Vast Majority of Citizens of Harney County Want Occupiers to Leave – Bundy Says “Not Yet”

by Scott Creighton

The sheriff of Harney County held a little town hall meeting yesterday in the same fairgrounds building where Ammon Bundy introduced himself to the community back in early December and said God told him to occupy the local wildlife refuge until the big bad government gave the land to miners, loggers and millionaire cattlemen.

During the meeting, Sheriff Dave Ward asked for a show of hands from those folks who wanted the Bundy clan to go home and leave them alone. This was the result:

It wasn’t even close. But don’t worry… the Bundy clan doesn’t care. The Captain Moron(i) crew vows to stick around (for at least 14h, 54m, 34s?)

Hundreds of locals from Harney County, Oregon, packed a fairgrounds building on a freezing Wednesday evening to urge armed militants occupying a federal building to go home. HuffPuff

The Bundy militia at first said they were there to support the Hammond duo who were being sent back to prison for arson.

The Hammonds distanced themselves from the clan and, after a peaceful protest organized by them and the locals from the area, turned themselves into authorities days ago.

The Bundy clan then said they were staying until authorities handed over the public land, a wildlife refuge that protects dozens of species of birds and mammals, to mining companies, logging companies and various millionaire ranchers… because that is “liberty” according to them. They said they were doing that to support “the local economy” on behalf of local citizens.

Throughout this whole thing, they have said the local community supports their efforts.

Faced with a resounding show of hands defeat, Ammon Bundy made it very clear, he was never there for the Hammonds or the community for that matter.

There is a time to go home, we recognize that,” Ammon Bundy said at a news conference Wednesday morning. “We don’t feel it’s quite time yet.” HuffPuff

The Mormon uprising has spoken. They will leave when THEY feel like it and the local population has nothing to say about the matter.

It kind of makes you wonder what they are waiting for.

Meanwhile, CNN has had a little countdown ticker on their TV broadcast for the last two days counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until President Obama has his little “town hall meeting” with CIA-linked Anderson Cooper on the subject of gun control (which, according to the ticker, will take place 14h, 54m, 34s from now)

I wonder if the people of Harney have another 14h, 54m, 34s to put up with the Bundy militia.

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  1. I just caught a very interesting and informed discussion about the subject of “land rights” and the Federal government. The presenter makes it clear that the issue is not about the Bundy’s but does clearly address the issue from a constitutional perspective.

    I seem to remember you didn’t want URL’s in the comment section Scott so I’ll just post the title if people want to have a look.

    “What’s Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall”

    • It’s not a matter of what I want. It’s a setting that WP has as a default. I guess I could find it and change it, but people can post links as long as they don’t post more than 2 I think.

    • so she says the federal government can only own 10 squares miles in DC, forts and ports at the permision of the localities. Hmm. She also says the Hammonds did not act in any way, lawlessly. Except for burning publicly owned land in a wildlife preserve so they could have more land to feed their cows on. Don’t take my word for it, a jury of their peers said that. That’s called arson and in one case, they were setting back fires behind firefighters so they would leave and stop fighting the fires. And that’s not lawless behavior?

      These ass clowns have made it perfectly clear. What they want to to take publicly owned land and hand it over to big business (mining, logging and ranchers) so they can turn a private profit from public resources. That’s called neoliberalism and it’s exactly what I have been fighting against since the beginning of this blog.

      Tell me… which mining company should be given the Grand Canyon? Which logging company should we hand over the Redwood Forrest to? You think they should knock down all the stones at Arlington so some rancher’s cows can eat that grass and shit all over the graves?

      I guess that also means they should open up the entire shoreline for BP to start dropping their oil rigs right out there a couple hundred yards from the beach. That’ll be great, right?

      I like how she dismisses the numerous rulings of the Supreme Court in relation to the “territories” clause by saying it doesn’t have the right to “create new powers”.

      so according to her and her “state’s rights” declaration is they are the “ultimate arbitors” of the laws of the land. Great. I guess that would serve the folks at ALEC pretty nicely, wouldn’t it?

      Uh… thanks, but uh… she’s a neoliberal ass clown.

      Funny how turning over federal land to private business is their call to action while ObamaGod and Big Insurance is milking us all dry with their fascist ObamaCare plan.

      Funny how privatizing public lands is their rallying cry while Big Telecom is now spying on us at all times, taking our private communications and even files on our coumputers and claiming they are theirs to do with as they chose.

      Where is her rallying cry about that shit? What was her opinion on the XL Pipeline deal? Did she voice her self righteous opinion about that?

      • I don’t know what her position was with regards to the XL pipeline, nor do I think she has fully flushed out her position with regards to corporate/oligarch seizure and exploitation of publicly owned lands. In this respect your critique is useful in pointing out vulnerabilities in the pure “constitutional framework”. I would say that’s part of a constructive dialogue that would hopefully address the lack of protection that her narrow interpretation offers the environment.

        Conversely there is some usefulness in her position from the perspective of limiting the over reaching power of the Federal government. In so far as the fascistic corporate elite basically own the government and use it as a facade to do whatever they want anyway, the framework she offers puts a roadblock in the way of their plans. It’s likely that is all constitutional protection can do, make it harder for the economic and political elites to consolidate power under the guise of “government by consent” and then run a muck.

        Right now, limiting the power of the Federal government sounds like a pretty good idea. Not a panacea, and it won’t usher in utopia, but a good way to slow the march towards the NWO and give time for more people to wake up.

        Scott have you run across Robert David Steele who is running for president in the Libertarian Party? He’s definitely head and shoulders above everyone else running and seems to combine progressive ideas with enough practical experience to actually survive and move the system in positive directions. Here’s a link to an interview with him.

        “US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”

        He’s says one or two things that make me uneasy but on the whole he’s pretty refreshing.

        • well, then you should be happy. They have limited the power of the federal government. The 12 or so people at the NSA who could have reviewed your info after a “court” order is now about a couple thousand at places like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Verizon. And they can sell that info as well. And all that stuff that the NSA collected about you, from you, for all those years… now belongs to Big Business. That’s an improvement, right? The invisible hand is now going through your shit. Enjoy.

          And pretty soon the federal government’s Medicare and Medicaid program will be limited some more when it’s privatized and folks have to spend more getting less from Big Insurance.

          And pretty soon the federal government’s retirement and disability program will be limited some more when they finally get that huge slice of cheese and hand it over to Wall Street. You can trust them more than Social Security, right?

          No. When “limiting government” is achieved by privatizing it, that’s not a good thing in my book. You might be different. You might think having Walmart run the public education system for a profit is a good idea. I don’t.

          I got a quote for you:

          “State ownership! It leads only to absurd and monstrous conclusions; state ownership means state monopoly, concentrated in the hands of one party and its adherents, and that state brings only ruin and bankruptcy to all.”
          ― Benito Mussolini

          • In terms of data collection the “root issue” is not who controls personal information that is gathered through the NSA/Fascistic Corporate State but rather the data collection be allowed to begin with. Seems to me we need an expanded and strictly interpreted view of the 4th amendment that protects personal electronic communication against seizure by anyone.

            Scott I’m fully on board with the idea that we have a powerful corporate fascist state. The “limitation” I spoke of is not simply directed towards the facade government but rather the actual structure. It just seems we need a point around which we can attack that core structure and begin to deconstruct it. I’m interested in hearing your road map for how that might happen. That’s why I asked about Robert David Steele, he offers suggestions along those lines.

            The question of education is a tougher one. Who decides curriculum? Whose version of “reality” whether it comes to history, science, economics etc will be taught? Even before they pushed the Common Core curriculum for drone workers agenda the educational system was oriented towards supporting the status quo. The real advances in every field have been compartmentalized and classified. That was the second warning in Eisenhower’s farewell speech that doesn’t get nearly as much press.

            Real disclosure of the enormous infrastructure of classified information and technology that has been operating behind the scenes needs to happen if we are to have any chance at all of stopping the agenda of manipulation and control. Cracking that open is the real challenge of regaining some element of freedom. In my opinion until that happens we’ll always be one step behind.

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