’ll see.

Here’s a little tribute song for the Bundy boys, standing up for all that “freedumb” against the evil tyranny of keeping public lands out of the hands of strip-miners and logging companies. You guys keep dreaming the dream of a privatized everything and much money clinking around in your pockets. This song’s for you:

from: Yeeehaaaww motherfuckers!


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6 Responses

  1. It’s the Brokeback-Gaylluminati Psy-Op.

    • Back when I was in college in Richmond studying acting and directing, I produced a play off campus, Talk Radio. I found a venue that would let us set up the stage and perform it for a two week run. It was a gay nightclub and they had no one in the place before 11pm or so, so this worked out for them. Didn’t make any money. I produced and directed it. It was a good show. Local critics nominated it for a couple awards that year. i’m still very proud of it today because we got it done and the quality of the performances from the actors was great. I cast a musical theater guy, Joe Pabst I think was his name, in the lead role which many thought I was crazy for doing it but as it turns out, he was great. I also gave a number of previously unknown actors a shot and I am proud too say, most of them are all still working, recognized actors in Richmond to this day.

      Traditionally, the roles of the callers, like 30 of them, are played by 4 actors sitting off stage in a sound booth. I decided to put them in the middle of the audience on bar-stools for the entire show. The stage was set up as 3/4 round with the radio set in the middle which meant it was surrounded on 3 sides. People sat and ate or drank at tables watching the show. The actors playing the callers were in the middle of them, back from the stage, all around “Barry”, the talk radio host.

      I think it was a great way to do it. Put a lot of pressure on the actors playing the callers, but it brought them into the characters in a way they couldn’t backstage. For example, the caller who’s a racist who ends up killing Barry was played by a young college aged actor without much experience. When he first started off rehearsing the character of the racist caller, he did the standard redneck thing. I whispered in his ear one day during rehearsals “What would be more unsettling? if he’s an ignorant redneck racist or an educated corporate one?” and the guy took it from there and ran with it. It was great. Anyway, one night the place was packed (only one night mind you) and the family of one of the black actors (Donnell Hopkins) was sitting right beside him. Like 6 or 7 people or so. That character was visceral that night. The actor sitting there looking right at those audience members spouting some of the most hateful, racist things in this cold, impersonal, matter of fact corporate way… I almost thought the people at that table would get up and leave. James, the actor playing that role, felt like he wanted to apologize to them. It was that effective.

      Anyway, one night we finished the show and brokedown the set real quick and were getting ready to leave. We had been having problems all night because we were using wireless mics for the actors playing the callers and we kept getting interference on the frequencies. Russ, the sound guy and who played the role of the technician at the radio station, kept fighting to keep the mics working, but he got it done. He told me back in the dressing room as we were leaving he kept getting chatter from truckers breaking in. When we went out to leave we found out why.

      Dancing on the floor where our stage used to be was about 40 or so gay truckers. It was their CBs Russ had been hearing. It was trucker’s night at the club. There they were, dance beer belly to beer belly, with cowboy hats and boots and belt buckles and beards. And they were the real deal. Trucks were lined up all over the place and down the street. Full rigs.

      And who do you think they looked exactly like? You got it. The Brokeback Militia.

      Now I’m not saying these guys are gay or that it matters if they are or aren’t, I just started this thing because people were poking fun at them along these lines on Twitter and elsewhere. I guess somewhere in the back of my feeble mind I read that, saw that image of these two, and was transported back to that awkward walk out of the club that night after the show. That kind of thing, when it hits you without warning, tends to leave an impression.

      And I have to admit, I got a chuckle out of “Brokeback-Gaylluminati”

      • It doesn’t matter at all, but you have to laugh and make fun of the insanity that surrounds us. To keep your own sanity. But I think this political/media/what-ever freak-show is by intent. “They” have to drag our current system down in the dirt – so the NWO shit they are going to offer in the future – will look like a better option.

  2. you really think the FedGov is benevolently just reclaiming this disputed land from the big, bad strip miners and loggers, huh ?
    and Timothy McVeigh was the ‘homegrown terrorist’ who pulled off OK City ?
    but Colbert gets called out (rightfully, for sure) for the ‘Rummy’ whitewash…
    not sure all this makes sense – cute story, tho

    • I seem to remember calling Timothy McVeigh a patsy. What does that mean? It means he’s the patsy, i.e. he wasn’t the “homegrown terrorist who pulled off OK City’ I thought I made that clear.

      And I don’t know about you, but I kinda like the Redwood Forest and the Grand Canyon and I think it’s kinda cool people who dont live on ranches have the ability to go to a state park and experience the beauty of the nature of this great country. So no, I don’t think handing over that assets owned by WE THE FUCKING PEOPLE should be given to BP and some Canadian company so they can frack the shit out of it or rip the top off those majestic mountains for some profit margins. If you and I disagree on that, that’s fine, but don’t misrepresent what I wrote.

      • The lead dog on the OKC op was none other than Rahm Emanuel. Rahm got the ball rolling in March of ’93 by instructing senior ATF agent Harry Eberhardt to start building giant truck bombs.
        Once Eberhardt had a workable design he showed it to Andreas Strassmeir, who like Emanuel was an Israeli deep-penetration agent.
        Strassmeir instructed McVeigh and others on the making of the bomb.

        Point is, the US government has been rotten to the core for a long time.

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