Bashar Al-Jaafari, Syrian Permanent Representative to the UN Accuses Al-Jazeera Channel of Serious News Fabrications (full video)

by Scott Creighton (H/T jag37777 )

(top comment from the Youtube page hosting this video)

Even when watching this live on Aljezzera they kept cutting him out and talking over the serious issues. fucking dickheads/ FREE SYRIA

It is important to remember al-Jazeera is based out of Qatar which supports Obama’s efforts at regime change in Syria. Their main offices are located less than 5 miles from the US embassy in Doha.

“al-Jazeera is a Doha-based state-funded broadcaster owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network, which is partly funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar.”


al Jazeera did some good work over the years especially with the uprising in Egypt, the real one, which ousted Mubarak even after Hillary Clinton tried her best to keep him in place. Afterward, Clinton went off on news organizations like al Jazeera. Said they were “winning” the propaganda war. By that she meant they were “winning” by simply telling the truth. That is certainly no longer a problem for Mrs. Clinton.


[…] at 12:45 journalist (al Jazeera) asks if the reports of starving people are fabrications.

Dr. al-Ja’afari [Syria’s Ambassador to the UN]: “Yes, indeed, and the main responsible for these fabrications is your own channel, Al Jazeera, and Al Arabiya….Your channel is mainly responsible for fabricating these, for these allegations and lies.


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  1. AJ US has shut down in the past few days I’m told.

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