Philly Cop Shooting: Dumbest… Psyop… Ever. (and other news)

by Scott Creighton

First, I have to tell you this story:

Yes, that is Archer and ISIS

Described once as “James Bond meets Arrested Development”, the FX network’s animated adult-themed cartoon, Archer (soon to begin airing it’s 7th season), is a wildly funny, irreverent and often scathing look at the state of the for-profit intelligence industry here in America post-9/11.

Sterling Malory Archer (codename: Duchess) is a shallow, self-serving, jet-setting 36-year-old party-boy of a secret agent man working for his alcoholic, constantly scheming mother, Malory Archer, at her New York based International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). Yes, she named her son after herself.

ISIS hard at work making America safe from the terrorists.

Like the “real” ISIS™, the fictional FX version of ISIS is funded by the US government and therefore Malory (mother) sees that as her birthright to exploit every mission they are sent on to attempt to feather her own nest as best she can. Unfortunately for her, her son spends government money lavishly with varying results and her comptroller is busy setting up off-shore, numbered secret accounts for himself on nearly every project.

(Trust me… I’m going somewhere with this. Just hang in there for a minute)

Yeah. That seems about right as a depiction of our hard earned tax-money going to fight the Global War on Terror. I guess it’s good work when you can get it.

To give you an idea of just how historically accurate this cartoon is, in season 5 the US government quit funding ISIS so Malory and company decided to take advantage of a huge pile of cocaine they had in storage (and never turned over to the authorities) in order to become a leading drug cartel so they could continue living in the lifestyles they had become accustomed to back when they had government funding. So they moved the operation down to Miami and the show, for a season, became Archer VICE.

Imagine that. Intel agencies running coke into the country in order to maintain their funding and lavish lifestyles. Whoda thunk it?

At the beginning of season 6, FX decided they needed to change the name of the agency from ISIS. They didn’t want to confuse people. You know, that whole CIA and US government funding ISIS™ thing. Think about that for a second. They had just done a full season of a story-line featuring CIA and government-linked intelligence assets running cocaine into the country, but they didn’t want to imply that the same thing about our newest, most profitable global boogeyman enemy… so they changed it.

According to the season 6 story, the CIA dragged them up from Miami (and selling coke) and put them back to work as intelligence assets. So without really explaining it, the producers simply wrote ISIS out of the story and called the company something else. The change is only referred to once and that is at the beginning of the season in the first show while the mother is on the phone talking to her son, some movers are rolling the ISIS logo sign across the floor and out the door and it’s never mentioned again. And, once again, true to form, the producers then went back on the old episodes and brushed out the ISIS logo when it was shown. Scrubbing history out of the equation.

It is possibly the funniest show on television and is extremely popular even if the producers are chickenshit. I guess in 10 years they might be able to get away with implying that the US government funds ISIS™ like they did with the coke cartel thing, but they damn sure aren’t going to do it now considering so many real ISIS agencies depend on the mythology of ISIS™ for their mortgage payments, private jets and 3-day drug induced alcoholic hooker binges.

Or maybe Rupert Murdoch told them to change it since he owns the network. My money is on the latter.

And now, the other Archer/ ISIS™ story… the dumber one

There’s another Archer/ISIS™ story that took place a couple days ago, one that was surely not written by the Archer crew.

This one involves yet another in the conveniently timed sudden rise of arrests involving some half-baked assholes who are supposedly related to the mythical ISIS™, just at the right time to help justify shutting down the internet (to avoid “radicalization”) and pushing for “common sense” gun control.

Two guys were arrested the other day, one from Texas, the other in California. Apparently one or both worked for the CIA’s “moderate” terrorist groups in Syria, fighting against Assad and the elected government of the country. Both apparently stated at some point they wished to return to Syria, to “return to work”, as paid mercs probably.

While living in Arizona and Wisconsin, he communicated on social media about his intent to return to Syria to fight for terrorist organizations and discussed his previous experience fighting against the regime in Syria…”

Social media and other accounts say that as soon as he arrived in the United States, he began saying he wanted to return to Syria to “work,” which the FBI says is believed to be a reference “to assisting in and supporting violent jihad.” Mercury News

So now they have been “arrested” and will probably find themselves shuttled out the back door of a courtroom and loaded up on some CIA run off the books flight to Jordan where they can get back to work making Syria safe for democracy and such.

I guess it’s true, you can find a job on social media, even in this recession.

The other story of the recent ISIS™ pretext narrative development project involves one Edward Archer (no middle name provided this time) deciding to run full speed at a police vehicle parked for some reason in the middle of an intersection, perfectly framed in the traffic light camera, firing his handgun 13 times at the cop car, then running away while wearing a ridiculous white tunic, just to make sure everyone knows he’s Muslim I guess.

Archer reached the driver’s side window, fired three more times with the gun inside the vehicle, and took off down the street to be later found bleeding from a wound in his butt.

The officer involved, Jesse Hartnett, then opens the door and chases after Archer, supposedly shooting him once in the butt.

In spite of being attacked at point blank range and even having the “terrorist” stick his gun inside the vehicle, presumably making contact with his target, Harnett was only hit “in the arm” three times and was able to get up and walk after the tunic wearing suspect.

Remember when authorities told us that James Holmes said “I am the joker!” when he was arrested and that turned out to be a load of shit?

Authorities claim Archer said he did this for Islam and swore allegiance to the Islamic State, or ISIS™, right after his arrest.

Turns out, that’s a load of shit as well.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross echoed the statement at a news conference on Friday, saying that Archer confessed to the shooting “in the name of Islam.” But Mayor Jim Kenney told ABC-6 that the attack had nothing to do with “being a Muslim or the Islamic faith,” and everything to do with mental illness.

Archer’s mother told that her son had been hearing voices, and Ross said investigators are not yet sure whether he was truly radicalized. Late Friday, a U.S. Muslim advocacy group told Reuters that Archer didn’t appear to be a mosque-going Muslim.

At this hour, it does not appear that he was an observant or mosque-going Muslim” in the local community, said Jacob Bender, executive director of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Huffington Post

So look at that. You got the radicalized angle, you got the Evil Muslim angle, you got the ISIS™ angle, you got the gun control angle and you got the “mental illness” angle making ready for some good old fashioned “common sense” gun control based on Bloomberg’s baby, mental hygiene legislation.

And what did Obama talk about the other night? Half a billion for mental health care? Yeah, that was it.

Of course, if you look a little deeper the story becomes about as ridiculous as any Archer episode as ISIS works diligently to make every operation serve their for-profit agenda.

Law enforcement sources say Archer’s first trip was to Saudi Arabia in 2011 for Hajj. He then traveled to Egypt in 2012. Both trips departed from New York-area airports…

His criminal history shows that in 2013 Archer was arrested by Philadelphia police for terroristic threats and gun charges. He pleaded guilty to carrying a firearm without a license and assault, which carried a 9 to 23 month sentence.

Archer was immediately paroled for time served. In his sentencing reports he states he had never seen a doctor or been hospitalized for mental illness, and that he was not under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

He was also arrested by police in Media, Delaware County at the end of 2012 and was found guilty on six counts, including forgery, altering a document, careless driving and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

Archer was set to be sentenced for that crime this coming Monday. Channel 6 ABC

Would anyone care to explain to me how Archer was immediately paroled for timed served for making terrorist threats and gun charges, when he was currently under indictment for more felony charges and just after he returned from Islamic jihad conflict areas?

Anyone wish to address that little oddity?

I can. Easily. The FBI scooped him up to serve them as a confidential informant. That’s where and how they get these guys.

Here’s another little oddity for you.

The press somehow got their hands on a couple crime scene images of the gun Archer used to attack the police car parked in the intersection.

A higher resolution version showing a more straight on view of the weapon just so happens to show the left side of the firearm, the side where the serial number is stamped on it.

That meant that it could be traced back to it’s original owner by some intrepid investigative journalist… so…

The police then had to release the information about the gun being owned previously… by a local cop.

According to the official story, back in 2013, someone stole this gun from a cop, which was “properly reported” at the time. There are something like 5,800 guns “stolen” from cops every year supposedly.

They said the gun wasn’t equipped with “smart gun technology” which would have prevented anyone else from using it aside from the registered owner.

That just also happens to be something the president mentioned the other night on CNN.

What do you want to bet that they are going to discover Archer bought the gun through and unregistered dealer with no background check?

Let’s update my earlier statement about all the pretext narratives this Archer ISIS™ story hits on, shall we?

  1. you got the radicalized angle
  2. you got the Evil Muslim angle
  3. you got the ISIS™ angle
  4. you got the gun control angle
  5. you got the “mental illness” angle
  6. you got the immigration reform angle
  7. you got the “smart gun technology” angle
  8. you got the expanded background checks angle
  9. you got the closing of the gun sales loopholes angle

Jesus. It’s like it was written by a human resources director making a Walmart employee training film. It’s all in there.

Tailor made for every administration policy agenda they got going right now.

And it’s all based on the rampage of a Muslim who wasn’t really a Muslim who got time served on some serious gun and terrorism related felonies while still under indictment for a bunch of other felonies after returning from Islamic hotbeds of conflict… with a cop’s handgun… which apparently doesn’t shot very straight at a range of about 3 inches.

That about sum it up?

Like I said, this is the dumbest and most obvious of the recent psyop productions I’ve seen in a while.

Maybe someone should ask Rupurt if he can lend them the writing staff from Archer for a little while. Cus this shit is just dumb. 2 and a Half Men level dumb.

Of course, dumb sells these days, doesn’t it? Just ask those Trump fans who were booing and jeering that Muslim woman the other night who showed up at their “Make America a Feudal State Again” rally.

Goddamn. Its enough to make you want to drink, isn’t it?

Who the fuck can blame him?

8 Responses

  1. The pistol in the photo appears to be a second generation Glock 17. It is oddly shinny- the Glock has a Matt plastic finish that does not reflect light like that. If it was freshly sprayed with WD 40, it might shine like that, but no one would attempt to use such an oily pistol- they would wipe it clean on their flowing white robe.

    Also, the pistol in the subjects hand is not a Glock. It appears to be a stainless steel frame with a black slide attached. This is such a rare item commercially that I can only surmise that the pistol in this photo has a Simunitions slide attached to it, to convert the weapon to Simunitions non-lethal training ammo. All simuinitions slides are black.

    You might recall that Simunitions was also used in the street theater ‘assassination’ of a Kurdish lawyer.

  2. Really!! Who just sits there when someone starts shooting at them from more then a lane way and doesnt drive off, never takes foot off the brake, the car has an auto trans, just lift your foot and it drives off by its self, hit the gas and your no longer being shot at….I could do a better job staging this crap…..
    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!!

    • that’s the first thing that attracted me to this story to dig a little deeper. The guy was aware enough to open his door and follow the perp, but he wasn’t aware enough to take his foot off the brake and drive away when he came under fire? it’s ridiculous.

  3. I fear at this point, these incidents only serve to “confirm” the biases of the terminally ill-informed. It doesn’t matter that the fabric is so full of holes it disintegrates when you grab it to hold to the light of scrutiny. Sometimes these stories take on a life and personality of their own, a palpable evil that mocks us in the plain light of day, altering some details, making others disappear altogether.

    If you genuinely enjoy Archer you might have a look at it’s predecessor “Frisky Dingo”. I do like Archer, but it’s really just all the gags and punchlines of Frisky Dingo leisurely unpacked over the course of several seasons, jewed up with over the top vulgarity, and dumbed down for a broader appeal.

  4. Enjoyed this.

    By the way, (sp.) @ “Taylor” = Tailor, unless of course there’s some hidden name pun going on there.

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