Donald Trump Goes Full Freak-show: Brings in Sarah Palin to Torpedo Campaign

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The night before Trump announced this “big news”, Sarah’s son was arrested for punching a woman in the face and being drunk while in possession of a weapon. Since he has returned from his “heroic” stint in the military, he’s been using drugs, getting into drunken brawls with his family and divorced after only two years. Yesterday, Sarah implied that his problems stem from the fact that Obama doesn’t love the troops enough. Can you say “freak show”?

UPDATE: Here are 12 of the dumbest things she said last night. Enjoy

UPDATE: At one point she starts railing about the political class being subservient to the “crony capitalists” and talks about how they leave the border open so the billionaires can make more profits off cheap labor. Donald wasn’t smiling at that point since he’s one of those billionaires profiting off cheap illegal labor. It’s pretty funny.

UPDATE: I just figured it out, she’s like a Seinfeld character.


Sarah Palin Donald Trump

When you absolutely, positively have to lose a nomination… Sarah Palin that shit.

“This is going to be so much fun” she said of her taking the stage and reprising her little ignorant rube candidate character from 2008 and she jumped right into it. One thing you can say about her, she commits to the character she plays with abandon.

“I was told when I decided to endorse someone in this primary “you are going to get so beat up and chewed up in the press” and I thought…. “aaaaand?” Sarah Palin

Yeah. That’s the Palin Effect.

You almost feel sorry for Trump don’t you? He was never supposed to win. His job was to deflect attention away from the chosen one (I still say it’s Jeb Bush) over the course of the long primary season while collecting all the votes from the fringe candidates like Rand Paul for instance. I don’t think he ever expected to be able to make such outrageous statements and continue growing in popularity. My guess is, he’s already overstayed his welcome and you can’t help but wonder if, when sitting with his family at night in private, he doesn’t actually start wondering aloud if he could have won this thing and actually been the next president.

Of course, we all know what the Bush family does to presidents who get in their way, don’t we.

Watching him stand next to that ass-clown, you can see how disgusted Trump is with the whole freak-show turn of events his campaign is being forced to take.

No one gives a shit about Sarah Palin. McCain picked her to be his running mate so he would lose. And the only people who are actually fans of hers, are also fans of that Canadian televangelist with the Goldman Sachs wife, Ted Cruz.

You can say it’s the “jumped the shark” moment of the Trump campaign but that’s not right. You jump sharks when you’re in trouble and about to crap out. Trump is steadily winning poll after poll in spite of how insipid, self-absorbed and ignorant of world events he makes himself out to be.

With this move, Trump’s days are certainly numbered. That’s the Palin Effect: losing.

Cruz is sulking because he lost his trailer-park queens vote.

And now we see the “responsible” candidates start looking pretty good on the republican side, right? And who would that be?

As I said a couple days ago and yesterday, Killary’s recent “missteps” have resulted in Bernie pulling away from her in the latest poll. Looks like it’s gonna be Bush v Sanders for 2016. I least I’m still sticking with that prediction. We’ll see.

8 Responses

  1. Betting odds still calling for Hillary as the next president. Trump is now the favourite for the Republican nomination. I find the betting odds are good way of gauging the result. No conflict of interest, they’ve got to get it right or they lose money.

    • I din’t know they had a line on this. My guess is it’s not Vegas. If you can afford it, Bet Jeb to win. My guess is they wont pay out, but he’s the chosen one in my opinion.

      • I’d have to agree. Trump could upset the continuity of America’s narratives. This is not compatible with American ideals. He’s there to stimulate emotional extremes and to soften peoples’ sensibilities, not to be the president.

  2. Thank you. I needed a laugh. It’s just that tickle in the epiglottis….that vomit reflex. Out of a few million people we need to be running for president…. We weep for our pride. Sorry to beleaguer the obvious but Trump, or any of them, are to mature leadership what Spagetti-os is to fine dining. Lord save us from ourselves.

  3. It would be hard to think of a more comical (if you like dark humor) and disgusting idiot than Trump to represent all that is wrong with the USA.
    I believe the establishment had him flirt with 911 truth to give truthers a bad name………like they did with Charlie Sheen and Rosie O’Donnel.
    Only clowns and degenerates are permitted to speak of 911 truth……to prevent reasonable people from researching it.

    The notion that people actually started to support Trump is mind blowing. I doubt the controllers even saw that one coming, so they had to introduce Palin to torpedo the Trump freak show.

    The very close association with both Trump and the Clintons to scumbag pimp Jeff Epstein clearly shows how they are all part of the same club.
    A Bush, a Clinton, a Trump all will disgrace the USA and continue to war on the people.

  4. I have no access to main stream media. Consequently, I find myself at a disadvantage in analyzing their shenanigans. This video of Zarah is my re-immersion. I must say, it is frightening because the real rubes eat her shit up with feverish delight. She is no rube! She, clearly, has devious speech writers out of some organized crime satanic nightmare of an “evil genius” convention. Yeah, this speech is the work of collaboration of gangster/status quo criminal elites with an Ivy league education. They know how grotesquely stoopid Amerikkka is. A sad day indeed. I imagine an old Dick Tracy cartoon with the likes of Pruneface, Flat top, Mumbles in full control of the city, laughing at the rubes with their gun moll Zarah pandering to their pathetic dreams. The race to the bottom is almost won. We lose.

  5. This also means that the Donald and “Lisa Ann” are free to float an unlimited number of trial balloons for the establishment regarding our future enslavement between now and whenever Trump “loses”.Maybe we could build a Berlin type wall around the whole fucking country,huh?His campaign is serving some key psychological functions like allowing the hordes to vent about the empire’s decline,and keeping them in the political ball park,so to speak.He’s talking about “making us great again”,while actually managing our decline.

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