Syrians Besieged by US Supported Terrorists Risk Death, Fake Media Reports Blame Bashar Al-Assad

by Steve Lendman, Global Research

ISIS and other terrorist groups are killing Syrians they hold captive by appalling atrocities,  exposure to freezing temperatures, denial of vital medical treatment, and starvation.

Syrian armed forces so far haven’t freed trapped Fuaa and Kafrya residents in Idlib province mountainous areas. They may freeze to death from exposure or perish from denial of essential to life services.

Syrians in Aleppo province Nubl and Al-Zahra areas are threatened the same way. Unknown numbers are dying out of sight and mind, their situation ignored by the media- suffering at the hands of US-supported ISIS and other terrorist groups, holding them captive under siege and endless war.

Anyone attempting to leave risks being lethally shot by snipers. Many hundreds of desperate men, women and children were killed or wounded, medical care mostly unavailable.

Earlier Syrian attempts to deliver humanitarian aid were blocked or stolen. Nubl and Al-Zahra have been under siege for years.

Fake Western, Saudi and Qatari media images alleging Madaya starvation substitute for explaining the plight of Syrians besieged by ISIS and other terrorist groups

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  1. […] at 12:45 journalist (al Jazeera) asks if the reports of starving people are fabrications.

    Dr. al-Ja’afari [Syria’s Ambassador to the UN]: “Yes, indeed, and the main responsible for these fabrications is your own channel, Al Jazeera, and Al Arabiya….Your channel is mainly responsible for fabricating these, for these allegations and lies.

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