Even Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt, Study Finds

(Not only are the insurance companies covering less and less of the expenses, but they are charging more and more for the coverage itself with a double digit premium rate going into effect this year. And remember, thanks to the fascist Obamacare Act, for the first time citizens are mandated to have health insurance at the risk of paying a large penalty if they don’t. Those penalties, by the way, are increasing substantially this year as well, making them about the same as the cost of one of the Bronze insurance policies (cheap ones that provide almost no coverage). Pure, unadulterated fascism and it’s EXACTLY what we who opposed this program warned people about years ago. So if the exuberant premiums don’t put young people in the poor house paying for a policy they don’t need, were something to really happen and they then need the insurance, chances are, the insurance companies wont have to pay shit and the kids will end up broke and destitute anyway… and reluctant to ever go to the doctor again.)

from the New York Times

…In the new poll, conducted by The New York Times and the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly 20 percent of people under age 65 with health insurance nonetheless reported having problems paying their medical bills over the last year. By comparison, 53 percent of people without insurance said the same.

These financial vulnerabilities reflect the high costs of health care in the United States, the most expensive place in the world to get sick. They also highlight a substantial shift in the nature of health insurance. Since the late 1990s, insurance plans have begun asking their customers to pay an increasingly greater share of their bills out of pocket though rising deductibles and co-payments. The Affordable Care Act, signed by President Obama in 2010, protected many Americans from very high health costs by requiring insurance plans to be more comprehensive, but at the same time it allowed or even encouraged increases in deductibles.

…Americans older than 65 are covered by Medicare, which more frequently protects people from major financial trouble.

[read more here]

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