POS Stephen Colbert Whitewashes History for Neocon Warmonger Donald Rumsfeld… and helps him sell his app

by Scott Creighton

At one point Colbert says he thinks it’s an “unfair” question asking Rumsfeld if he would do it the same way “if he knew then what we know now”

Problem with that is, they did know then what we know now, and they did it just the same.

Colbert later says he believes the Bush administration really believed there were weapons of mass destruction, because not to believe that “would be cynicism beyond what I would ever want to think of my government. I believe you thought there were there, but there was no hard proof they were there yet it was presented to the American people as if there was”

He goes on to say he thinks Rumsfeld lied about an illegal war of aggression because he thinks Rumsfeld did it in an effort to “save the United States”

Stephen Colbert is a sell-out, neocon propaganda mouthpiece piece of shit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Watch the two part videos yourself. In the second one, he helps Rummy the War Criminal sell his fucking solitaire app “on behalf of the troops”

6 Responses

  1. To paraphrase George Carlin, *** it’s a big club and you and I are not in it*** Colbert and Rumsfeld probably frolic at Bohemian Grove. They are Wall street pandering to us, Main Street proles, with their grotesque absolute hog wash.

  2. First of all, even giving the old reprobate a chance to hawk his toys on national TV should be considered a war crime in itself. But no, Colbert makes the sell-out complete as he inadvertently reveals why this country will never be able to slow it’s descent into fascism:

    Colbert said he believes the Bush administration really believed there were weapons of mass destruction, because not to believe that “would be cynicism beyond what I would ever want to think of my government.”

    Cynicism beyond? WTF?

    Colbert stopped short of raising to his feet, giving the Nazi salute and breaking into a rousing choirs of Die Fahnne Hoch.

  3. In other words, if it’s allowed to air on TV, there is a reason that it is allowed to air on TV. If you see something on a prime channel of television, it has been vetted by the same establishment that complied with the “investigation” into 9/11. There is no point in looking at a mainstream television broadcast and trying to find anything useful in it from a news or revelation standpoint. To do so is simple delusion. Television is for entertainment only. An entertainment that I choose not to partake in personally, but there’s really nothing wrong with it if your expectations are not misplaced.

  4. There are people who are subservient to power. These are people who lend themselves to all. Stephen Colbert is one of them .

  5. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am at Colbert. How could you even stomach watching him interview Rummy? Rummy and his ilk belong in prison, and I only say that because the death penalty goes against my principles.

  6. yeah, total bullshit…hey scott, sorry off topic here but I saw this today and was interested in your thoughts. I guy I know says he is a designer who was personally involved in the development of this “product” but perhaps doesn’t work directly for Shooter Detection Systems. He does refer to the CEO Chris as Christian and that he does this work to “stop the senseless violence in our country” ok….I wonder who has been funding the development? With these systems being installed nationwide as we speak, someone is making a lot of money as a direct result of shooting psyops…and notice in the last paragraph….

    “Ed Davis, who was Boston’s police commissioner during the Boston Marathon bombing and now works for Shooter Detection Systems, said, “It’s a game changer and it’s going to save lives.”


    from Today.com 10 hours ago


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