Israeli-American “Alternative” Journalist Explains How To “Crush Erdogan” – Hint: Use Kurds and Color Revolution

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Israel has been caught providing medical treatment to 500 al Qaeda terrorists working to destabilize Syria at Ziv Medical Center.


Here you go. Here’s Joshua Tartakovsky over at CounterPunch explaining how to stop Erdogan’s expansionism by using the Kurds to stage a color revolution. Of all things Erdogan has been blamed for that the US and Israel are really the guilty parties, “expansionism” has to be hands down, the funniest.

The US, Iraqi Kurdistan and Israel profit from the oil stolen from the Syrain people… blame Erdogan.

The US, Iraqi Kurdistan and Israel support terrorist destabilizing Syria… blame Erdogan.

And now the US, Iraqi Kurdistan and Israel all have ambitions for taking a piece of Syria and so what does the Israeli-American journalist do over at Counterpunch? He blames Erdogan for even that.


“First, the Kurds in Turkey need to be supported. Supporting them is not only a moral cause, it also will entangle Erdoğan at home and will impede his meddling in Syria and Iraq. It will drain his army.  It may eventually cause the public to turn away from him as it becomes clear that his path leads to destruction and war. Either way, it will draw international attention to the Kurdish issue, will allow the Kurds to defend themselves from slaughter and will move the ball to Erdoğan’s court. One who supported terrorists in Syria should not be surprised when other countries support rebels in his territory.” Joshua Tartakovsky

In that one paragraph from the clever propagandist you see he admits Erdogan currently enjoys the support of the Turkish people and hopes this destabilization campaign of a color revolution might turn the tide a bit. Reminds me of Libya and Syria and Ukraine a little.

Also notice just how fucked this guy’s mindset is. He says it might turn people away from Erdogan as “HIS” path leads to destruction and war and yet in the very next sentence he admits, sending destabilization assets into Turkey to gin-up the color revolution is THEIR PLAN, not Erdogan’s.

So who is Joshua Tartakovsky and why is he so blatantly using the lingo and logic of the neoliberal regime change monsters on an “alternative” website like Counterpunch? Good question.

Joshua Tartakovsky is an Israeli-American independent journalist and a graduate of Brown University and LSE.” Truthout

“Joshua Tartakovsky is an independent journalist and filmmaker. He is originally from Jerusalem.

Joshua is a graduate of Brown University with a BA in International Relations and a MSc from the London School of Economics. He worked or interned in Bosnia, UK, Brazil, Germany, Israel and Palestine. He enjoys writing on places he traveled to, politics, history and culture.” Joshua Tartakovsky

Ah. He’s a dual citizen of Israel and the US who just so happens to have studied noeliberal globalist economics at the birthplace of that ideology, the London School of Economics.

Got it. And he posts on “alternative” sites like Truthout and Counterpunch and now uses his street-cred to call openly call for a color revolution in Turkey, a country who’s leadership is hated by Israel and who just recently refused to sign on for another neoliberal loan from the IMF….

Got it. Thanks.

4 Responses

  1. When Alex Cockburn (my favorite Commie) ran Counterpunch, it was always worth reading. Now that the great AC is dead, it’s just a pod site. I’m surprised you even clicked on it.

  2. Good to see you’re up and around

  3. There was something that happened on Dec 17 that got very little coverage… A very secret meeting between Turkish and Israeli delegations in Zurich, where an agreement has been reached between the two parties, the details of which are being kept on the extreme hush hush.

    * This comes after 6 years of “frozen” relationship between turkey and Israel, which stared with the flotilla incident.
    * They met in Switzerland in total secrecy, and both sides have been very tight lipped about the details of the agreement to date. The cookie cutter list fed to the public is the same everywhere:

    1. Israel will create $20mil fund for flotilla victims.
    2. Turkey will drop charges
    3. The two countries will reseat list diplomatic relationships at an ambassador level.
    4. Turkey will extradite a Hamas leader
    5. Gas pipeline project to pump Israeli gas into turkey and Europe.

    Note that the order of those items are pretty much the same everywhere, billing the pipeline item almost as an afterthought, and making the whole deal seem like it is all about the “relationship”. With that logic, we can be sure that any undeclared agreement items past number five are even more sinister, because It is rarely, if ever, mentioned that the two delegations were also heavy on military brass from both sides. Which, to me, indicates that there was also some arms and technology deal on the table, now that Turkey has been pushed (or made to) antagonize Russia with the latest strategy of tension that is coming to fruition with major economic and political impact on Turkey.

    So…. Although I agree that Erdogan is ultimately a dead man walking for the time being, the latest onslaught of Erdogan bashing might have been to squeeze him into a corner. After all, through the past decade, Turkey has been isolated from every neighbor it has, been alienated in the international circles, and is left with nowhere to go but to strengthen its relationship with the US, the path to which, as we know, seems to go through the Knesset.

    Now that he has appeased to the Israeli interests, we will need to wait and see if “they” are going to ease up on him… At least until the situation is ripe for the real color revolution. But, I feel there is still a lot that needs to be accomplished before Erdogan is discarded and replaced whoever the powers that be have incubated as the anti-Erdogan savior over the past few decades.

    On that note…. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE…. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, for sure.

  4. Sometime back, Scott had a couple of video/pictures up I really liked. One was about African lions and buffaloes. The other showed a protester and a riot control cop, nose to nose.

    The other day, I saw one that had to be the ugliest ever—Bibi and Bummer, chumming.

    I’m surprised the camera survived

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