IMF Study Calling for Gov. Subsidized Slavery and German Wealth Confiscation Expose The True Globalist Nature of the Refugee Crisis

by Scott Creighton

Is anyone else troubled by the thought of German troops snatching the gold and valuables from refugees as they file off the cattle-cars? Bring to mind anything else? Anyone?

from the Huffington Post: Barack Obama posing for photo-op with cute little refugee girl to promote his Weapons of Mass Migration campaign

A couple months ago, the refugee crisis was all the rage. We were being told how evil and dastardly we were when we questioned the fake little dead boy stories or talked openly about Kelly M. Greenhill’s weapons of mass migration campaigns (their terminology, not mine). As the Huffington Post presented each and every refugee as a light-skinned, English-speaking adorable little girl in order to appeal to white liberals, places like Islamaphobic Di$info Jone$’ website presented them all as raving, baby-raping crazed Muslims just waiting to kill all the Christians and impose Sharia Law everywhere they went.

Of course this fanatical polarization of the subject is part of the weapons of mass migration campaign agenda (just go read it) designed to divide and conquer the targeted population by getting them to fight among themselves (again, that’s their words, not mine).

Though this is all very interesting, none of it gets to the heart of the matter. The point of forcing EU nations to accept certain numbers of refugees from the war-torn nations we have destroyed is quite simple: cheap labor, government money printed for this reason and privatized for-profit opportunities for Big Business taking advantage of that newly minted cash. All the rest is merely a smoke-screen.

Back when this hearts and minds campaign was first starting off and John Oliver was kind enough to tell us all how we should and should not talk about the refugee crisis , George Soros was running around demanding the EU and other nations accept a certain number of refugees into the countries, for “humanity’s sake”. Nothing that bastard does is for the betterment of humanity (just look at his support of neo-Nazis in Ukraine) and today, thanks to a couple stories coming out of Europe, we start to see the real purpose behind the crisis.

I tried to explain what was going on back on Sept. 15th, 2015 but I don’t think even I fully understood the horrific nature of this program. These recent news stories out of Europe are beyond troubling.

First of all, one thing I wish to make very clear is that even though the refugee “crisis’ is a manufactured emergency, the refugees are very real. They were made by our illegal regime change/nation-building efforts in places like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and others. Millions have been displaced by our “moderate” terrorists in these places and they deserve to be treated fairly and humanely. In fact, the deserve reparations and resettlement back to their homes, villages and cities but that wont happen because quite frankly, there is still money to be made off them.

Two stories have come to my attention which expose the real nature of the refugee crisis. It just boggles the mind how fucking fascist these guys are.

  1. Modern day government subsidized refugee slavery was recommended by the IMF for Westernized nations
  2. Germany is currently stealing the meager resources of the refugees in order to make them destitute and desperate


The first story involves the International Monetary Fund (IMF), based out of Washington D.C.

This is the neoliberal, Ayn Randian globalist machine of free market debt servitude warfare run by the masters of the universe (cabal of privately owned central bank systems) and various Westernized governments like the U.S., Israel and Britain.

The IMF has presented a study this week at the Davos meeting of global oligarchs in which they lay out a plan for the exploitation of the refugees by various European nations and more specifically, the oligarchs who own their Big Businesses.

For the most part the IMF says the EU’s wealthiest can take advantage of the refugee peasants by putting them to work, for less than minimum wage (far less when the government subsidies are factored in… almost for free in fact) in various countries and that will help the growth rate of those countries significantly.

As we all know, the IMF recently came out with another report forecasting slowed growth among Westernized nations this year so I guess this is the way they suggest the oligarchs survive the doldrums, with the use of… slaves. Migrant, refugee, slaves separated from the constitutional protections other citizens of those countries enjoy.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) produced a report today (20 January) on the economic challenge posed by the influx of refugees into Europe. In this document, the organization recommends a short-term differentiation in the treatment of refugees and EU citizens

For the IMF, employment is the major means by which the refugees will become economically integrated in their host countries. To accelerate their integration, the IMF recommends the implementation of “temporary and limited derogations of the minimum wage for refugees”. The aim of this measure would be to redress the initial imbalance on the labour market between the recent immigrants and the native population. Euractive

EuroNews describes the IMF’s suggested reforms this way: (pay close attention now)

The International Monetary Fund recommendations include:

  • allowing asylum-seekers to take jobs while waiting for a country’s official approval to stay;
  • governments paying employers part of refugees’ wages to get them into work as soon as possible;
  • and even suspending certain rules on minimum salaries.

And it has to happen fast.

Holy crap. Put them to work even before they are cleared to be in the country, strip them of any kind of constitutional protects, force them to work for less than minimum wage…. AND… AND… get the governments of the countries to pay part of their meager wages leaving these companies paying next to nothing (or less than nothing?) for labor costs.

Plus, you have to remember, these are refugees so if they don’t like the jobs or the working conditions or the way they are treated by MASSAH… they face deportation back to whatever bombed-out shit-hole we destroyed to get them here in the first place. They can’t just go to another job. The Big Business employers have all the power in the negotiating process. It’s literally “take what we give you and STFU… or hit the bricks back to the battle zone where our “moderate” terrorists will kill and rape you”

Wow. If you don’t call that slavery, I don’t know what you call it. That’s government subsidized slavery folks. You can argue all day long that I am exaggerating here, but that doesn’t hold up. These people, already desperate and confused, forced from their homes by our imperialist actions in their home countries will have no way to seek redress from their employers and constantly live in fear of being deported. All the while they are working for next to nothing while the plantation owners are compensated by the government for the little they spend on labor costs.

That’s fucking slavery and I don’t care what you say.

Refugee Wealth Confiscation has begun

Germany has been praised for how they handled the refugee crisis early on when they essentially opened the doors and allowed as many to come in as wanted to. Well, they were praised by German Big Business who wanted to undermine wage structure and generate more profits for themselves.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs remained unfilled last year because of a lack of qualified applicants. Hence, CEOs urged Merkel to turn the refugee challenge into an opportunity. “Most refugees are young, well educated and highly motivated. Those are exactly the people we’re searching for,” Dieter Zetsche, the head of car manufacturer Daimler, was quoted as saying…

Based on the performance of other foreign-born workers in Germany, the IMF economists conclude that “the analysis of the German experience shows that immigrants make substantial contributions to the economy but face considerable obstacles in the labor market that are overcome only gradually.” Washington Post

One of the issues facing the problem of getting refugees to work for considerably less than citizens in various countries is the fact that not all refugees are dirt broke when they make the pilgrimage to another nation. In fact many of them liquidate their tangible assets before leaving (those that aren’t looted by our “moderate” terrorists) and possess substantial assets, ready to remake their lives somewhere else.

So, what does Germany do about that little problem? They implement policies which allow for the theft of the refugee’s wealth upon arrival.

Germany’s southern states are confiscating refugees’ valuables in order to pay for their stay, according to local authorities. It comes as Denmark moves ahead with a plan to do the same, part of a controversial bill aimed at curbing asylum seekers’ rights.

Cash holdings and valuables can be secured [by the authorities] if they are over €750 (US$810) and if the person has an outstanding bill, or is expected to have one,” Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann told Bild newspaper on Thursday.

The government of Baden-Württemberg has implemented a stricter process, with police confiscating cash and valuables above €350 ($378).

The average amount per person confiscated by authorities in the southern states has so far been “in the four figures,” according to Bild.

By confiscating the personal belongings of refugees, the states are implementing federal laws that require asylum seekers to use up their own resources before receiving state aid. RT

Using up  their resources before receiving state aid makes perfect sense.

Letting local authorities steal their resources so the refugees will be desperate enough to take a job at a quarter of what the labor is worth to a local citizen is an immoral outrage clearly brought about by local oligarchs having little chats with corrupt law enforcement in those areas.

German new agencies are reporting this behavior saying it’s completely within German law. They say the wealth and items being looted from the refugees is a standard practice and it’s done once they enter the country or the region. Of course, that stands in stark contrast to the law saying the refugees has to USE their own resources before they could apply for aid. Last time I checked, having German thug troops stealing your money and gold doesn’t count as “using” them.

German media reported on Thursday that Bavaria, joining Denmark and Switzerland, has begun confiscating valuables from newly-arrived refugees.

“Asylum applicants are searched on arrival at the reception centers for documents, valuables, and money,” state Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann told Thursday’s edition of the “Bild” newspaper. “Cash and valuables may be confiscated if they are worth more than 750 euros [$820] and there is a state claim for reimbursement against the person, or one is expected.”

The mass-circulation daily also reported that police in the other major southern German state, Baden-Württemberg, could confiscate any cash and valuables over 350 euros, and that the average value confiscated per person in December was in the “four-figure range.” DW

Let me see if I got this right now:

Germany is unloading these refugees off cattle cars, shipped to them from places like Syria and Libya, and they are having their soldiers or cops search them in order to take their gold, family heirlooms and cash so they can be better workers for German companies.


How long do you think it will be before they start extracting their gold fillings?

Let’s Review

We have the IMF demanding governments across Europe turn the refugees into second class citizens with no constitutional protects who are put to work immediately for next to nothing while the governments of those nations subsidize the minuscule amounts of money they are paid for their labor.

And if they possess enough wealth or resources in order to start their new lives off without being put on some Halliburton-built work camp, right next to industrial parks will be my guess, then the governments strip those assets from the refugees leaving them destitute and desperate enough to take whatever they are offered in exchange for their time and skill.

For the record, this is very similar to what Clinton did with all that Haiti Relief money. He gave it to some South Korean businessman to make a factory or two leaving the Haitians destitute and desperate enough to work for the guy for pennies on the hour.

Looks to me like someone is rebuilding something with this refugee “crisis”. It’s either the slave industry of our forefathers or the forced labor camps of Nazi Germany. Or both. And it is sickening to behold. Especially since…

… what is the big news today? The 2″ of snow in Washington D.C.

Some asshole on CNN is talking right now about how a streetlight is “flickering on and off” while standing on 2″ of snow as if it’s the end of the world while Obama’s precious little refugee girl up there is being turned into slave labor.



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8 Responses

  1. your fucking crazy-enough of your rants -go away

  2. Not to mention that it forces the taxpayer to SUBSIDIZE the process of their own jobs being given to slaves, undercutting all legitimate labor in the country. Corporatism at its most efficient.

  3. Looks like the refugee crisis is akin to part of what is described in the book “Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon : Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil” –
    Likely autonomous cities/zones will spring up with Google providing their ‘reality’. Like our USA now, it will take a sum of money to escape the autonomous zone.

  4. The German population is going to start finding out that running those massive trade surpluses, that bankrupted the southern countries, wasn’t such a master plan after all.

    This is the beginning of their next ‘internal devaluation’ as their pin head Freiburg School economists like to call their assaults on labour.

    The refugees are copping the worst of it but there will be a downward effect on real wages for everyone below the managerial class.

    I’d feel sorry for them if they hadn’t been so superior when the Greeks fell over.

    That’s a generalisation I know but it was common and it was loud.

  5. Are we learning yet that government, as we’ve known it, is only a cover for thieves and maniacs?

  6. And, of course, they can use some of the refugees as scapegoats to create fake terror events. Dear God, please help us all!

  7. Reblogged this on millermatters's Blog and commented:
    Why Willyloman?

    Well I know I am crazy – this bloke just thinks he is.

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