Last Piece of Greater Kurdistan Taking Shape: Color Revolution in Turkey Begins

by Scott Creighton

While opposition politicians in Turkey now openly call for breaking off a piece of the country for the Kurds, the NGOs are busy getting the Kurds out onto the streets to disrupt the Turkish nation in hopes of creating the last piece of Greater Kurdistan while plans are set in place for breaking off parts of Iraq and Syria to hand over to the neoliberal and corrupt Barzani clan.

There are snipers, bodies and globalist NGOs behind all of it. Soon the corporate press and the so-called alternative ones like Mr. Lendman over there, will be calling for a humanitarian intervention in Turkey to save all those precious PKK Kurds from the evils of a dictator gone bad. Sound familiar? Anyone?

Turkish police used tear gas and water cannons indiscriminately against the Kurdish demonstrators, while some of the protesters fought back by throwing stones at riot police vehicles, RT said.

According to Turkish media, the public rally was organized by the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), the Democratic Society Congress and a number of pro-Kurdish NGOs. Sputnik

The recent parliamentary election in Turkey put the AKP back in power and the neoliberal globalists didn’t like that result so here we are, with a wide-spread demonization campaign leveled at Erdogan and a push for regime change by the military taking shape. All they needed was a good old fashioned color revolution and combined with the propaganda being spoon-fed to the world by both the mainstream corporate media and folks like Steven Lendmen, Infowars and Neo Eastern Outlook, you will have another Libya, Syria and Ukraine situation custom made for regime change.

Of course they have their own hashtags at this point, snipers are on rooftops and arrests are being made. The Turkish government says the PKK are behind the growing incidents of violence while the NGOs say it’s the Erdogan government.

Frankly I am surprised Steve Lendman isn’t writing about Erdogan picking off civilians with his own rifles as of yet. But I guess that POS will get around to it eventually.

Meanwhile, plans are moving forward for the redrawing the map of the Middle East and the establishment of the other 2/3rds of Greater Kurdistan based on the mythology of ISIS™.

The case for dividing Iraq and Syria is based on an idea, which is dangerously appealing in its simplicity. Daesh is using ethnic and religious grievances in the Middle East to promote its own agenda. If the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds are allowed to have their own nations, they (particularly the Sunnis) would supposedly be more than willing to launch a major offensive against the terrorist group and other rebel factions. Sputnik


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