What I think of the Hoopla Surrounding the Lifting of the Iranian Sanctions

by Scott Creighton

The IAEA submitted it’s final Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) report yesterday afternoon which confirmed what everybody with half a brain has known for years: Iran has not been seeking to make a nuclear weapon (even the Mossad and the CIA admit that) and will comply with all agreements with the international community that it signs onto.

This has been their position for decades in spite of the lies we have been fed over and over again by various administrations and the complicit press. That’s probably why the conclusions in the final report were expected by the various leaders both political and business.

Big Business and Big Oil representatives shuttled over to Iran late last week in anticipation of this result. They wanted to hit the ground running knowing many sanctions would be lifted and there would be some profits to be made.

Funny isn’t it? All those phony candidates from the republican side of the scripted reality TV show that is the republican primary are condemning Obama and anyone else they can for signing the deal with Iran, but not one single “candidate” has one single thing too say about Big Business and Big Oil running over there to turn a profit with “the enemy” just as fast as their private jets will get them there.

For anyone paying attention, that should say a lot. Of course, just like this “deal”, that’s just more of the same, isn’t it?

Then again, the patriarch of the republican party, George H. W. Bush had a daddy who did business with Hitler. Was his banker. Henry Ford helped the Nazis build tanks which ended up running over your grandfather. Standard Oil kept the Nazi planes in the air as they bombed Europe. IBM helped the Nazis process the slaves for all the work camps. Profiting off the Great War was just fine with the far right here in the land of the Big PX because it’s just business, right?  And as we know, the needs of business out-weigh the needs of the many. I guess some things never change.

Of course, I don’t equate Iran and Nazi Germany. But we all know, the far right in this country does and they do it quite often. Well, as often as their sugar daddies at AIPAC tell them to.

To that end:

The American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) released a statement last night regarding the implementation of the JCPOA deal and the removal of a few of the sanctions illegally imposed on Iran due to a nuclear program they don’t have.

Needless too say, the Likudniks aren’t happy and are, once again, issuing us a not-so veiled threat over it (H/T Scoop Feed):

The implementation of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is “a dangerous moment for America and our allies”, the American pro-Israel lobby AIPAC warned on Sunday night.” Behind the News

AIPAC demands congress take action to support Israel some more and to impose new sanctions against Iran for testing an ICBM the other day and “continued support for terrorism and arming of regional proxies”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The Mossad has been running proxy armies all over the Middle East and the US just agreed to spend about 65 billion dollars this year on “overseas contingency operations” (unconventional warfare and irregular warfare waged with proxy armies) and that’s too say nothing of the half billion dollars Obama earmarked 2 years ago to fund and train a proxy army in Syria made up of Takfari terrorists from Saudi Arabia and other like-minded places.

And speaking of the pot calling the kettle black:

Iran is a member in good standing of the Non-Proliferation Treaty as well as the IAEA whereas Israel is not. Iran holds no nuclear weapons nor any form of program to develop them while the biggest non-secret in the Middle East is Israel’s illegal and unregulated 300 of the damn things plus a program to develop more of them. Iran has never attempted to transfer nuclear capacity or weapons to any other state while Israel tried to sell a couple of them to Apartheid South Africa back in the day.

Of course, with the mindset that is currently in fashion here in the states where we ignore Big Business and their trading with the enemy practices, the same holds true for the Friends of Israel. Our “special friend” in the region.

And it is an election year, isn’t it? AIPAC’s mention of congress wasn’t by accident, that’s for sure.

Kinda makes one wonder about the “misnavigation” of those two boats in the Persian Gulf the other day now doesn’t it? Timing is everything, right?

Not to be outdone by the republican warmongers, Killary Clinton has also taken this opportunity to play both sides of the fence.

She praised Obama for all that “diplomacy” (which wasn’t by the way. The P5+1 negotiations (Russia, China, France, Britain, Germany + the United States) were attended by John Kerry but not initiated by John Kerry.  The position the Obama administration found itself in was a losing one from the start. The agreement was going to be signed and the rest of the Westernized world was going to implement the removal of the sanctions regardless of what the US did. That meant US Big Business was going to miss out on the opportunity if they didn’t follow suit and the United States would appear to be the pouting, spoiled child sitting in the corner by himself. So Obama had to agree and sit in on the negotiations whether they wanted to or not.

While the complicit press breathlessly preaches about how ObamaGod made it all happen, the reality, once again, is something completely different.

After praising ObamaGod for the “success” of the agreement, Killary made sure to get on her knees and service her AIPAC masters. It is an election season after all. Of course she has to get in line and while Bernie wont actually be waiting on it, he certainly wont be talking about it. We all know that about his particularly twisted “antiwar” position. He seems to be of the school of politics that says “If you can’t say something nice about Israeli policy, don’t you dare say anything at all… or else”

On Saturday, Clinton praised Obama for implementing the nuclear agreement with Iran, but added that all concerns about the Islamic Republic are not addressed.

Iran is still violating UN Security Council resolutions with its ballistic missile program, which should be met with new sanctions designations and firm resolve,” she said.

Clinton said if elected president her policy toward Iran would be to “distrust and verify.” Press TV

This two-faced stance of hers will certainly be met with some resistance regarding her fan base.

But that’s OK.

After her daughter opened up her idiotic mouth regarding Single Payer Health Care and Bernie Sanders, it seems Killary is actively in the process of torpedoing her own campaign. Bringing in Slick Willy didn’t help much either. Nor did her deliberately misleading statements about taxes and Bernie’s health plan.

Even her lifelong friends and advisers are saying she “mismanaged” the whole “Bernie” thing which could ultimately spell big trouble for her campaign.

Amazing how that might spell doom while selling influence to other countries through the Clinton Global Initiative while serving as Sec. of State doesn’t even rate as a blip on the radar screen. I guess that BUSINESS FIRST ideology isn’t strictly a republican malady, is it?

Add in the email recently released showing Hillary and the French had their eyes on all that Libyan gold before the “humanitarian bombing campaign” and Cinderella’s ball will coming to an end pretty soon.

We came. We saw. We stole the fucking gold. Hee hee hee giggle

Then all we need is for Hillary to let loose on a Howard Dean screech and she’ll be out of the running, ready to take that job at the World Bank she’s been wanting.

Ultimately, we are going to have another Bush in the White House this time next year. And all the nifty little tricks like Fast Track and the potential new Authorization for Use of Military Force will be in his hands.

So will the determination of whether or not Iran has violated this new agreement making available new instant sanctions to be implemented.

That’s reassuring isn’t it?

Big Business and Big Oil have about a year to suck what they can out of Iran. After that, when the grandson of a Nazi banker sets up house in the Oval Office, who knows what’s in store for us. His brother was the one who finally got rid of Saddam on behalf of Big Oil and Israeli interests, right? I don’t think it takes a great deal of creativity to read the writing on the wall.

The behind the scenes negotiations (and by that I mean “threats”) are almost a given.

  • “Neoliberalize the economy or we’ll find violations in the agreement”
  • “Sell your oil on the petro dollar or else”
  • “Take this here IMF loan or face Armageddon”

They write themselves don’t they?

Unfortunately I have to conclude this is just more political theater with some predictable profit margins mixed in for good measure. Never let a good manufactured crisis go to waste.

No, ObamaGod hasn’t saved the world or prevented the inevitable Iranian regime change/color revolution/humanitarian intervention/Shock and Awe campaign.  And he certainly hasn’t prevented Iran from developing a nuclear weapons program. All he has done is make the best out of a bad situation and done so in a manner that endears him to the Big Business/Big Oil masters of the universe and padded his phony “progressive” resume in the process.

As historic as this deal might seem, it’s more of the same.

6 Responses

  1. Good overview Scott. I have to ask how in the hell do you think Jeb will win the Republican nomination?

    • well, it’s just a theory of mine, but I believe they need to keep Bush royalty in the White House. Remember, he doesn’t really have to “win” the election. They just need to create a narrative that explains HOW he “wins”. The electronic voting machines will take care of the rest during the primaries and when he runs against either Killary the Criminal (FBI October Surprise?) or Bernie the Dreaded SoooOOoooOooOOocialist, the narrative will be that a number of republicans came out to vote AGAINST either of the dems. The election results therefore wont match either the exit polls or the pre-general election poll results. Jeb is also married to a Latino wife so they can always say the untraceable immigrant vote was influential as well. We all know Trump and Carson are merely distractions. Something to feed the press so they don’t fixate on the flaws of the real candidates. Rubio might make a run for it, but I doubt Cruz will. His Goldman Sachs wife and his Canadian birth will end up costing him. In my opinion, Trump is performing the role of the thug in hockey. He’s out there to knock the opposition out and make things look more exciting than they really are. He has no interest in being president. That’s why he wont take corporate or big banking money for his campaign.

      When the dust settles and Jeb starts rising in the primaries, he’s going to end up being the last “responsible” looking choice. Remember back in 2008? McCain went from dead last in Dec. 2007 to securing the nomination in nearly record time by March I think. And his campaign staff had quit on him in Nov. or something like that. Well, that’ because they needed someone the republicans wouldn’t support to run against the chosen one, Obama. Now we have two fall guys on the democrat side basically doing the same thing. Personally, I think it will be Bernie running against Jeb so they can say the Hillary Center “Left” dems didn’t come out to support Bernie. Or vise versa. Either way, that will be their explanation for the results.

      Why Jeb? Because he is a Bush and George H. W. Bush and his system of cronies demand it. Plus it sends a powerful message to anyone paying attention: this is a managed democracy. That’s why we install dictators in countries we “liberate”. It provides stability. And the message being sent to the masters of the universe is that they can provide stability here at home just as easily.

      So I predict President Bush and Vice President Paul (or Rubio) will take office next year. And until he drops out of the race, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. 🙂

  2. Hey its Randy. I just met you in person and i wanted to say your’e very smart and you have a great amount knowledge and validity to your article.. Nice meeting you sir.

  3. Well, less than 24 hours later, new sanctions are placed on Iran. Oh, that AIPAC — they’re just incorrigible.

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