My Evaluation of the Political Theater of the 2016 Primary Season and How Jeb Bush will Become the Next President

by Scott Creighton

In light of the upcoming start of the primary season, I want to take you back a little to some previous elections in order to show you exactly how and why I believe Jeb Bush will be the next president of the United States of America.

I know it seems like a stretch right now and I could easily be wrong, but looking back over the previous two presidential elections I think once you understand the manipulations involved with how we got where we are, you might just see some similarities to what’s going on today.

And remember: it’s a game to them. A game of control and manipulation.

And what better way to prove their domination of the will of the people than to get them to vote for yet another Bush?

“In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses.  It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

John McCain and Sarah Palin: 2008 Designated Losers for Barack H. Obama of “CHANGE”

In January of 2007, John McCain announced his candidacy for the republican nomination on the Tonight Show. His Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill wasn’t particularly popular among conservative voters so he didn’t fare to well early on.

On top of that, the people of this country were tired of the Iraq War as it was becoming painfully obvious that the current administration lied to us repeatedly in order to motivate us to support it. The “surge” was highly contested and people, even conservatives, wanted out of Iraq.

During all of this, John McCain represented the worst of the war-mongering republicans in D.C.

There were only 3 declared candidates when John McCain stepped up to the plate: Romney, Giuliani and McCain.

John started out in the middle of the pack at about 24.5% but those numbers quickly dropped as the year went on and on Dec. 12th, 2007, he was polling in 5th place at 11.3% (Real Clear Politics, average poll numbers, Republican Primary, 2008). At that point McCain was only ahead of Ron Paul with 4.4%.

In July of 2007 his campaign was on the rocks. Funding was drying up and polls were slipping.

Most of his staff was either let go or quit due to lack of funding and two of his most important staff members departed, campaign manager Terry Nelson and campaign chief strategist John Weaver. McCain’s co-chair for his Florida campaign, State Rep Bob Allen, was arrested for soliciting prostitution not long after (he offered a cop $20 in a bathroom to let him perform fellatio on him)

McCain’s campaign hit the skids. He polled at his lowest numbers in the primary in July, somewhere around 10%.

With everything you could imagine going wrong, John McCain didn’t quit and in fact, he miraculously secured the nomination on March 4th of 2008, long before the end of the primary season.

There’s a lesson here for us. It just might not be the one you want to learn.

In Dec. of 2007, a slew of influential conservative publications endorsed the tanking candidate including the New Hampshire Union Leader, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herold and others. Joe Lieberman, a war-mongering Democrat, not only endorsed him, but started campaigning with him.  Suddenly the “McCain surge” was on and though he lost Iowa, he went on to win South Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida and the Washington caucus in the same month. McCain only won one other caucus before securing the nomination and that was Kentucky. Most of the others were won by Romney, which is an important distinction in that caucus’ can’t be rigged like primaries are with electronic voting machines. (primary results from 2008)

Just prior to his South Carolina win, leading conservative opinion-makers weighed-in on the possibility that he would win the nomination:

Rush Limbaugh said that if Huckabee or McCain won the nomination, it would “destroy the Republican Party… be the end of it,”[116] while Tom DeLay said “McCain has done more to hurt the Republican Party than any elected official I know of.”

(What are conservatives saying about Trump and Cruz right now? And if you look at the results of the general election in 2008 and congressional seats, seems like Limbaugh and DeLay were right, doesn’t it?)

After Super Tuesday it was clear McCain would win and he did in record time, securing the nomination on March 4th, 2008.

He went from nearly dead last (aside from Ron Paul) to winning the nomination thanks in the most part to electronic voting machines used in the primaries. Of course we all know, the left-cover of President Obama allowed them to achieve a variety of neoliberal, far-right wing agenda successes over the past 7 years ranging from mandatory insurance policies to the continuation of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars of aggression to Fast Track promising to push forward two fascist “trade” bills. Now Obama seeks a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force which he can use anywhere in the world at any time verses any “enemy” he declares to be aligned with “ISIS”. He’s invaded several countries, decimated Libya and Syria and uses the drone assassination program like no other president in history.

All of that was achieved with the left-cover of a “democrat” in the White House. And that was achieved by having an unpopular republican candidate win the nomination to run against Obama in the general election. A candidate who was the poster-child for BOTH Comprehensive Immigration Reform AND the flailing Iraq War and occupation who had a key campaign staffer in Florida arrested for trying to give a cop head in a public bathroom.

McCain then picked Sarah Palin as his running mate and ensured his failure in the general election.

While Barack Obama’s campaign won the marketing campaign of the year award for 2008, Sarah Palin, a caricature of idiot politician, went on SNL and let them make fun of her to her face just weeks before the election and John McCain did this in the last presidential debate:

It was easy to understand how they could get away with saying the republican base just didn’t turn out for the election and Obama, predictably, “won”

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: 2012 Designated Losers for President Obama

The case of the 2012 “election” is slightly different.

Mitt Romney was a Mormon. A Mormon vulture capitalist to be precise.

At a time when the entire country was reeling from the Great Depression of 2008, caused by greedy bankers and financial elites, somehow the republican party picked a banker and a financial elite to run for the White House against the tarnished, yet not completely exposed, Barack Obama of the “CHANGE?” administration.

I mention the fact that he’s Mormon because, traditionally, Mormon’s don’t think very highly of darker skinned people, which ended up being part of the reason pundits now say (without actually mentioning the Mormon part) that the republicans “lost touch” with the African American and Latino voting base in 2012. Yeah, I guess they did because then he did this:

Romney accepted an invitation[138] to address the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on July 11, 2012.[139] On the issue of creating jobs, Romney said, “If our goal is jobs, we have to stop spending over a trillion dollars more than we take in every year. So to do that, I’m going to eliminate every non-essential, expensive program I can find. That includes Obamacare, and I’m going to work to reform and save –” Romney was cut off by prolonged boos from those in attendance.[140][141] Romney later attended a fundraiser in Hamilton, Montana and reflected on the booing he received at the NAACP event, “Remind them of this: if they want more stuff from government, tell them to go vote for the other guy – more free stuff. But don’t forget, nothing is really free.”[142]

Also, the Mormons aren’t really thought that highly of by the Moral Majority, given that whole ‘Jesus rose again, this time Missouri” thing. And when is the last time a republican won without their support?

In spite of his deficiencies, Romney started off polling pretty well back in April of 2011. In fact, he led in the polls for while until about Aug of 2011 when he started going back and forth with Perry, Gingrich and Santorum (Real Clear Politics, 2012 poll results)

This primary was wrapped up in May of 2012 when Gingrich finally dropped out.

Romney then picked another loser, Paul Ryan, as his running mate.

Ryan’s austerity plan for the budget, the Path to Prosperity, was disliked not only by the left, but also by the right who actually do support things like unemployment insurance, Social Security and Medicare. Ryan’s plan was straight from the Ayn Rand/IMF school of thought but he did have at least one fan of his privatizing Medicare plan:

In the end, all it took was a technological “mistake” to explain Romney’s loss to Obama in 2012.

Romney replaced the traditional GOTV system with the centralized Project Orca. The project failed to mobilize 40,000 volunteers in key states during the election day.[172]

As you can see, the key elements of the 2008 “take a dive” election were still in place in 2012.

They picked a candidate who at the time represented the embodiment of what everyone hated about the way things were being run.

In 2008, McCain represented the war-mongers at a time when the country was turning away from Iraq and Afghanistan and torture.

And in 2012, Romney and Paul represented the financial oligarchs and forced austerity measures on us little people when we were watching the Occupy Movement and the pulse of the country was decidedly against the corrupt bankers who tanked our economy and made a fortune getting bailed out for doing it.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden 2008 – “CHANGE”

The 2008 Democratic Primaries very interesting as they involved “superdeligates”. Pledged delegates are won during the primaries based on the election results of the general population. “Superdeligates” are folks given the ability to cast a vote equal to a pledged delegate at a whim. As the primary season dragged on, the media could only speculate as to the way these superdelegates would vote leaving the country in question as to who was really winning the tight race.

Superdelegate votes are given equal weight to the votes of pledged delegates. Superdelegates are members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, state and territorial governors, members of the Democratic National Committee, distinguished party leaders, and add-on delegates selected by the state parties. They represented almost 20 percent of the total 4,233 delegates. The number and composition of superdelegates had the potential to change right up to the start of the Democratic National Convention. Wiki

On Oct. 24, 2007, Hillary Clinton polled ahead of Barack Obama 48.4% to 20.6% (Real Clear Politics) and it didn’t get much better for quite a while. In fact the gap remained at about that same ratio through Jan. 8 of 2008.

“At the end of the year, December 31, Clinton held a substantial lead in superdelegates, and she was leading in the national polls with 42% of likely voters, over Obama, 23%, and Edwards, 16%.[30]

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the White House. Obama won the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3rd, 2008. Clinton came in 3rd.

Obama won the Iowa caucuses with 38% of the vote, over Edwards, 30%, and Clinton, 29%. His victory brought him to national prominence as many voters tuned into the race for the first time. In a speech that evening, he defined change as the primary theme of his campaign and said, “On this January night, at this defining moment in history, you have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do.”[40]

Still, after winning one primary after another, it took Obama until early Feb. to start polling ahead of Clinton overall. By then it was a two person race.

It’s important to note, Clinton won Michigan and Florida but both of those states were holding their primaries earlier than the DNC said they could so their delegates, committed to Hillary Clinton, weren’t going to be allowed to cast their votes at the convention. On May 31st of 2008, once Obama was already slated to win the nomination, half-votes were permitted by the DNC, ensuring that their contribution to her candidacy wouldn’t effect the results. Obama announced he had received enough delegate support to “win” the nomination on May 20th, 2008 in Oregon. Then the superdelegates got involved and it was all over.

“On June 3, the day of the final primaries in South Dakota and Montana, Obama rolled out about sixty superdelegate endorsements. Those endorsements, together with the pledged delegates awarded in the final primaries, put him well over the “magic number” of 2,117 delegate votes necessary for a majority at the Democratic National Convention.” Wiki

Voters in two states which would have probably gone for Clinton in the first place, got their votes cut in half in terms of importance while billionaires, congressmen and other important folks got to become superdelegates, essentially nullifying everyone else’s.

A rather convoluted mess, wasn’t it?


Concerning the Democratic Primary of 2016

Personally, I don’t think Hillary Clinton ever wanted to be president in 2008.

She wanted Obama to win the White House, but I don’t think she wanted the scrutiny of the position. And besides, the job is mainly ornamental while I’m sure she knew as Sec. of State she could have a great deal more influence than the president on matters of foreign policy. Libya teaches us that.

Clinton, it is now known, sold her influence as Sec. of State, enriching the Clinton Global Initiative and her family. She put her husband in charge of the multi-billion dollar Haiti relief fund, which was squandered by Slick Willy, a charge she should be forced to face.

She tried her best to use the Cheonan to start a war with North Korea.

She screwed up her Benghazi psyop horribly.

She destroyed Libya, turned it into rubble and she set us on the same course in Syria.

She even attempted a “soft power” color revolution in both Russia and Iran, both of which failed miserably.

She supported the Iraq War, she supported the TARP bailouts and she’s taken more money from Big Banking and Finance than any other candidate in history. And she still does.

Hillary Clinton is Wall Street’s neoliberal warrior of choice and there is no denying that no matter how populist she makes herself out to be these days.

All that aside, I don’t think Hillary is the establishment’s choice for the designated loser of this particular general election.

Though it would certainly be easy to spin the narrative of republicans coming out of the woodwork to vote against Hillary, even if Jeb Bush is the last man standing in the freak show of the republican primaries, it seems to me the last thing they want is her real history being drudged up out of the muck of the memory hole and casting aspersions on the royal name of the fake left DNC.

We all know Sanders isn’t going to go nuclear on Hillary. If he were going to do that, he would already have won the nomination.. even before the primaries start. Besides, he says he wont.

He wont because the Clinton name is royalty in the “progressive” left wing of our One Party system.

But you can bet your sweet ass that the republican/Tea Party/Libertarians will once she becomes the nominee.

All that crime and sinister history will be drudged up (by Drudge?) and every other writer/blogger/talk radio host the minute she accepts the nomination and that’s not good for the powers that be. Goodness knows, some of it could even lead to investigations and then deals with the prosecution and all sorts of outcomes no one up there in the rarified air wants to see take place.

What happens when Sanders wins? Well, that is simple. It becomes a referendum on the elect-ability of socialism. And that they do want, especially if they already know the outcome.

Over the past few weeks, Hillary’s campaign has made a few “missteps” leading to Sanders rising in the polls and looking like he may in fact win the first two primaries of the season.

Hillary has an Oct. Surprise waiting for her in terms of the FBI investigation and the emails she got rid of on her illegal server keep popping up, unexpectedly, causing her more and more problems.

Couple that with the fact that the dems are getting sick of the Clintons (while she brings Slick Willy and her pampered little girl out to campaign for her) as we are turning more and more socialist by the week. And the last thing real leftists want is another Clintonista like Obama in the White House.

The polls are shifting and even Clinton die-hards are saying it looks more and more like Sanders will win.

With regard to the republican primary:

I think it’s pretty safe to say Trump and Cruz are imploding their own campaigns bringing in people like Sarah Palin and Glenn “Weepsalot” Beck.

Take a look at this mess:


For a while it looked like it would be Carson and Trump to the end, but Ben dropped off the radar once it was apparent he was a lying piece of crap. Fiorinna, the failed business woman was up there for a while but I guess the failed business woman part of it was too much for Business Firsters in the party to accept.

If you go to the interactive page where that image comes from you will notice something interesting.

Jeb Bush is one of only two candidates of that overly huge group to have increased in the polls this past week. Last week he was at 3.3% and as of Jan.18th, he was at 4.8.

Christie, Carson, Rubio, Cruz… they all lost in the polls this past week and Bush moved up a spot to number 5 on the comprehensive list.

And we still have a week to go before the first primary.

I think it’s safe to say Donald Trump has no intention of being president.

He wont take campaign contributions from big donors and I think there is a reason for that. He is also failing to spend the money on creating a ground game like all the other serious candidates are doing in the primary states. I think for him it’s the ultimate scripted reality show with him as the big star and the gullible public as the audience.

Once Trump and Cruz implode, you’re going to left with Rubio, Christie and Bush as the only “legitimate” candidates left.

Kasich comes across as a whining asshole and let’s not forget his role in the sub-prime mortgage implosion and Lehman Brothers.

Christie is just a fat bully with Bridgegate under his overstretched belt so he wont go too far.

That leaves… Rubio and Bush.

Bush, who represents the other half of the political royalty in America.

Looking back over the history of the theatrics that make up the elections of the past 8 years (and that is too say nothing of the election rigging that brought us Bush and Cheney in 2000 and 2004) you can’t help but marvel at effort put into scripting the various narratives used to justify the conclusions the establishment wanted in the first place.

Now look at today.

Look at that over-populated crowd in the republican primaries. Look at how carefully controlled the message is on the left between Bernie (stop talking about Hillary’s emails) and Clinton with no Ralph Nader or Gravel to cloud the issues. Did you know there were another 15 or so democratic candidates for the election that are not allowed on any debate stage while the DNC works hard to erase them from any discussion? It’s true.

While the DNC (Designated Neoliberal Clintons) silences it’s also-rans, the RNC seems to be dragging theirs out from under every rock they can turn over.

Why is that?

I think that’s because, in the end, no one wants another Bush in the White House. So you have to have a freak show in the republican primaries in order to explain away how it is Jeb Bush wins the nomination.

Does anyone really want to see that Trump hair-piece in the White House with his duck-face demeanor ranting at the Mexicans about building a wall? You want that guy’s ear on the phone to his best friend in Israel with his finger on the button? Are you kidding? He’s not going to last and even if the republican primary voters are desperate enough or dumb enough to vote for him, there is always the electronic voting machines there to fix it, with what I said earlier as the justification for those strange primary voting results.

That’s too say nothing of his affiliation with Sarah Palin.

Once the also-rans start falling by the wayside in the republican primaries, I think they are going to cast their support behind Jeb Bush as the only “responsible” candidate left standing and we will see a come from behind victory similar to that of John McCain in 2008 and more to the point, like that of Barack Obama in the same year.

Then Bush will be running against the “evil sooooOoooOoocialist” Bernie Sanders and even the die-hard haters of Bush on the right-wing talking heads radio shows will come out begging their audiences to go vote Bush rather than let America go “commie” which, once again, is very similar to the narrative they put out in 2008 where McCain represented more war at a time when the people on the left wanted “CHANGE” more than anything (and didn’t get it)

That will explain how Bush wins in 2016.

My theory is based on the simple premise that I have been writing about for years which is that the One Party System we have in place right now has two royal families which have done more to make the oligarchs of this country rich than any other political dynasties have. And more to undermine the achievements of the various social and workers’ rights campaigns of the last 70 years or so as well, I should note.

Attention must be paid, as the Salesman’s wife once said.

Yes, they could plug and play any of these ladder climbing wannabes into the job sitting behind the desk and get everything they want out of them. Sanders included.

But that’s not the point.

The point is… they’re going to make you want what they want and if they can’t do it legitimately (like they did in the general election of 2008) then they are going to make it look like they did (McCain of 2008, Bush of 2000)

It’s an impressive message of power and control. It’s a game. A show. Theater. Sometimes it’s theater of the absurd.

But however you look at it, the machine of control doesn’t rest on a foundation of fire-power. That’s not real control in that it’s determined by access to weapons and the will to use them of subjects who are notoriously unreliable. Expect more drones is the message there.

The key to real control is manipulation which is what these presidential election spectacles are all about.

They don’t use the election results as a means by which control of the country is determined, they use them as a measure of their success, a way to rate their ability to move us one way or the other in spite of our own best interests. A measure of their real power.

In that regard, what better measure of their complete control than to get yet another Bush to reside in the White House and have us peons vote for it?

Some might go back to Joseph Goebbels for an appropriate quote at this time to wrap this all up in a neat and tidy bow.

Me? I go with his mentor:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda


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20 Responses

  1. I think it’s more likely as ALL the current candidates kill one another off (or go to prison), joe biteme/biden will “offer” to step in and “save us” whereupon he’ll give up the US sovereignty to the UN, which o’bama will be running, so barry will be “king of the world”, as he feels he deserves (because he’s the “messiah” in his mind)

    • ok. well, aside from the “King of the UN” thing… there was talk last week as Hillary was imploding from the establishment at the DNC about drafting Biden to run against Bernie since they couldn’t get behind his agenda. I just figured that was more pretext to explain the “low voting numbers” we will see in November on the dem side. But I guess it could something going on there. Frankly I don’t think he wants to be king of the world. seems to me he’s ready to retire and enjoy all the celebrity he’s crafted and dip his wick into something like the Clinton Global Initiative.

  2. good summary of the big show.

  3. Why would Trump want a low paying job like POTUS when he could be making billions under the Bush IV presidency?

    • exactly. Plus, think of all the kickbacks he’s going to get for performing this service. And of course, that is too say nothing of his new NBC contract for his next scripted reality show. With his new fame and following, he will be able to ask for 10 times what he got paid for his last venture. It’s a “win win win” for the weave wearing prick and people just don’t see it. it’s a shame really.

  4. Great analysis Scott.You are the only one calling it this way.

  5. Good analysis. That’s why I’m voting Vermin Supreme. 🙂

  6. I appreciate your humility in the first paragraph,**I could be wrong**. I have to respectfully disagree with your musings on Bush. (I could be wrong also too)
    There has been a gradualism in play for over 100 years here in the “west”. Boiling frogs symbolism. A gradual devolution of economic, social and political systems. A socially engineered neo-feudalism. To over simplify, we have Wall Street and Main Street. No devolution on Wall Street. The real profound devolution is on Main Street. I could cite may examples of economic and social devolution, one that resonates with me is how culture has devolved, pop music was at one time quite excellent, today it is abysmal. This is intentional. Politically the devolution has proceeded with a bit more caution. After the JFK assassination things began to devolve in earnest. Today, we witness, the perhaps final descent into the abyss.
    You Scott, are optimistic that our descent into the abyss has not occurred yet (your faith that the establishment Bush will emerge on top) and I hope you are right. But to me, I see patterns of an intentionally engineered devolution of Main Street. Palin and Trump shimmer as representatives of that ultimate descent. Schadenfreude seems to be Wall Street’s motivation for this humiliating circus. Patterns abound. Gradualism is Wall Street’s tool to “craft” their dreams of a neo feudal plantation slave based society.
    Call me pessimist but don’t call me late for dinner.

    • I don’t think you and I are that far apart on our analysis. Yeah, the devolution has been pretty organized and it is certainly part of a project, one that I tie to the Lewis Powell Memo of ’71. I’m sure the ideology goes back much further (Business Plot? English colony?) but the concerted program to remake America into the neofeudal model they prefer took off in ’71. That was the birth of the think tanks and various phony political movements and parties that brought the Ayn Randian ideology to the main stage. It was also at that point where they decided, the Business Firsters, that they were going to have to change the hearts and minds of the American people in order to win. I don’t think the return of a Bush to the White House signifies much more than their ultimate statement of control and their rewarding of the family that made much of this possible. If you recall, they wanted to reward Bush back in ’80 but Reagan was too popular and too skilled at public speaking. Reagan hated Bush as did most of the country. But Rockefeller forced him to put Poppy on the ticket after he backed Bush’s presidential campaign. Of course we all know what happened after that: 60 days after he took the oath of office, Reagan was shot by the son of a man who was a business partner of G. H. W. Bush leaving Bush, the VP, to basically run the country while Reagan was recovering and even afterward since Ronnie got the message.

      • So, what o you think about Reagan’s progression into dementia? A natural medical condition that was just sooo lucky for Bush Sr. at the time, or do you suppose he had a little chemical help to incapacitate hm to ensure Bush would be making all of the decisions?

      • I will have to look at the Powell memo of ’71. It sure fits the patterns. I may not have written my point as clearly as I had wished. The old political model, with the Wall Street cronies like Bush and Rockefeller may have run it’s course. I feel we may be witnessing a take off point where the Wall Street folks want to wash their hands clean of Main Street. Why bother with prolonging the charade? A new Orwellian landscape of “prole speak”/”prole literature”/”prole political contests”. Trump and Palin the new heroes for the proles? Stranger things are happening.

  7. I like your thinking, but isn’t it a little early yet to write off the even more magnificently contrived Bush vs Clinton non-contest?

    • Either way, the results will be the same. I guess you could say it’s early, but I think the focus this time around will be on the republican side like it was back in 2008 and to that end they would need the dems to wrap up their nominee pretty early. I think that because I don’t believe they want a lot of national focus on the differences between the corporate dems and Bernie’s milk-toast opposition to them. Who remembers what John McCain was doing or saying between March and Aug of 2008? So I think they will cut that contest pretty short. And the only reason I think it will be Bernie is because the polls are certainly turning his way as the Clinton camp makes one “mistake” after the next. It could go either way though, you’re right about that. But again, this is just my prediction and since I’m not in the prediction business, I figured I should just put it out there for the fun of it.

      • Wouldn’t it make more sense to let progressives feel the Bern and then torpedo “American Socialism” (lol) once and for all in November?
        They can save Killary for 2020 or 2024. By then, she’ll be a grandma and everybody loves a grandma …

  8. I usually like reading Jon Rappoport,looks like he’s jumped the shark on the subject of Trump He says it doesn’t matter if he was selected as a foil,may have a secret ally in Putin? Scott,or anyone else care to comment on his post?

    • Jumped the shark sounds about right. The line that jumped out at me was this, ***National politics and international politics are rigged games from top to bottom. But once in a while, a wild one turns up.***
      If the game is rigged then a wild one doesn’t turn up. if Trump is a wild one then the media would conveniently ignore him.Rappoport, like dis info Jones, is controlled opposition. Trump and his backers are data mining the internet,they have weighed the zeitgeist of the times. The proles need to be assuaged . Trump and Sanders are the salve for the troubled masses. Just like Obama was 8 years ago.

  9. Excellent analysis Scott and it’s hard to argue with anything you present. If this comes to pass, you deserve a huge amount of recognition for your insight.

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