Bad Idea: Dividing Iraq and Syria Into Mini-States Will ‘Trigger New Wars’

(The grand plan for Greater Kurdistan is becoming increasingly obvious)

Sputnik International

Some Western military experts and strategists have suggested dividing the Middle East across sectarian lines to create Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish mini-states in Iraq and Syria. This strategy is certainly bold but it will only make things worse, James Cogan wrote for Information Clearing House.

“The fact that American and European strategists are contemplating redrawing borders, entrenching sectarian and ethnic conflicts and, most likely, triggering new wars, is testimony to the sheer criminality of imperialist policy in the Middle East,” he observed.

The case for dividing Iraq and Syria is based on an idea, which is dangerously appealing in its simplicity. Daesh is using ethnic and religious grievances in the Middle East to promote its own agenda. If the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds are allowed to have their own nations, they (particularly the Sunnis) would supposedly be more than willing to launch a major offensive against the terrorist group and other rebel factions.

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