A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

(H/T Scoop Feed)

Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel (Sibrel.com) presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the moon, proving that the crew never left earth orbit.

Yeah, it’s the same guy who was running up to astronauts saying they are liars and cowards and getting punched in the face and demanding others “put the speculation to rest” by swearing on a ridiculous bible that they walked on the moon. Seems like after doing this good documentary he decided to make himself look as much like a jerk as he could. But still, the video is pretty good and addresses a number of issues with the videos and still shots from the moon as well as the context in which the “moonshot” was conceived. There’s no fake Stanley Kubrick in this one or pictures of Danny wearing an Apollo 11 sweater. Just some really good evidence of how they staged one of the biggest scams in the history of mankind (title now belongs to “ISIS” I guess) along with a little insight into why they did it.

Given Joe Biden’s new task, I thought it would be appropriate to post this video.

Let’s hope they don’t cure cancer the same way they put boots on the ground on the moon.


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    Just makes you wonder.

  2. Let’s hope they don’t cure cancer the same way they put boots on the ground on the moon.

    Speaking of boots on the ground:

  3. Hi Scott, happy to see you are looking into the moon hoax thing. It could certainly do with your powerful insights. If I may suggest, McGowan had already done an open and shut case on this in wagging the moondoggie and you might utilise some of McGowan’s subtle insights and power. I believe what the honest people need is a larger perspective on the greater hoax theme – starting to get clever in 1938 – War of the World Hoax. Hence I respectfully offer that you might be inclined to cast your minds efforts into weaving a narrative of the greater “hoax theme” and “virtual reality” angle across decades (or if you want to look at Joe Atwill’s research, possibly centuries). I’ve started here in simple tabular form but am limited for time and am not the master narrator that you are: http://tiny.cc/tbmcheatsheet – I look for the clear (and subtle) trends and patterns across time that Prof. McMurtry teaches – ie Cui Bono! My only other comment, I like Bart Sebriel, but I’m a little concerned that he has changed his “image” and looks so significantly – he looks like two different person’s from video to his web site. This concerns me from an authenticity perspective. Having said that, I’m yet to find anything that sounds like a psyop/misdirect in his writings – he seems very plausible – but per usual, one must ABV – always be validating. I hope my cheatsheet is of some assistance. Cheers, Dave

  4. NASA engineer admits they can’t get past the Van Allen Belts ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlXG0REiVzE&feature=share

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