What the Fuck?! Trump’s “Freedom Kids” Perform Hitler Youth Styled Propaganda at Rally

by Scott Creighton

If this had been done in North Korea with a song about the glorious leader, it would be denounced as evidence of brainwashing.

Where can you expect to find that perfect mixture of closeted Middle America pedophilia (like every “Junior Miss” pageant) and blind fascist nationalism you’ve been waiting for?

Where else? A Donald Trump rally.

I don’t know what too say about this. Some talent-less little girls (the Freedom Kids or Hilter’s Youth perhaps?) wearing short red, white and blue skirts lip-syncing a ridiculous propaganda diddy while saluting and praising “freedom and democracy” “over here.. over there” in front of a bunch of mindless white people with one black lady strategically seated right in the middle of the crowd.


Are you serious?

Apologies for freedom, I can’t handle this.

When freedom rings, answer the call!

On your feet, stand up tall!

Freedom’s on our shoulders, USA!

Enemies of freedom face the music, c’mon boys, take them down

President Donald Trump knows how to make America great

Deal from strength or get crushed every time

Yep. Blow people up who don’t want our “democracy” to come to their country and turn it into a slave pit. That’s coming from the mouths of babes. Literally from the mouths of babies… babies wearing short, patriotic skirts… with a bunch of drooling old men staring at the from behind.

Talk about a fucking freak show.

I almost feel like I shouldn’t put this perversion on my website. How is this not the end of Trump’s fake run for the White House? How far does this guy got to go before he’s run out of town on a rail?

Like the commenter from Youtube said, can you imagine if the press got hold of something like this from Iran or North Korea? Or even Russia?

Holy shit. We are lost folks. That’s it. It’s the 7th sign of the apocalypse. What am I doing this for if this shit is really a thing in this country? Goddamn. We’re just days away from out of work rednecks running around for “freedom” rounding up the ebil leftists and killing them in the middle of the night. Goddamn. Good thing we’re getting rid of education right?

That’s just… wow.

Makes you want to bring back Lincoln and Jefferson and show ’em what they made, right? Or more to the point, what we allowed these clowns to do with it.


Let’s put this into a little context, shall we?

c. 1940. Real video:

Translation is not quite right… (English) Adolf Hitler is our savior, our hero. The noblest Leader in the whole world. For Hitler we live, and for him we (would) gladly die, For the Leader unto death, For he is, he is our God. (German) Adolf Hitler – ist unser Retter, unser Held.  Der edelste Führer auf der ganzen ganzen Welt.  Für Hitler leben wir,  Und für ihn sterben gerne wir. Für den Führer bis zum Tod,  denn er ist, er ist unser Gott.

And from film The Book Thief:



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6 Responses

  1. Feb 2, 2017
    This just in:
    “Newly elected President Trump, with the help of some select members of Congress, have convinced the government to resign for the good of the country. In the meantime, Now Emperor Donald I has renamed the United States the Republic Of Trumpitya (ROT), and has recently stated that the borders with Mexico and Canada are illegal and should be removed by whatever means necessary. His Utter Highness (HUH) said he envisions a Greater Trumpitya in the future.”

    • don’t laugh. it’s probably going to be true. he’ll do it, Killary will do it or Jeb the Lesser will do it. One way or the other, a pretty accurate prediction.

  2. Almost 12 years ago this month, Howard Dean did his infamous “scream” of enthusiasm and was later embarrassed into dropping out of the 2004 race by the relentless replay of the moment. Yet, Trump is a total embarrassment and keeps on truckin’? He’s like “Locomotive Breath”: It won’t stop going, no way to slow down.

    I clicked on the clip and could only watch five seconds, sorry. 🙂 Maybe I’ll have to revisit it later to listen for myself. Not a fan of cheerleaders or child beauty pageantry to begin with. A cheer combined with excessive nationalism? I just can’t…

    Scott, have you ever seen “A Face in the Crowd” with Andy Griffith? ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes may come from an impoverished background, unlike Trump, but I’ve never seen such a megalomaniacal demagogue stirring up the worst in the masses with such faux populism as Trump represents. I know there have been others in our history, but it seems more dangerous in these times with the scope of reach candidates have today.

    I’m totally for free speech, but the mentality of those who most fervently believe in him is akin to the type who seem ever ready to be in a pitchfork mob. Have you noticed the blind worship of the man by some? It’s truly frightening. These kind of phenomena are precisely why I avoid large crowds.

    • This guy says the election campaign thus far “is the most grotesque in history” and to that sentiment, I have to agree. At least in so much of the history that I have witnessed in my 49 years.

      As they say, there’s nothing that happens in politics that is by coincidence.

      I think we are supposed to be frightened by the freaks on the right, yet not quite ready to “feel the Bern” of soOOooOooOoocialism as represented by Sanders. So, I guess, I mean, how much work is it going to take in this WWE political world we live in in order for them to gin up a plausible narrative that explains how yet another Bush gets “elected” to the White House?

      Cruz is a televangelist with who married into Goldman Sachs (notice even the left wingers aren’t mentioning that very much) and Trump is a sleazy used car salesman complete with the horrible comb-over and over the line sexual statements about his own daughter. Fiorina is a failed CEO, Carson is liar. Rand has all but bowed out while Cristie is still in the race and one of the seemingly reasonable choices, but still his baggage surrounding Bridgegate makes him unelectable to the office.

      On the other hand, Killary is doing her level best to undermine her own support (and sizable lead) by attacking Sanders’ popular stance on Single Payer while also screeching about more sanctions against Iran.

      You see how they are starting to filter themselves out? Yeah, it’s takes much more that a simple yell like it did back when we expected rational behavior from our “leaders” but they are working on it. This is a pattern (Romney’s comment about not caring about 49% of the country. McCain’s oogling Obama’s ass at the end of the debate, sticking his tongue out at it. Kerry conceeding in record time and Gore refusing to hear valid complaints from the House members about election rigging in Florida.)

      What we are looking at is a scripted reality TV show, not an election. And unfortunately, when you have cartoonish behavior substituting for reality, you’ll also get a rise in the crazies in the population.

      Here’s an interesting note: that government funding bill Ryan put together and they signed late Dec. 2015 not only had the new CISPA attached as a rider, but it also included language that would make it legal to give some of the 68 billion for “overseas contingency operations” (Special Forces terrorism) to the neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

      And now we have the rise of neo-Nazis over here. What a shock, right?

  3. Scary and … Very funny.
    But mostly scary …

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