Latest ISIS Atrocity in Syria. “Moderate Terrorists” Trained by the CIA

by Steve Lendman, Global Research

CIA operatives, US special forces and their rogue state counterparts train ISIS recruits in the fine art of committing gruesome atrocities, including beheadings, use of chemical and other toxic agents, as well as mass slaughtering civilians.

US-led Western imperial ruthlessness bears full responsibility for the latest horrific incident.

Dier Ezzor is Syria’s seventh largest city, its largest eastern one, located 280 miles northeast of Damascus. Pre-war, its population exceeded 200,000. Syrian oil fields are located in the area. The province connects ISIS’ declared capital Raqqa with Iraqi territory it controls.

Reports indicate their fighters slaughtered around 280 people, including women, children and whole families loyal to Assad’s government.

Mass murder followed Russia initiating efforts to provide area residents with desperately needed humanitarian aid, conducting airdrop operations.

The incident is one of the largest atrocities since Obama launched proxy war in March 2011 – using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as imperial foot soldiers.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported 300 lives lost in Dier Ezzor’s al-Bghailiye village, mostly “women, children and the elderly.”

Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi condemned what he called a barbaric and cowardly massacre. America and other nations supporting this scourge bear full responsibility.

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