Noam Chomsky Jumps on Board the Turkish Regime Change Bandwagon – Next Stop, Greater Kurdistan

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: So, we have Di$info Jone$ and Noam Chomsky working on this bi-partisan issue. Now let’s add former NASA employee and believer of the official Pentagon 9/11 story, Mike Rivero, to the mix.

And if Edrogan chooses genocide, it will create an absolute civil war in Turkey.”

Look at that. He talks about Erdogan committing “genocide” and the coming Turkish “civil war”. Where have we heard that kind of talk before? Hmmm….


Featured prominently on Di$info Jone$’ Israel-backed website is an article from RT about how the great Noam Chomsky is calling out Turkish President Recep Erdogan as being the sole reason for all the violence and instability in his country, saying he’s waging a “war” against his own people, the Kurds in the south east, so he can make himself a dictator.

“The responsibility for the present self-inflicted crisis in the country must lie squarely with Erdogan, who perceives the Kurds – whether it is the HDP [the pro-Kurdish, left-leaning party that gained 81 seats at the last election], the PYD in Syria or the PKK [the separatist Kurdish Workers’ Party] – as obstacles to his plan to establish supreme rule for the Turkish presidency.

“With the sieges imposed on their communities in the southeast, Turkey has effectively declared war on its own people. This current crisis is manufactured and totally unnecessary. It demonstrates once again that Erdogan is a deeply divisive force.” Noam Chomsky and Immanuel Wallerstein

As I have stated in the past and shown many times, the conflict in south east Turkey is related to those in Iraq and Syria but not by “ISIS”.

The plan, as laid out in several official journals and even recent conferences held in New York and Iraqi Kurdistan, is all about nation building. A Greater Kurdistan is waiting in the wings. A country, to be run much like Saudi Arabia, by the corrupt, neoliberal Barzani clan in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Promising to stretch from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea and even up to the Black Sea, Greater Kurdistan could answer so many troubling questions in terms of the next evolutionary jump in the development of Pipelinestan.

What is happening in the eastern parts of Iraq and Syria must be met with an equal effort to destabilize south east Turkey in order to declare it a lawless region and break off a part of the country to hand it over to the neoliberal Kurds.

Erdogan is struggling against this plan. That is evidenced by his attacks on the Kurds, who, if you recall, just a few years ago he himself managed to reach a peace deal with which was only broken relatively recently when Kurdish fighters attacked Turkish policemen killing two of them.

Referring to operations of Kurdish separatists in the PKK, Erdogan added: “We are ready to tell them what is happening in the southeast. They should see with their eyes whether the problem is a violation by the state or the hijacking of our citizens’ rights and freedoms by the terrorist organisation.”

He accused Chomsky and the other signatories of displaying the “mentality of colonialism” . “You so- called intellectuals are not enlightened persons, you are in the dark. You are nothing like intellectuals.” Irish Times

Chomsky has been called on to spend what remains of his liberal street credit on this, the most important geo-political project during Obama’s last year of left-cover presidency. Jeb Bush will never be able to get away with it. Not under the guise of another “humanitarian bombing” campaign like Obama and Kerry can.

Tipping his hand, Noam Chomsky incorporates the language of the regime change propagandists, betraying what what he should obviously know by now about “ISIS”.

“Turkey blamed Isis [for the Istanbul attack], which Erdogan has been aiding in many ways, while also supporting the al-Nusra Front, which is hardly different. He then launched a tirade against those who condemn his crimes against Kurds – who happen to be the main ground force opposing Isis in both Syria and Iraq. Is there any need for further comment?””Irish Times

What a ridiculous statement to come from someone like Chomsky. He basically regurgitates the nation builder’s propaganda then asks if any one needs to look any further than his unsupported, baseless claims.

“ISIS” is our creation. The Kurds serve us (the US) in our neoliberal efforts in Iraq and Syria.

How the fuck does anyone with the intelligence and resources belonging to someone like Chomsky come out and basically blame al Nursa and “ISIS” on Erdogan?

That he does that should itself make anyone who has been having a hard time understanding what is going on in Turkey with Erdogan (recently limited the power of the military, spent the money on universal education, refused a new IMF loan and his party won the recent election, keeping neoliberals from Penn. like Gulen from returning Turkey to the control of the masters of the universe) ask themselves if there is any need for further comment.

The fact that Di$info Jone$ now features Chomsky on his disinformation website should also be a clue.

Chomsky has joined the neoliberals in Turkey calling for Erdogan’s removal from office. It wont stop there. They want his political party stripped of power as well.

This is a typical regime change destabilization plan and it is set in the atmosphere of the nation building project of Greater Kurdistan. We see it in Syria. We saw it in Libya. Same thing in Yugoslavia and Nicaragua in days gone by.

Send in the terrorists, attack public infrastructure, turn them into “freedom fighters” and finger the elected government as the bad guys so you can arrange a “humanitarian intervention” with bombs and missiles before anyone is the wiser. It’s the same thing over and over again and Mr. Chomsky has written about these things, over and over again.

It’s funny how Noam seems to miss all of this taking place in real time. As he once said, “it takes a well educated person to be obtuse” or something like that.


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3 Responses

  1. Off topic but I ran across this yesterday. Not sure if you’ve seen it.

  2. “Send in the terrorists, attack public infrastructure, turn them into “freedom fighters” and finger the elected government as the bad guys so you can arrange a “humanitarian intervention” with bombs and missiles before anyone is the wiser.”

    Scott has just described the entire US foreign policy in 37 words.

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