Trump is Laughing At His Own Supporters and Cruz is Carrying on the Family Business: Getting Another Bush Elected to the White House

by Scott Creighton

If self-destructive tendencies were the primary qualifications for president, the republicans would have already won the White House. Since they aren’t, you have to ask yourself what’s going on here.

Donald Trump just came out and make an off the cuff statement about the blind faith his followers have in him. If you are one of those fans, he’s insulting your intelligence. He’s just laughing in your face folks.

I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters,OK? It’s just incredible” Trump said.

Of course he’s laughing in your face. He’s not qualified to be president. He doesn’t want to be president. His candidacy was meant as a foil… not for Hillary, you idiots… for Bush. Hillary seems to be Bernie’s or it started out the other way. Who knows there. But this one… this one is clear.

Trump has made one crack after another meant to undermine his candidacy. He insulted women, Hispanics, Muslims, even Vets when he was talking about McCain (of course he was right talking about how John McCain wasn’t a hero, but being “right” and running a campaign are two different things)

Hell, he even picked Sarah Palin up off the used-up-white-trash scrap-heap and dusted her off so she could stand next to him and make him look even dumber. Yet, like he says, he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave and his following would grow.

He does see it as incredible, but really it isn’t when you think about it. He’s the only one the MSM has been covering since the beginning of all of this, isn’t he? As far as most know, he’s the only one running. That’s why he leads the polls. Do you really think most people want this to be their next president?

Talk about a WWE style fake political system. Might as well have Sting run as his VP. Oh wait, he’s got Palin for that.

This last little jab at the gullibility of his own audience might end up being Donald Trump’s swan-song but I doubt it. It’s still way too much time for voters to be left evaluating the real candidates on the right before the general election. Trust me when I say a “serious” republican will rise from the muck of this Summer Slam of primaries and unfortunately, my guess is, the republican establishment didn’t go through all of this to get Rubio in the White House.

The other leading contender, Ted Cruz, seems to have gone to his hand-picked champion, Sir Weepsalot Glenn Beck, to do his dirty work. I guess it’s true: Christians don’t believe in suicide.

I am here to announce that I am officially endorsing Ted Cruz to become the first Hispanic president of the United States, the first first-generation president of the United States, the most conservative president of the United States since Ronald Reagan,” Glenn Beck

Everyone focuses on the fact that Cruz was born in Canada to a mother who was a US citizen and Ted spent the first 4 years of his life living there. They make a big deal of that.  What they fail to mention usually, is the fact that his father was Cuban, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, who fought on the side of the revolutionaries against our puppet Batista.

Leave it to Glenn Beck to remind the republican base that Ted is Hispanic and a “first generation” Hispanic, at a time when the right-wingers want to build a wall to keep ’em out and “first generation” usually equates to “anchor baby”

As he was about to step-up on the stage to give this speech this past Saturday, it looks like Glenn was prepping himself to start his crying act again.

Ted’s father is a kind of a freak. He believes religious leaders are going to ascend to the top and control all business and politics in the end-times. He was a Cuban, then a Canadian and finally he decided to become an American around the same time his son Ted decided to start running for office.

Here’s a little trivia for you. You might find it applicable to what’s going on today if you think hard enough:

Cruz joined the George W. Bush presidential campaign in 1999 as a domestic policy adviser, advising then-Governor George W. Bush on a wide range of policy and legal matters, including civil justice, criminal justice, constitutional law, immigration, and government reform.[50]

Cruz assisted in assembling the Bush legal team, devising strategy, and drafting pleadings for filing with the Supreme Court of Florida and U.S. Supreme Court, in the case Bush v. Gore, during the 2000 Florida presidential recounts, leading to two wins for the Bush team.[46][53] Cruz recruited future Chief Justice John Roberts and noted attorney Mike Carvin to the Bush legal team.[51]

That’s right. Not only did the first “Hispanic president” work helping George W. Bush become president in 2000, he also worked on the legal pleadings to the Supreme Court to get them to stop the counting in Florida in order to ensure the stolen election would remain stolen.

And what did his father do for a living?

He was in the oil business of course. In the oil business starting off in Texas where the Bush clan lived.

After school he got a job with IBM in Dallas. He was transferred to Houston and worked with a consulting firm in the oil industry. He doesn’t talk much about this part of his life. He was briefly married to a woman before Ted’s mother, and had two girls whose names almost never come up in public. (One is a doctor; the other is deceased.) He was 29 or 30—he can’t remember his exact age—when he married Eleanor Darragh. A mathematician like Rafael and the first in her family to graduate from college, Eleanor was a computer programmer for Shell. Eventually, the couple started their own seismic data-processing firm and followed the oil industry to Calgary. She spent a lot of time crunching numbers. He spent a lot of time out selling, socializing with clients…

For his first 20 years in this country, Rafael didn’t follow politics much. He focused on business, on family, and on his faith. But by the late 1970s, he was growing more and more worried about the dreadful economy under Jimmy Carter. There was stagflation, unemployment, gas shortages. It was an especially bad time for people in the oil industry. Rafael got involved with the Religious Roundtable, a mirror group to the Moral Majority that Jerry Falwell was starting around the same time. He was on the state board, part of the movement that mobilized evangelicals in 1980 to help elect Ronald Reagan. Dmagazine

That’s right, Ted’s father was infused in the religious right, in the Texas oil business and helped get Reagan and BUSH elected in 1980.

Ted then went on to help George W. Bush win and keep the White House in 2000.

And now he’s apparently doing what he can to help Jeb do the same thing in 2016. That is, unless you really think the hard-right is going to hire the first “Hispanic” president who’s married to a VP from Goldman Sachs.

Me? I don’t see that happening in this current atmosphere of fear and loathing in ‘Mericka. But that’s just me.

In short, these two clowns are steadily doing their level best to make sure they don’t win the republican nomination for the White House this year. If the MSM would stop covering them and only them, my guess is their poll numbers would drop substantially.

If you look back at Trump’s history and Ted’s you’ll realize they are both die-hard neoliberals. Trump used to be more along the line of the Clinton-branch of the Washington Consensus while Ted certainly came from the Thatcher side, but that’s just nit-picking. In spite of the pomp and circumstance of their road shows, they both serve the same interests and believe the same free-market, IMF/World Bank ideology: globalization. It’s the same for Hillary and Obama by the way.

They’re doing their parts for the “greater good” I imagine. Playing roles they’ve played before, each in his own way.

When they drop by the wayside, we’ll see where they land and more importantly where they send their gullible followers. But my guess is, if history teaches us anything, we already know the answer to that question.

I can hear Trump now: “JEB (fill in blank) is still a hell of a lot better than that socialist BERNIE (fill in the blank)!”

At least Cruz wont have to apologize for doing it. He’s been getting Bush family members in the White House for a while now. It’s a family tradition. Something to do with him being Hispanic I guess. Either that or a greedy silver-spooner son of an oil man.

It will be fun to watch though wont it?


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20 Responses

  1. Trump may be a fraud, but, what he says is resonating with his supporters. That is the real message of Donald Trump, even if, he’s leading them up a blind alley.

    • Well, that’s like Di$info Jone$. If he didn’t talk about a couple of real issues every now and then, no one would pay any attention to the guy. It’s where he veers suddenly off course in favor of the things we are opposed to that give him away. Same holds true with Trump. He wants to bomb “ISIS”. Great friends with Israel. Though he talks about trade deals being “bad” and in favor of the rich, you ever heard him say anything about how the TPP and TTIP are designed to undermine our constitution in favor of a corptocracy? Has he ever mentioned the IMF? Where does he really stand on gun control? Sounds to me like he supports the notion of a national mental hygiene law keeping guns (and rights) out of the hands of certain folks. Unfortunately I think in the end he backs out giving his support to Bush or Rubio or… God forbid… Bloomberg.

      Do you remember when Ralph Nader said we need to get a billionaire to run for office? A benign one like “Bloomberg”? Remember when he said that? That’s a scary idea, right?

      • Bloomberg is scary all right.

        I originally thought Trump was running for Hillary to sabotage the Republican campaign. He went after illegal immigrants, in the beginning, so that the GOP would be tarred as racist, politically incorrect and nazi, so that the GOP would lose the Hispanic vote, but that backfired as the electorate rallied round him or to put it in wrestling terms; he was supposed to be a politically incorrect heel but became the oppressed peoples’ babyface.

        I would support Trump as an icon, but I wouldn’t back him as a man.

        • Another thing about Trump; I’ve been watching him and it seems that their is a look of bemusement on him at the adulation he’s receiving, like he expects the crowd to hate him instead of loving him.

          • Clearly, that’s what he’s thinking. I don’t think he ever expected to be so far ahead or even wants to be president. He would rather be an overpaid star on some reality TV show. That said, I wonder if the establishment isn’t using him to set up a brokered convention this year. That would happen if he won a bunch of states early on… then, for some reason, had to drop out of the race, leaving his delegates floating in the breeze. If no one had a clear majority going into the convention, horse trading and political backroom deals decide the nominee and in this case, it could be another backdoor way to get Bush “elected”

  2. Nice one, Scott…. Really, really nice one. I’ve been reading your previous Jeb articles as well, but this one did paint the clearest picture. Thank you.

    Bait and switch, 21st century style…

    I hate to say this, but you gotta admit there is a very sophisticated brilliance to the scheme, as well as its execution. A brilliance that will usher more darkness.

    • It is brilliant. There’s no arguing that. Can you imagine what people would say in 2007 and 2008 if someone told them another Bush would be elected to the White House in 8 years? It’s crazy. Of course, I could be wrong. They really can plug any of these slime-balls into the job and get nearly the same thing out of them. That goes for Bernie as well. To me I think they’re making a point to those of us out here still paying attention. So many are wrapped up in just making a living and keeping the house out of the hands of the bankers, they’ve become numb to the whole political scene. Wasn’t the last election one of the lowest voter turnouts in a while? I seem to remember something like that. How did that saying go in the 60s? “Turn on, turn off and tune out”? Of course, no hippies anymore. Just junkies and ladder-climbers and a bunch in between half-assing both.

      • You know, I was thinking about your “Can you imagine what people would say in…. ” sentence, and realized you can kinda finish that sentence with any year and any president, and you wouldn’t be too far off.

        Can you imagine what people would say in 1961 and 1962 if someone told them Lyndon Johnson would become the president?

        …. in ’76-’77 that an actor would be elected to the whitehouse?

        … in ’90-91 that a philandering dress stainer, raper, drug dealer would be elected..

        … in 1999 that a dimwitted, fumbling idiot son of an expresident…


      • “Turn on … Tune in … Drop out.”
        Not bad as advice even if it was advanced by yet another compromised asset of Capitalism’s Invisible Army.

  3. Really? Why get so worked about the whole program. Enjoy what you have in the now. Your a dssi gimp?

  4. “They really can plug any of these slime-balls into the job and get nearly the same thing out of them.”-EXACTLY-that’s why pontificating about the outcome is pointless.It’s out of our hands (as usual). Here’s what helps me explain this situation to the clowns around me endlessly debating the worths of this candidate and that one…the president is exactly like an NFL head coach.Served up as some representative of the team when in fact he has no authority in steering said team this way or that. That’s why we might as well be discussing the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl….

  5. Also read your Jeb article. Analysis in both was solid. My only disagreement point is I do believe Hillary wanted to be president. Imo the original plan was Bush vs Clinton, round 2. But Hitlery has so torpedoed herself whilst wrecking havoc as Secretary of State that she’s a no go now.

    Trump is an entertainer, his current role is court jester. His ascendancy speaks to the pathetic nature of the other candidates, the desperation of the voters, and the power of the media.

  6. Trump has been trolling the whole thing all along. And having a laugh a minute ride. You almost have to admire the sheer brass.

    I thought it was all for La Clinton. But you might be right about Jeb.

    I’ve been told that the DNC’s own polling shows that Sanders would win against any of the GOP candidates (the only threat would be Trump) if he got the nomination but Clinton possibly not. And they’re in serious freaking out mode.

    Possibly just a rumour but from usually reliable long time friend.

  7. Where to begin? First off, the father of Cruz being a revolutionary seems off. Just my gut. Batista Cubans of wealth bolted Cuba when they saw the writing on the wall. That seems to fit the pattern of Cruz senior. Does the father of Cruz really seem revolutionary or reactionary (like Batista)? I say the later because everything Cruz senior did and does , like is son, is reactionary, rightist (neo liberal or neo conservative) I say again, neo conservative (Hillary is a neo liberal). Oh well correct me if I am wrong.
    Next, data mining of the internet, by the Wall Street Globalist’s, would suggest a drastic need to reform. (recall Obama was the result of data mining and a need for drastic reform).Another Bush and Clinton candidacy, does not fit that scenario.Consequently, we will get this extraordinary banal selection(Trump/Cruz/Palin), designed by the social engineers to be just that, banality for the proles (Orwell’s proles).
    Finally, I confess to being galactically stupid about dis info Jones. I was a believer until about a year ago. His latest forays into Islamophobia leave no doubt as to his bizarre nature. Bloomberg is dangerous. Thanks for the heads up regarding Ralph Nader’s support of Bloomberg. My naivete lead me to believe Nader was okay. Sorry Scott, some of us are just sadly in the dark due to monumental dis info. I will try harder.

  8. This article is peace of …….. ( liberal lies)
    first you told cruz father a revolutionary then oil man… anyway i am not defending cruz he is dumb as bush(s) are
    we got new kind of leadership…..Trust me (vote for Trump and see the change) US need that
    Trump is the winner……………
    US need tough alpha male like Trump …not hitlary tonton

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