AE Will Be Back Tomorrow

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I’m still very sick. As one reader said, it’s a good thing it’s been a slow news weekend. My Redskins won. Payton Manning denied using HGH while stepping back from his wife’s “medical history” comments (there’s a hint in there someplace). Twisters in Dallas laid waste to a bunch of suburbs instead of trailer parks. It’s all very confusing. Especially the part about the Redskins winning a game (and the division 🙂 ). I’ll try to be back at it tonight or in the morning but sitting here in the office is torture right now. Thanks for all the well wishes.


(thanks Monica, Roy and Marc)

Just a quick note. I’ve been very sick this past week and over the last couple days it has gotten worse. I’ve been confined to the couch since Friday and have not had a chance to do any writing. Sorry about that folks. I’m starting to feel a little better today and I hope I will be back at it in the AM. Have a nice Sunday and I will see you soon.


11 Responses

  1. Just rest up and do what you feel you can. Luckily, it’s been slow news-wise the last few days. Anyway, I hope you get better soon and look forward to new articles.

  2. Get well soon.

  3. Prayers for your good health, Scott. Please email or post your mailing address. I’d like to send a little something your way.

  4. I hope you feel better, Scott. Thanks for the blog.

  5. Take good care and feel better!

  6. Sorry to hear that, Scott. Take it easy. If you’re up to watching something interesting, I found this gem a couple of days ago which I think you might like. Just about an hour. Or maybe you’ve already seen it? Called “Engines of Domination”.

  7. Dear Scott,
    I had hoped that you were enjoying a nice holiday break from the blog. Sending you warm wishes for a recovery to good health in the New Year. Appreciate everything you do with your investigative skills and spreading your knowledge.

  8. I thought that Skins win would put a strut in your stride. Take care of yourself, and get well. In case you’re doing a recap of the “stories of the year,” here’s a beaut. Only in the good ol’ US of NGOs.

  9. best wishes for a speedy recovery & a happy new year.

  10. Just get well, man

  11. Hope you get well soon.

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