Looks Like Obama is About to Bomb Taqba Dam in Syria

by Scott Creighton

It’s the mother of all destabilization warfare targets. And of course, only the left-cover of President Peace Prize could get away with targeting it.

It’s not enough Obama has bombed water treatment facilities and power companies in Syria in his recent attempt to escalate the destabilization campaign in Syria. Nope. Now he and his military advisers seem to be making ready a narrative to justify bombing the Taqba Dam.

In a blocked article from the Wall Street Journal, they are starting up a narrative about how “ISIS” is occupying the dam, holding prisoners there as well as senior “ISIS” officials and basically making it into the seat of power because, as the articles suggests, they know Obama wont bomb it.

“Islamic State militants are using Syria’s largest dam as a fulcrum of power, hiding high-value prisoners and sheltering senior officials there…” Wall Street Journal

The dam was built in the 70s with help from the Russians. It provides electricity for much of eastern Syria and the lake it formed, Lake Assad, is Syria’s largest water reservoir providing drinking water to all of Aleppo (another city under attack). It’s also the foundation of a massive irrigation system and an entire fishing industry.

Thus, the demolition of this structure would be catastrophic to the people of Syria in many ways.

So of course, “ISIS” has it and “ISIS” must be blown-up, right?

Unfortunately for the masters of the universe, the truth peeks out every now and again:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on 11 February 2013 that the dam was captured by the Syrian opposition in their fight against the government.[30] As of May 2013 the village near the dam, Al-Thawrah, is occupied by the Uwais al-Qarni Brigade. Four of the dam’s eight turbines are operational and the original staff continues to manage the dam. Workers at the dam still receive pay from the Syrian Government and fighting in the area will temporary cease if repairs are needed.[31] Wiki


Rebels have captured Syria’s biggest hydro-electric dam and battled army tank units near the centre of Damascus, activists say.

Monday’s claim came as the opposition renewed an offer to negotiate the departure of President Bashar al-Assad.

The rebel seizure of the Taqba dam, a prestige project on the Euphrates River in the eastern Raqqa province completed by Assad’s father in the 1970s, may have only limited impact on Syria’s already unreliable power supplies. Al Qazeera. 2013

Isn’t it funny how John McCain’s “rebels’ and “freedom fighters” magically turned into “ISIS” while no one was looking?

The CIA’s proxy army in Syria have held this important piece of infrastructure in their destabilization campaign for years now and so the US is going to tell them to clear out so they can bomb it, causing tremendous pain and suffering to the people of Syria.

Not only that, but then Halliburton gets to come in and rebuild it along with help from GE after the glorious regime change.

Starvation, dehydration, drowning, poverty… it’s all fair in love and war, right? Cus … “ISIS”

If he does this, if Obama authorizes this action, it would be a war-crime of biblical proportions. And that’s not hyperbole.

Perhaps this is just a threat. A promise of what they intend to do if Assad and the elected government don’t give the coalition of the willing what they want.

Either way it’s still terrorism with the willing complicity of both the Wall Street Journal and the guy who wrote it.

Maybe Twitter and Facebook should ban WSJ feeds right along with the fake “ISIS” ones.


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6 Responses

  1. The man keeps earning his peace-prize over and over again.

  2. I’m going to caucus here in a couple weeks, something I haven’t done in a while. The stakes are that high, though, and the race that close, I can’t not go.

    I hope Bernie is real

    • he’s not. he’s got good ideas and he’s obviously right about breaking up the big banks, remaking Glass-Stegall and Medicare for All… but that wont matter. Diebold and the rest of the e-voting machines don’t like the cut of his jib and he knows it. He’s the designated fall-guy to Bush. Ask him about Israel and operation Cast Lead while you’re at the caucus and see what he says. Ask him about Obama’s regime change operation in Syria. Ask him if the CIA runs “ISIS”. For that matter, ask him if Obama should be tried for war crimes. See what he says.

      • Well, he won’t be there, so I won’t be able to ask him anything.

        Just to stand up for the busting up Wall Street part of his platform is enough to get me out there, though. Helps me sleep a little better knowing there’s a candidate seriously talking about doing that without being seen as a total wacko (polls have him and Hillary leading the pack, running neck and neck here).

        So, I’ll get that much, anyway, and get to take a swing at Hills into the bargain. She won’t know it, but I will

  3. You’re probably right, Scott that he’ll never be allowed to win, but still …..

    N.H. Poll Indicates Bernie Sanders Will Win the Democratic Nomination, then the U.S. Presidency


  4. Scott, FYI
    You can access WSJ “locked” articles by pulling them up via a google search. I usually enter a part of the title, wsj.

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