GOP Field Abounds With Whackos – Palin 4 Trump, Sir Vicks WeepsaLot 4 Cruz

by Scott Creighton

“Hitch your wagons to a dying star” seems to be the call to action for the Republican Party front-runners these days.

In what has got to be the most striking example of mass political suicide I’ve seen that whole Jim Jones thing, all the leaders of the republican presidential primaries seem to be rushing to get the hell out of contention just as quick as they possibly can.

Donald Trump hitched his little red wagon to the woman who helped decimate John McCain’s silly run back in 2008 and then gave her “ringing endorsement” to Mitt Romney just hours before he crashed and burned in 2012. Yep. Sarah Palin is the white-trash kiss of death for any republican candidate and The Donald and his hair piece just took them on-board the crazy train, next stop… Nowhere’svile, US of A.

Interesting fact: her son was arrested for getting drunk and punching his girlfriend in the face the night before the “Big Announcement” from Trump. Palin blamed that on Obama while ranting idiotic, pandering platitudes to the brain-dead audience of a few of Trump’s supporters.

Not to be outdone, now Ted Cruz, clearly in second place right now, just hired this guy to run around with him at various events making Ted look like a complete, Canadian idiot.

I wonder how long til Glenn Beck gets Ted Cruz to stick some Vicks vapor rub in his eyes so he can cry about how America isn’t wonderful anymore.

Fuck it man. If I were running of these campaigns I would have my guy run out and dig up the corpse of Ronald Reagan and have him parade it around at some rally saying Reagan loves him. Put his hand in the back of his skull and make him move his mouth like a puppet. I mean, you want to go all ‘crazy’, do it right man. Fuck the little shit. Half measures yield us nothing.

I mean, these are desperate republicans we’re talking about. What’s a little wife-beating and fake crying sessions to them?

So yeah, the front-runners are going full retard and what’s that going to leave us? You got it.

So you thought I was crazy, huh? Can you say “Jeb 2016”? I bet you can…. just keep on watching.

The crazy train has left the station.

Funny thing is, in her coming out statement she gave the other day, Sarah Palin said “This is going to be fun”. Yeah, I bet it will be. I wonder how much she gets paid for reprising her “One Whacked-out Chic Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” role? Wonder if it will be enough for her son’s bail money?

Damn. If I were a stand up comic these days, I’d be making a fortune. Shit just writes itself, don’t it?

4 Responses

  1. “The crazy train has left the station.” Funny you should say that, Scott — that’s the first thing that went through my mind when I heard that Palin was backing Trump “We’re going off the rails …”
    But you know, I called this weeks ago … maybe just to my own T.V. set, but I remember saying, “Sarah Palin is going to be Trump’s running mate.”

  2. I’ve just had a quick look at online betting. You can get odds of up to 25 to 1 for Jeb Bush becoming president.

    • I might allocate a small amount and take that bet.Much better odds than a lottery ticket,although betting on our national elections is kinda like wagering on the ending of a movie or who’s going to win a pro wrestling match.Think of the profit potential at 25 to 1, for those “in the know”, like agencies with black budgets and banks with hidden cash hordes.

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